Karma and the Single Woman

When love enters the heart, lovemaking naturally follows.

In a perfect world, this would come about easily, and in line with universal harmony. In today’s world, however, we rush about in herky-jerky fashion, striving to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves. It can be difficult to get everything done in a day. In addition, there’s the constant chatter and interruption from our digital environment. Things regularly arise to interrupt a positive and healthy flow. It’s no wonder that the one-night-stand happens, especially when there is no partner present. Love is out the window. This is a state of need.

Karma is the result of every action we take and follows closely on the heels of the one night stand. Women and men have different needs. Men are interested in the sexual release. They need to have it, will lower their standards to get it, take measures to avoid a close connection, and even follow the strict rules of the game. Women naturally aspire to closer ties than this, and it easily happens that expectations will not be met. Men feel happy and refreshed afterward, while women are more likely to feel disgust and cringe at the memory of the event.

How does karma enter into this brief experience? Men are exhilarated by power and freedom, and gain some semblance of these from the one night stand. Women need to feel attractive and will agree to a one night stand if the flattery is powerful. The morning after is a karmic experience, however: when one runs from the responsibility of causing another’s pain, or when the myth that one is not worthy is perpetuated.

We also carry from our past a certain need to experience many lovers. This is an unconscious effort to strengthen the gene pool. Women may not realize that the need for a one night stand is coming from this ancient memory. Both sexes must be careful to take precautions against contracting an STD. The female alone suffers the consequence of pregnancy. The actuality of either occurrence alters the life path. Our choices are our own. Is it possible that each and every one is far more important than we ever realized? Behavior is ever-present. Karma is always the result. It is the nature of our universal existence.

Still, the need for sexual release can be among the most powerful in our lives. When no avenue to this end is present, the one night stand can actually serve a helpful purpose. When two consenting adults agree to come together for a night of momentary bliss, it can be done in a way that preserves personal integrity. The karmic consequence, ever a function of personal responsibility, is then a more positive experience. Still, there is no question: The woman will have to work harder at this outcome than the man.

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