Knowing When to Release Your Soulmate

In the 37 years since I began doing professional psychic readings, (yes, I did start very young), the #1 question most often asked is: “How can you tell when a great love affair has finally run its course?” The answer to this dilemma varies greatly from one person to another, but there seems to be some universal factors.

In each case, one or both people recognize each other from a past life. They may not know the exact placement of who the person was “before” or what role they played at the time, they may not even believe in past lives, but there is an unstoppable passion that seems to challenge all practical and common sense. The energy that flows between them is the stuff of legend and it is as chemical and addicting as any drug. “Therein lies the rub!” as the Immortal Bard would say. Just like any drug, too much can destroy everything. So it is with some great passions.

When a person recognizes their passionate connection with someone, many things begin to synchronize. First, there is the originality and spontaneity of the situation. Often the love affair or attraction is taking place at a time when many of life’s more “mundane” issues have taken over the quest for personal expansion and growth. Quite often the romance is in the realm of forbidden temptation: one or both people are married to others. Another focus is that the one who is most “stricken” by this passion is often feeling very miserable and unloved in their current situations, thus opening the door for many things that may feel like a rescue from their present woes. Enter the “soulmate.”

In one lifetime, we have many, many “soulmates.” These are fellow travelers who are here to help us develop in ways that would be impossible at any other stage or time. Some soulmates repel us keeping us from making serious mistakes that would be made by going in the wrong direction. Have you ever met anyone with whom you had an instant dislike? That person was, indeed, a soulmate. How about the person who, in an instant, makes you feel like you have known them your entire life? That person, too, is a soulmate. They will assist you in other areas of life’s journey. Then there are the ones who take your breath away. Those are the ones we are focusing on right now. Those are the ones who can either warm the house or burn it to the ground.

If you find yourself being drawn to someone and the relationship is very damaging or potentially dangerous, ask yourself one question: if this was a situation involving my best friend, how would I advise them? If the answer is “Get your things and RUN!” you have your answer. If you are putting far more energy and time INTO the relationship than you are getting out, the answer is very simple: end this madness before more bad things happen! Being alone is NOT the end of the world, especially if you are really working on making the world better for others instead of focusing all your time on yourself. If, however, you are addicted to drama and simply want to have a miserable, albeit, passionate lifestyle, then proceed at your own risk.

When you ask your psychic for help in determining whether or not things are going to get better in your relationship, try to keep your expectations out of the reading. Many “false” readings are created by the unyielding intentions of the querant onto the psychic impressions that the reader is trying to gather. Do not ask a question if you do not want the answer. If the answer is not what you want to hear, please try to accept it. Going to dozens of readers until you find one who will give you the answer you want to hear is not only unfair to yourself, it simply sets you up for a greater disappointment when things don’t transpire as you want. In the South we have an expression: “If 50 people tell you that you’re dead, lay down!”

Personally, if I have to inform someone that the time to end things is approaching, I try to do so gently. However, some people simply refuse to hear me, or just as bad, they will want to know when the next “one true love” is coming (as if instantly having another romance will somehow replace the current one!) When you leave a relationship, it is Nature’s way of giving your some time to heal and assess the situation. What is it that you are really seeking in your life? Give yourself healing time that is equal to at least half of the amount of time you put into the relationship. Be gentle with yourself. There is more room in a broken heart that has healed. Moving too quickly into another relationship will leave you unprepared for the life lessons you were meant to learn.

Relationships move in seasons: the young discovery and first excitements of Spring when you initially meet, the white hot passion of Summer when the love becomes physical, the cooling contentment of Autumn and the cold, frightening chill of Winter…and, if you have a relationship that has real roots, it will stand the Winter and bring you another Spring…every time! Anything else is an affair that will make for an interesting tale to be told or remembered before the evening’s fire. To make it into something it isn’t means that you are trying to force Karmic actions into place and that never works! Do not allow yourself to become cynical about love for it comes to us all…time and again…and in its own Time.

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  1. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jacqueline!
    I’ve been told that he will come back into my life at some point, although now I am not so sure I want him to. Meeting him at the wrong time in this life, having such overwhelmingly intense feelings for him, and then having to let go of what I never got the chance to have with him has been an excruciatingly painful process. I don’t know that I want to open myself up to that again.
    I know that letting go of things is one of my lessons in this life. It is something that is difficult for me, but I have learned some things to make it a little easier.
    I just want to focus on getting myself to a good place and enjoy life with my daughter.
    Lise 🙂

  2. Fran

    Dear Amor,
    I was so happy to read about the wonderful surprise your friends gave you!!! It’s a beautiful thing to have people in your life who love and care for you so much!
    I’m sorry that you have so much heartache at this time. Please know that you are in my prayers.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    It’s an honor and a privilege to correspond with you…….
    Yes , the latest new age term or concept is ” twin flame “….no doubt thought up by poets and romance novel writers.
    LOL !!!
    Looking forward to more articles from you !!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Sea Turtle

    Dear Amor,
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! God is so awesome and he has given you such wonderful friends!
    The fact that you have such good friends tells me a LOT about you! A wise man once told me…”in order to have good have to BE a good friend”!
    I can tell that you are an amazing, loving woman..”M’ must be a very foolish man. Seems to me that he has taken you for granted and that he has been standing on a pile of diamonds (YOU), and looking for the gold!
    Try to take care fo yourself and when you start to feel down write a list of ALL of the good things in your life.
    I could totally relate to you wanting to go “home” and just be a little girl. I went through a difficult time in my life and I used to think the same thing…just wish I could climb into my Mom’s lap and be held…
    We are far away..but I am hugging you in spirit now and telling you “that it’s going to be okay”…
    Lots of love and prayers,

  5. Sea Turtle

    I spoke with Phillip once and he is awesome! Take notes and hope that Phillip can give you some direction and that you’ll find some peace.
    Sending you prayers,

  6. Sea Turtle

    Hi Stacey,
    Keep on doing all the good things that you know to do…
    Life is such a gift and life is good…with or without your guy.
    Do you journal? If not, I would recommend giving it a try…it really helps as an outlet for expressing your feelings, AND, when you look back in one week, one month, three’ll see the progress that you’ve made. Sometimes, when I re-read what I’ve written..the answers are right there on the page!
    Try not to let anyone upset you so much that you get’s really not worth it.
    I know it’s easier said than done…but, you can do it.
    I thought of my “D” too much today…but I trust that if it’s meant to be that he will call as Gina Rose has told me he would do…so, in the meantime…life is to be lived my friend!
    This blog is a great place for us to vent and to support one another! All of the girls are great!

  7. Sea Turtle

    No problem! But happy that it’s a big compliment! LOL!
    ps-no goodies today…WOW! How about you?

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Stacey,
    He was drunk and acted like it….
    Don’t chase him…leave him be.
    Remember what I told you….
    Hugs..Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Stacey

    Hi Phillip, I have the Monday 8am appointment with you. Not sure if you saw that on a different blog, but I had a dream telling me to look up Phillip L. Brock, or Phillip R. Block, is what I thought. Turns out the message was look up Phillip’s blog! I’m a little slow, I guess. But I look forward to our reading in the am. If Gina Rose sez you’re good, than by golly, you must be good!! And I sooo need more encouragement. Gina Rose has been sooo good to me through this, she is so encouraging and uplifting. But this is such a huge issue that I get very scared out here. I swear this is the most stressful thing I’ve ever been through in my life so far, and I’ve been through some stuff. Haven’t we all.
    Peace everyone.

  10. Stacey

    Hi Sea Turtle, and thanks for your inspiring words. My world seems in a tail spin. I’m just trying to stay busy so I’m not crying 24-7. My fav to read with is Gina Rose, and she has assured me, twice now in the last month that it’ll be good, I just gotta stay away from him and wait. Prior to that, Angel told me also, on 2 occasions, when this all started to go south, that the relationship would be salvaged and it looked long term. So, that said, I’ve asked for signs every day,that I’m not alone, I got some help, and I should let go and trust. And almost every day, there is a very clear sign presented to me. So you think my confidence would be up, right? Well this is such an important issue that I am actually physically sick from this separation and the stress its causing. I have been exercising, praying, meditating, watching comedies, reading, everything you mentioned, that’s why it seems interesting, we both struggle with the same pain. Your “boys” must be your dogs? I have my “girls”, two mini-weiner dogs. Interesting parallel, don’t you think?
    Everybody, send me some help, and I’ll do the same for you. And yes, I’m calling Phillip.
    Peace to all

  11. amor

    Hi, it has been long since last time I wrote to you! . I’ve been on holydays with the children and it has been 4 fantastic days with them at the beach. Now they are together with their dad (from now on”M”) for a holyday week. It has been hard to have to say good-bye to them, and all the way back from the summerhouse I just cried. I wished I could drive to my parents and allow my self to be the little girl, but that wasn’t an option. I don’t have family in this country and I felt pretty alone…
    On the way back home I got a phone call from one of my girl friends, which asked me if she could pop by for a coffee and I said yes…
    I was totally down waiting for her to come by. It was getting late and I started thinking that she might not make it anyhow. So I get a new phone call from her asking me if I could pick her up at the train station, because of a big pain in one foot. ( didn’t sound strange to me as she is always falling or something!)
    I picked up the car keys and started driving the car and right in front of my near by the corner, I see a big plant with beautiful flowers. I must confess that I think quite quickly and in those 5 seconds that took me to get to the corner I considerer all the possibilities about “ what that plant is doing in the middle of the street”… I got of the car to place it on the side walk and from I-don’t –know-where, All my good girl friends popped up with cameras, food, wine and different goodies.
    They had planed this for a week!!!! Just to be with me on this sad day…. I can’t explain in words how my heart jumped in happiness! I know it hasn’t been easy to gather them all in one day.
    I just wanted to share this with you all because sometimes I am so concerned ( we all are)about what “M” ( D, “ Mr Big” etc!) is doing, might do or will do that I get (we get) to forget the precious people who are around me (us), and who truly are doing something to help me (us) feel better, support me and fill my life with genuine love. That is not what “M” has done in long time, much less what he is doing now. (what about your “Mr Big”?)THe reality is : “he has to be another man if I can ever dream on being happy with him! THat craves a BIG change..I guess that is the part he has to learn and grow.THat is his free will. I know big changes don´t happned from one day to another one. It took him 30 years to be who he is!!!…so….
    I read Jesse´s article and I truly wouldn’t recommend “M” to anyone of my friends!!!! Ups….So why do I want him back????? I know that I love him , but maybe his part on this as a soul mate is just to “teach me” what I’m not suppose to want or what wouldn’t work for me in order to feel complete, and to get to learn ,what really does makes me happy!!! ( I think that was an interesting point of view about soul mates because I did think there was only one….like in fairytales… a little bit naiv :))
    If you read this Gina Rose, I´ve finally got an appointment with you this tuesday.!! Looking forward!
    Thanks ST for the tip!( I think it was you!) it did really work!
    Have a nice sunday!!

  12. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    Blessings, my precious Gina Rose!
    Thank you for reading my article and I agree 1000% with what you wrote. I think if more people would study the meaning of Karmic and Dharmic passages and changes, there would not be such a limiting concept of “soul mate”.
    I try very hard to avoid the term “soul mate”and will usually only use it when the client tells me that they have been told that this person is a “soul mate”. However, there are SO many people who believe in a very misconstrued idea of the term, I felt the need to write a bit more about it. The latest/newest concept now seems to be “twin flame”. I don’t know where some of these ideas originate, but I hope that maybe someone will start to understand that we have many, many souls/spirits/beings who will interact with us along our journey and they will aid us as much as we will be aiding them.
    If the idea of a “soul mate” makes the idea easier to understand, so be it. It is just such a shame when people think that their life is over because they were told that the one whom they are currently agonizing over was their “soul mate” and now there will never be another.
    You and I are of the same spiritual line of thought and religion and I feel that I must be “preaching to the choir” (pardon the pun!;-), but maybe it will help others to see that life continues to flow and the guideposts along the way are many and varied. Love will always find us when we open our hearts and minds to it.

  13. Sea Turtle

    Hi Stacey,
    SO sorry that you’re hurting. Do you speak to a particular psychic on CP? Maybe she/he can give you some insight…
    WOMAN TO WOMAN…I would say to you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Try exercising, praying, walking, reading uplifting material, even watching comedies! We need to LOVE OUSELVES FIRST. If we don’t respect annd love ourselves…then “the men” tend to “take us for granted”.
    I’m not sure if he is the one, but call Gina Rose or Miss Krystal, they are both excellent and so nice to talk with…I beleive they will guide you in truth. Just be willing to accpet what they tell you…
    It WILL BE OKAY either way…this I know…time does have a way of healing all… and filling those voids!
    Sending you lots of love and good thoughts.

  14. phillip9485Phillip 9485

    Sooner or later it all comes down to risk vs safety. Happiness is at stake. The power is in YOUR hands.
    “I see the hunger burnin’ in her eye
    Any fool could see there’s somethin’ wrong
    You keep pretendin’ not to care
    But I will hear you sing a different song”
    Feel that chill run up your spine, as you imagine yourself back. No victims here, just leaders. If I am out of line, I will apologize here and now.

  15. phillip9485Phillip 9485

    Hi Stacey, When I set up two persons charts, I can configure how their planets line up, that reveals both major and minor angles between them. There will always be stressors and beneficial angles between their planets. I have seen anywhere from 12- 41 major configurations between 2 people over the past 25 years. 20-25 seems to be about the average. Everyone of these major aspects means something. Often the connections have a very deep psychological impact. the stressors reveal issues which will show up at some point to be resolved, where growth is indicated. How the couple traverses through these issues will determine the furture of the individuals AND the relationship itself. The stronger the connection between the two people, the stronger the karmic necessity for these two people to come together in the first place. I hope this helps. Blessings.

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Ask Phillip…..or call Phillip,it has to do with astrology…..
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Stacey

    Sea Turtle, sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Hoplessly in love with a man who is struggling to pull his head out of his um posterior! Oh my lord, the wait time is KILLLLLING me!
    Gina Rose read for me twice in the last month over this deal, and she keeps telling me to be patient, it’ll end the way I want, and soon, but it seems so impossible right now. It seems completely unbelieveable. In the mean time word is out that I’m unattached, and the creeps are crawling out of the woodwork!!! Geck!
    And Gina Rose, if you read this, my estranged man came into a bar, knowing I was in there. Ran outside as soon as he saw me, came back in after 10 minutes outside pep talking with one of his friends and mustered a very weak “Hi”, then stood around soooo drunk he could barely stand, pretending to ignore me all night, and even standing outside and looking in at me through the glass. What is that all about? He was sooo plastered, he could barely stand. He even had his eyes shut and a drunken stupor smile plastered on his face. It was pathetic, really. And no word since. Grrrrrr!!!!
    I really really hate feeling like I have no control. I wish these men would wake up and realize the worth of the women who pine for them, knowing full well that these men don’t really deserve women of our quality, but still, we love and we hurt and we suffer in turmoil and we wait…
    I just don’t understand why it has to be sooo difficult to be with the one you love. Shouldn’t this be easier? Are me and Sea Turtle just “fools for love”? It’s gotta get better, right?

  18. Stacey

    And Gina Rose, please tell me again that your spirit guides are very very good at end results. I am really really struggling here. It just seems so “fantasy” right now. I get a sign or two almost every day, but I’m just sick. Please tell me again how excellent you are at end results and time lines. I’ve read all your testimonials over and over about every day to keep me confident. I’m just kinda scared…

  19. Sea Turtle

    Hi Gina Rose!
    Yes..and so I’m told..I hope those 29 points are strong enought for you know who to take some positive action!
    LOL! LOL! LOL!
    Going out to dinner with a girlfriend of mine tonite…trying to stay busy so I don’t sit and think too much.
    Now off to walk with “the boys”!
    I appreciate you so much!

  20. Sea Turtle

    Hi Phillip,
    Thanks for your email…I’ll look up those scriptures!
    I went to parochial school almost all the way through…not a good experince for someone like me.
    I do love Jesus…but so much of what they were teaching me just went against my spirit…even as a child. When it came time to say “I beleive in one holy catholic and apostolic church”… I would NOT say it as I didn’t beleive it…
    I was NOT well liked by them…LOL!
    Oh, well, I love God. I love people. And am searching for truth…one thing I dislike about many streams of thoughts is “the judgement” that one particular group is “right” and the other group “wrong”…I think that in all liklihood no one has it all right or all wrong and we could all learn from each other.
    Have a nice day!

  21. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Sea Turtle,
    From what I understand about astrology ,and what Phillip has taught me as well… I don’t use tools, but I believe very much in astrology….
    29 Karmic points is ALOT!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    You know, when you read with Phillip next time,it might help to have a notepad ready because Phillip packs ALOT of info and knowledge into his readings.
    Personally,I was glad I was taking notes when he did my annual reading….

  22. Sea Turtle

    Good morning Fran!
    Hope you and your friends had a lot of fun at “comedy night”! I always enjoy reading your blogs!
    Interesting what you said about soul mates and karmic ties…this vein of thought is new to me and I am finding it very interesting…so much of it makes sense to me.
    Kind of amazing that you have a karmic friend since age 11…I think it’s great…it seems like a mature kind of love…
    I went on a lunch date with another guy on Thursdauy…ugh…nothing there for me…sort of made me feel sad…and it was most definitely a waste of my time.
    We went to an Italian Restaurant, anyways, as we were sitting there this other woman walked by and she had sort of a weird look on her face-she had an english accent-and she said to the man I was with, “my, “WE” are creatures of habit”…it went over my head initially…I acknowledged her and smiled…and then around 20 minutes later it dawned on me that this man I was with must be or have been dating her…SOOO, I ASKED HIM…he said it was someone he USED to date…and so I asked him if she KNEW he was not seeing her anymore…she seemed to be sort of upset with him.
    Poor thing…she can have him…in fact, I’ll even gift wrap the man! NOT MY TYPE AT ALL! LOL! LOL!
    And, so, I’m trying to get psyched up to exercise…pilates and a beach walk for today…I’m trying to get rid of the “middle age spread”…I’m getting there…it sure is a lot easier to put it on that take it off! (especially when I have a sweet tooth) AND, those cholocate martini’s that your serving aren’t helping either! 😉
    Talk to you soon!
    Sea Turtle

  23. Phillip# 9485

    Hi Seaturtle, I just wanted you to know, I was raised Catholic, and spent 8 years educated by nuns. We got our daily dose of the bible. Trust me, I can hold my own with any bible thumper. Two references in the new testament come to mind. One is when someone asks Jesus who John the baptist is and Jesus says, “That is Elija, the holiest man who ever lived”. Now Elijah was a prophet from the old testament. A clear reference to reincarnation. Also Jesus is said to have told his apostles on one occasion that of all of acts they have seen him perform, they will do more. This is considered to be reference to future lives of his apostles.

  24. Sunny

    Hi Jesse,
    Thank you for posting this excellent article on soulmates. I believe we have more than one “soulmate”, “karmic partner” or “kindred spirit”. I asked if I had met my soulmate with this person I was hoping to have a relationship with and I was told that it was a kindred spirit between us. We were lovers in a past life which explains why we had a strong connection. I was told that I could meet others from my past lives at the same time or though out my lifetime. So, yes I believe.
    Thank you Gina Rose for your input.

  25. Sea Turtle

    Gina Rose,
    I find your article so interesting…
    As you know, being raised Christian, we are taught that there is only one chance to get it right.
    I have had my own thoughts about that…expecially considering the experience of my beautiful baby daughter just lying on her belly for hours writing the most detailed “scribbles”…which I later recognized as a middle eastern “language”…how else does one explain something like that? Looked maybe Egyptian…but I’m not sure.
    I have never shared this with anyone before, until you…didn’t know what to make of it and I also didn’t want anyone to freak out and say my daughter was “possessed” or something crazy…
    Very often, I am the one that “rocks the boat” with new thoughts and ways of doing things…
    People seem to be very interested in me, which is something I’ve never quite understood.
    Phillip saw 20 karmic ties, and you and your guides saw a strong karmic tie as well. For me there has been a certain familiarity with him…yet, I can’t say the relationship has been peaceful…he seems very immature in so many ways…and perhaps fearful himself…
    It will be interesting to see how things unfold between “D” and I…

  26. Fran

    THANK GOODNESS that “everything changes”…THAT’S what I’ve been counting on!! LOL! LOL! LOL!
    I have to agree with you about having many Karmic partners in life…we just don’t always meet them, in a particular lifetime, or have the ability to “be” with them in this lifetime. In addition to my current Karmic partner (ahem), I know I have another one. He’s a DEAR friend of mine who lives on the East Coast. We’ve had a real connection to each other since we were 11 years old! (That’s a LONG time). And to this day, we still talk at least once or twice a week. We know that we love each other, have admitted as much to each other, and will continue to love each other until the day we die. But we also both realize that we live separate lives, and we’re content to just be in each other’s lives as friends, knowing what we mean to the other.
    …Still waiting to talk to you…hopefully I can get in next week…
    We’re taking the girls to a comedy act tonight — Gabriel Iglesias (so funny!), so I won’t be back on until tomorrow. Talk to everyone then!!!

  27. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said…..
    Wonderful article Jesse, I believe that we have many Soul Mates, Soul Connections in ones life time, they enter into out life to bring a learning experience on our part as well as there’s.
    Blessings and Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  28. Gina Rose ext.9500

    If it’s one thing I’ve learned in life, not only as a psychic, but as ” an old brood ” LOL,
    and that is ~ EVERYTHING CHANGES .
    Nothing is engraved in stone, the universe is always in motion, ever changing….on BOTH SIDES, the earthly plane AND the spiritual plane.
    There are many Karmic windows, opening and closing all the time around each of us. Windows for growth, whether it’s in love, career, etc. It’s all about learning LIFE LESSONS.
    Jesse, your article was ezxcellent.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  29. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to The Lovely Duckling….
    I agree, the hardest thing is to let go, but sometimes it is in that space when they come back to you, they step up!
    My heart is with you!
    Jacqueline x9472

  30. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi…..totally disagree…
    I NEVER even use the word “soulmate” when I read or teach as it is such a general ,description.
    It is just a fairy tale and myth, *( a standard MYTH among people new in the meta-physical field I might add), that we go incarnation after incarnation with only ” one soulmate”.
    EVERYBODY has several different Karmic , or partners in life…..
    A Karmic tie is made up of all four planes….
    The Karmic/Spiritual Plane
    ( the Karmic plane is the really the one that matters the most, as it is the Spiritual Karmic plane)
    The Mental plane ( earthly)
    The Emotional plane (earthly)
    The Physical plane (earthly)
    The ONLY reason souls come together on the earthly plane is to grow and learn from each other…..
    A ” soulmate ” is a KARMIC WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY FOR growth.
    IF a ” Karmic ” window closes…a new window will open…thus giving that soul a catalyst for spiritual growth or learning. When two souls come together, it sets off a chain reaction for growth of both souls…..when they get it right, and are learning the life lessons intended…the earthly ” perks ” kick in.
    Thus, they have become Karmic Life Mate partners. Sometimes, say in the case of death, a window closes, and a new window opens, a second Karmic LifeMate partner enters.
    I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU….and i HAVE died and crossed over twice!
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  31. Corrine Ext. 5194

    I have to say this is a great article, and it’s written really well…but I really don’t agree with this. A soul mate only comes once and you only have one of them throughout your past lives and present life. It’s that one person in the entire universe you connect with, and the truth about it is, 90% of people won’t meet their soul mate in their lifetime. They may meet somebody they can be long term with in this life, but that doesn’t mean that it’s their soul mate, they may even meet somebody who they connect with so passionately and romantically but that doesn’t justify calling them soul mate. There is a biiiiig difference. Everybody in their relationships, might have something they don’t like about their partner, or something they don’t appreciate. If your with your soul mate, you love every quality about that person, no matter how bad, and they do the exact same thing for you. It’s perfect balance, perfect love, and perfect trust in your relationship. Only if you have all three does that make them your soul mate. If you look at couples who have been together 50+ years, who have never had thoughts about being with anyone else besides that one person that’s a soul mate connection. People overrate and overuse the term soul mate, most clients I have in their 40s have similar terminology where they describe somebody they fall deeply in love, passionately and naturally with as their soul mate. This is a deeply moving connection with your partner, but that doesn’t have to mean soul mate. Some people even say they have many soul mates throughout their life. The truth is you only get one “soul mate” or person who connects with you so deeply, they get the right to be called a soul mate. Some people might not even have a soul mate. It’s a one and a billion fluke but it does happen. Being with your soul mate, is never questioning ever wanting to be with anyone else. It’s staying loyal to that person even years after the person has left this lifetime. Meeting each other in the afterlife, and spending eternity with them. Where neither one of you will ever grow bored of each other or the relationship for as long as you live and even after that. It’s a hard concept for people to grasp. Not everyone will agree with me but for every 100 relationship readings I do, I only mention soul mate for maybe one or two times. And for the people I do mention those words to, they end up engaged or married within a few weeks or months after the reading.

  32. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    Excellent article….although every case is different and unique….I teach my students, that ” souls only come together on the earthly plane to help teach each other LIFE LESSONS”.
    I learned this the last time I died and crossed over….this was shown to me on the ” other ” side.
    Great article !!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…gina Rose ext.9500

  33. Zen Living

    Psychic Jesse,
    Brilliant Posting! And, much needed around here! I believe that 99% of the women (clients) posting on this blog will benefit greatly from your wonderful article.
    The most important thing for all to remember….when you end up “giving” more than your “getting” or as you stated “if you are putting far more energy & time INTO a relationship than you are getting out”…IT’S TIME TO LET GO!
    If you wouldn’t wish your current situation for your best friend than….why are you still in it??
    I do believe we all have more than 1 soulmate if it doesn’t work out with one…another will surely come along! The ladies on here seem to cling to one person thinking that if they “let go” they will lose their soulmate forever…that is not the case ladies. Something better & “healthier” will surely come along just make the space for it.
    Thanks again Jesse, your article will do alot of good (hopefully).

  34. The Lovely Duckling

    What a beautiful article, Jesse…it hit very close to home for me. There is someone in this life whom I have had to let go, although we never even got to have the wonderful love relationship that you speak of. Apparently, I have known him in several lifetimes and it was during the last one that our relationship ended.
    When I met him in this life, I couldn’t figure out why I had such a strong connection (and attraction) to him. So far, the timing has never been right to even begin a relationship. It has been painful to even maintain a friendship because of how strong my feelings are.
    Through many readings with several readers at CP, I’ve learned a lot about this relationship. I know now that I have to let go, but I still haven’t quite figured out how to do so completely. I’ve been given really great guidance on what I need to do, but doing it has been difficult.
    Thanks again for this article!
    Lise 🙂

  35. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Jessie-
    I totally agree about the many “soul connections”-soulmates. I do so agree with this theory.
    The globe is large. There are a lot of people all over the world. We can’t think there is just one person out there that we have a cosmic connection with. We have so many soul ties/cosmic connections out there..But the big question, as I see it, is, how will we handle these “soul tie” encounters?
    I really enjoyed reading this in depth article.
    Thank you and many blessings,
    Miss Krystal

  36. Fran

    Hi Jesse!
    I enjoyed your article very much. I’ve always believed that when you have an instant connection with someone that you must’ve known him/her in another lifetime…but I never realized the same thing goes for the instant DISLIKE of a person. Amazing to think that they came into your life as a soulmate, too, to help. Great food for thought…
    Speaking of previous lifetimes, I remembered something else. When I was a kid, I loved to cut out pictures of 17th & 18th century sailing ships, and I’d paste them into a little notebook. I also always dream about water. Think that’s a connection, too?
    Will be thinking about you with my first cup of coffee this morning!!!!

  37. NYHolly

    Had my coffee this a.m. and read your great article before starting my work day. First of all, where did they find the picture of the gorgeous blond! Whoa, could he be my soulmate – pretty please? 🙂 It’s just so confusing! I read once with you about 2 years ago regarding a relationship I had for 18 months from 2005-2006. You and many, many, many psychics all said that this man and I were to be together and most said way before now. And yet, 3 years have gone by and still we are not. I have worked on my personal baggage, and have gone through many transitions to build myself back up and am living my life, yet this man still holds my heart. When I am really working on getting him off my mind and just focussing on other things such as work, health, family…it seems he does something (like pull into my office parking lot last Wed, but we did not speak- just a wave) and BAM! he’s right back on my mind. Isn’t 3 years way too long to still be this way? I still call CP about once a month, and they all still say we are to be together – most all say by the end of this summer. Any advice? Thanks for your article – I love this blog!

  38. Phillip# 9485

    Hi Jesse, What a wonderful and wise post. I can’t imagine going through my day today without sending at least one caller to this thread. I absolutely agree with the content and have seen time after time the truth of it astrologically. The term “soulmate” is pretty meaningless to me. We are surrounded with them. I often tell my callers that what they are really asking me is if the person they are focused on is going to be with them permanently and make them happy. You have put into words what our clients really need to hear Jesse. A very powerful and truthful communication on all counts. If you do not mind my opinion, WELL DONE! Blessings.


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