A 3-Part Plan for Manifesting Love

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The Search for Love

Trying to find love can be frustrating. People search and search, looking here and there, sometimes double-checking places that they’ve already been three or four times. Looking for romance is a worthwhile pursuit, but to maximize your chances of success, it’s important that you adopt the right approach when doing so. Luckily, grounding and setting your intentions using these strategies is the key to successfully manifesting love.

Manifesting Love in Three Steps

There are three steps to manifesting love: thoughts, words, and deeds. Thinking about what you desire is obviously the first part. Imagine the loving relationship you want and visualize your soulmate so that you are clearly communicating this to Spirit. After that, you’ll need to speak your thoughts out loud and declare your desires to the Universe. Last but certainly not least, do something about it! Take action. There are a variety of ways to use this method, but the version below is quick and effective way to help you find love (and vice versa)!

Step 1: Create a List

Start by creating a list of the traits you want your ideal partner to have. Think only in adjectives, (strong, independent, elegant, etc.), and write them down in a neat list, either in a notepad or on your phone — whatever method suits you best. It’s okay to shoot for the moon and write down exactly what you want. Describe who you’d like to attract and don’t waste time being humble. If money is important to you, ask for someone who has it. You should also consider their personality, family relationships, where they live, and if they have children from a previous relationship. The Universe needs details, so provide as many as you can. If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, try thinking about what you don’t want in a partner, then write down the opposite traits.

Something else to consider when making this list is how you want your future partner to make you feel when you finally meet them. The physical and personal details are important, but they pale in comparison to the feelings that you’re going to experience when you spend time with your partner. If you long for security in your relationships, write that down. Alternatively, if the thing you want most is that warm, fuzzy, contented feeling that true love brings, write that down in big, bold letters so that the Universe can get the picture.

Step 2: Read Your List Out Loud

When you feel like you’ve written down as much as you can (remember, you can always add more later), read your list out loud. This is the most crucial part of the manifestation process, because the Universe needs to hear you say what you want. So say it, sing it, yell it — whatever you need to do so that you know in your heart that the Universe has heard your desires.

Not only will speaking your intentions aloud help the Universe hear you, but it will help you on a personal level. A 2005 study by British psychologists found that when people say things out loud, they are mentally making those ideas their top priorities. So when you read your list of desires aloud, you are more likely to be drawn to people who remind you of that list.

Step 3: Take Action

When you’re finished, roll up your list like you would a scroll and tie a pink ribbon, thread, or string around it. (Use pink because it is the color of love.) After that, go into your bedroom and place your list in the right-hand corner that is furthest from the door. In feng shui, this is called your partnership bagua.

Another important part of taking action is to work on improving yourself. Despite the infamous phrase “opposites attract,” the law of attraction actually states that like beckons like. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have a contrasting personality to your partner, but positivity does attract positivity. When you focus on becoming the sort of partner that you want to have, you’ll naturally find yourself meeting more people who fulfill your criteria.

Use Colors To Manifest Love

Wearing colors like pink or red will signal to the Universe that you’re ready for your soulmate to arrive. In feng shui, pink and red are the colors of love, so surrounding yourself with either or both colors can help align your inner and outer lives with your desires.

Any shade will suffice, and it doesn’t have to visible all the time. You could wear pink or red clothes, jewelry, lingerie, or pajamas. This sends subtle waves of receptivity out into the world through your aura, which will help you find the keys to true love. If you are honest with the Universe, it will give you exactly what you want.

If wearing pink or red really isn’t your style, you can also decorate your home with pink, as well as flowers and other décor, such as pillows, blankets, and wall hangings. You could also tap into the power of love crystals like rose quartz and ruby, either by carrying them on your person or keeping them near your bed.

Trust the Universe To Help You Find Love

It can be easy to get discouraged when you keep running into dead ends in your search for love. But don’t give up hope: there is more than enough love in the world for everyone. You just have to remain open to it. Trust that the Universe has your back, and when you start manifesting the love that you desire, know that it won’t let you down.

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11 thoughts on “A 3-Part Plan for Manifesting Love

  1. Psychic Delphine

    Ask your soul what it needs with regards to love. Write down a list of all the qualities you want in a partner and say them in your mind as affirmations. Surround yourself in pink, Gold and Blue light – wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The colours pink and gold are very healing and can attract the high vibrations of love and compassion. Trust in the Universe and follow your intuition, this will guide you to a prosperous love.


    I have been married 15 yrs. to an alcholic and have tried everything possible to make him understand he needs help & should join AA . I realize I cannot do if for him he needs to help himself and want to do it for himself & no one else. I went to several Alanon meeting to try to help and understand I not only need to help him but I need to care for my own well being! That is where it is at this stage – it is costing me my health, weight loss and has put me into a deep depression where I had to seek Anti depressant medication. I will be 74 yrs. old this Yr. & he will be 75 – have been married 14yrs. 5 mos. – and the drinking has increased each yr. His friends tell me, he has a drinking problem and my answer to them is, I realize & live with it and tell him everyday he needs to seek help – maybe you coming from a friend will help him to realize he needs to make the next step to seek the long overdue help. He was married prev. for 8 yrs. – she died of cancer, however she as well had the same problem trying to make him realize he needs to help himself! Both his deceased wife and I walked into it both not realizing just how addicted he is and the lack of caring. I find out after a short time being married the whole family has this problem (both his parents now deceased) and the other 2 siblings are in the same boat as he is – IN LOVE WITH THE BOTTLE! I am going to be 74 yrs old – how does one start over at this age. I had no intension of marrying this man when I first met him through a friend and after 6 yrs. I thought it would work out! Now when I listen to the stories of the deceased wifes friends – I am walking in her shoes and if I keep this up, I too will be in the grave beside her. (I am X 2 a Cancer survivor – so God must have a reason for keeping me on this earth! I had the same cancer as his deceased wife!) I am tired, and not in the best of health – where do I start from here? At my age, what should I be looking at – divorce, simply move out to have the peace of mind and restore my health, or seek a lawyer and have him move out?
    We own our home and he has a cottage that I call the ‘FLOP HOUSE” as it is where he and ALL his DRINKING Buddies gather every wk. end and all their spare time. He has one who I call his “SIGNIFICANT OTHER” – as he has keys to the cottage, our home and lives out there all summer long to also support his drinking habit! These two can not function without each other & I tell my husband this all the time. It was April, snow on the ground and he is anxious to go out to open the cottage so that they have their escape until the snow falls in October! It gives me a creepy feeling that maybe there is more there than I know! Like they say the “the wife is the last to know” This man is totally useless around the house and yard – he has hired someone to cut & maintain the grass as I once did it all. Recently I injured my back topping up the flower beds with 18 bags of black top soil – now I can hardly walk or move. Does this bother him – No! Does he offer to help around the house knowing I can hardly move – No! He lays on the Sofa in his Recreation room, & watches two Television Sets with Sports Only.
    He hides his Scotch and drinks till he passes out, as he knows when I find the bottle, it is poured down the drain. Have emptied them and refilled with water only and he just keeps on buying another bottle and tries hiding it in another place. Now am finding it in the Garage and buried in box of books – the list goes on…. He is an educated man, and well know amoung those in his profession. I have cancelled all dining out with our friends as I am embrassed to be with him & he knows this! I am the one who is paying the price, now I hardly get to see these friends. Do I call & tell them the situation, or leave it until they realize there is a problem that we are not going out with them any longer? I am feeling I just want to end it as I am really tired of trying and at this age how do you start over….. I really miss going out with these friends, and I don’t think he cares one way or the other – he can alway go to the FLOP HOUSE & drink with his “SIGNIFICANT OTHER!” WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?

    1. Psychic Delphine

      Hello Gail, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I feel you need to focus on your wellbeing and happiness. You are a healer and your partner is drawn to this as he is wounded. He is still on a journey of finding himself. You can support him but still set firm healthy boundaries so you can see your friends and do hobbies etc. Make sure you look after you! When your partner gets angry or difficult imagine him in green light and this will diffuse the difficult energies. Love & Light Psychic Delphine

    2. Sue

      Oh you poor love, you must feel stifled . ❤️
      You are clearly unhappy in this relationship and all that goes with it.
      Look at what’s important to you and go forward with that it mind. Seek support from family and friends, also any support groups for families of alcoholics.
      I hope you can find the strength to find your own happiness ❤️

    3. Barbara l fifield

      Get a lawyer and sue him for divorce. Keep the house and give him the flop house. Travel clubs , women clubs, sports, whatever to find other interests. You may not find the man of your dreams yet, but you need to be number one in your life. He has to pay you alimony too. That’s why you need a lawyer. You need peace of mind at this ti.e of your life.

  3. Glennis Pounds

    To Whom It May Concern. Will I ever fine truth love. The guys that I talk with are full of games. And I don’t have time for games. Can u have a talk with about the situation.

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Glennis, our psychics don’t do personal readings in the comments section out of respect for your privacy. Please call for a reading. Thanks. 🙂

  4. JThomas

    Saturday MAY 14th 2016.
    “THE KEY TO FINDING TRUE LOVE” Order Is The FIRST Law of HEAVEN.One must have order to survive on Earth.What makes Life Fulfilling Is balance.In a relationship I always reinforce up front the respect I expect and will give and the outcome we arework-
    toward.Did YOU ALL Discuss A monogamous relationship?The “KEY” to more JOY Is enforcing “Your” right to be respected.
    “I don’t have to do It ALONE!” I Have A Talk With {GOD} Regularly. (JT)

  5. Sandra

    He finally said he loves me. Not sure if believe. playing with me? He loves women! He does want companion, love, committed. Don’t think he can commit to me seriously. I feel he does care foR me. He’s INTELLIGENT, caring, good guy, but not at the potential he can right now. For now we’re enjoying EACHOTHER. O just want to be wanted for the moment. Help me get through the process of everything I need to take care of, u know.?? He can be a good friend also…. Don’t know!!?? …..what’s the outlook.??!……


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