Psychic Development for Couples

Psychic Development for Couples

Psychic Development and Your Relationship

There are all sorts of activities couples can do together to strengthen their bond. But few are as rewarding as working together to develop your respective psychic abilities. Yes, we all have psychic abilities and they can improve day-to-day life. If you and your partner are curious about psychic development, here’s how to take this journey together.

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1. Explore the Possibilities
First, know that psychic development is made up of various paths. Just consider your strengths and passions first before deciding which road to take. Your partner should consider their strengths and passions too. Perhaps you’ll choose the same path or two different paths that complement each other. As you brainstorm and dream together, you’ll see how psychic abilities can benefit your current life and your personal goals. Who better to support your psychic development than your other half!

2. Go Out Into the Field
Turn a psychic development class or a call to your favorite psychic intuitive into a date night. The experience would be both educational and loving. Yes, you could go out into the field solo, but having someone who can discuss and deconstruct these moments is immeasurable— both in terms of your relationship and in terms of your psychic development journey. Plus, you’re probably over dinner-and-movie dates anyway.

3. Choose Your Specialties
There are a lot of options to choose from, but to keep you focused, it may help to select an ability you each want to learn (or even the same ability). This way, you can dive deep into your psychic development without losing steam. Maybe you’d like to learn to read cards, while your partner is more into automatic writing. Having individual specialties can help you understand and appreciate not only the ability you’re learning but you’ll also get a better handle on the ability your partner is trying to harness. If you’re working on the same skill, you can give each other good feedback (More on this in a moment!) and even help each other research new techniques and potential mentors. Getting passionate about something specific will also spark new passion into your relationship—and passion is contagious.

4. Practice on Each Other
Once you’ve narrowed down the ability you want to study, you can pause your Netflix-and-chill routine and set aside quality time to practice your skills on each other. What an awesome opportunity for bonding, right? You’ll infuse your relationship with a sense of newness (the skill or skills you’re learning), plus you’ll develop a new appreciation for each other and the knowledge you’re each displaying. You’ll not only become proficient in a new psychic ability, your respect and admiration for your partner will deepen. And as you see your skills and talents blossom, you’ll usher in a new chapter in your relationship that’s built on a shared love for all things psychic and a fresh love for each other, too.

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