Soulmate Snapshots

“I knew she was my soulmate the moment I saw her face.””When I saw his picture on the Internet I immediately knew I needed to connect with him.” Clients have shared these stories with me during a psychic reading with California Psychics.

Have you noticed that when we begin sharing our “first sighting” of our soulmate we usually begin discussing the face of our beloved? When I do a psychic reading most questions center first around the eye and hair color and especially around what the face of the soulmate will look like. What is inside all of us that centers on around what our soulmate’s face will look like?

I believe that we all have a blueprint of the face of our soulmate in our soul, a snapshot inside of us that we will have that strong knowing, that instant surety, that yes, this is the one! It is wonderful to experience during a reading that instant recognition with a client when they are sharing the face of their beloved to me, and how they just knew at the moment of meeting that it was their soulmates’ eyes and face looking at them for the first time.

Can we receive advance knowing and assistance to recognize this “soulmate snapshot” that is stored in our soul? Absolutely!

Callers at California Psychics have shared with me their concerns they may not recognize their romantic soulmate. I have never seen a case where someone did not recognize the face of their soulmate. You can ask your spirit guides to release any blocks you have to recognizing your soulmate’s face. Some even ask guides to send a very clear picture of the soulmate before sleeping, and upon waking, draw, or write down what “soulmate snapshot” has come in during the night.

A famous sculptor has said that when he carves his masterpieces, he is only revealing that which is already inside…remember when you see your soulmate’s face for the first time your soul is revealing to you what has been inside of you all along.

4 thoughts on “Soulmate Snapshots

  1. Kerri

    Ok, I need help with this one. I met with a couple of old classmates recently after 20+ years. One of them I only recognized by name. Then he walked in the door. His face looked familiar, but not one that I can say was running in the same circles as me back in the day. But in my heard myself saying, “I know you.” Before I could get the words out of my mouth he uttered those same words, “I know you.” Instantly I felt a karmic connection with with him but I didn’t know why. Surely I wasn’t going to tell him I felt this connection not knowing what he believes in as far as karma and fate.

    We all decided to go to another restaurant. About 10 minutes after we arrived he pulled me into the corner and said, I really do remember you and I always wanted to tell you how I felt about you, but I was too shy.

    I was honest and told him that I didn’t really remember him in school. He agreed saying that he was so quiet that he’s not surprised anyone would have remembered him.

    What happened for the rest of the night and the next week was electric and magical. Conversation was easy and natural. He even introduced me to one of his daughters which he explained was cautious about other women in his life. Well she was so open and friendly to me. She even made the comment on how natural our connection is.

    This person matches me in so many ways. He verbally told me that our connection was karmic and not new to us. He gave me a poem he wrote about soul mates which is very deep and spiritual.

    But after a night of cuddling, purely cuddling and talking, he stated that he just wants to be friends. He said that what he felt was so intimate and sweet and that he’s not used to such kindness from a woman.

    He still connects with me, but not like he used to. He told has told me that I have been the best thing to come into his life since we separated, but still wants to remain friends.

    What’s going on here? Is he running scared? Should I give him some time, or let it go? I just want some insight into what other people might be seeing here.

    Sorry so long. Just wanted to explain the story the way it happened.


  2. deedee

    I DONT KNOW I THOUGHT I MARRIED MY SOULMATE, BUT HE HAS PASSED AWAY AFTER 25 YEARS. NOW I AM SEEING A GUY THAT I HAVE KNOWN SINCE I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN, WE WERE ALWAYS ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER( if thats possible in kindergarten)he went his way i went mine now we are inseperable, what gives there??????

  3. nrusingh ojha

    thank u again know my brain sizzlingh goingh on,and many type of seven calour also havy white light,come and go,when i stuf my two eyse then start in centre,also today felling in rose calour on my top of head,i am very happy this felling,pl guide for ward me.thank u,

  4. iczyes

    it’s very true! my soulmate was my highschool classmate..back then, i was not able to recognize that he was my soulmate him not until we met again after 17 years!!! at that precise moment that i walked in the coffee shop..and saw his eyes…i knew he was the one!


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