What Are The Traits of a Great Relationship?

Traits of a Great Relationship

The Characteristics of a Wonderful Relationship

So it’s finally happened. You’ve met the man or woman of your dreams. Your head is in the clouds and you feel like you’re walking on air. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and hope in your heart. But then your mind takes over and you feel doubt and confusion. What if they don’t feel the same way? What if the love you feel is all in your head?

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Your Relationship Keywords

The good news is that there is an easy well to tell if you’re really with a great partner. All you have to do is refer to my my list of relationship keywords. Here are the words you need to know to see if you have the real thing!

Honesty, Fidelity and Trust

Everyone knows a good relationship needs honesty, fidelity and trust. We all want a truthful partner, who is faithful to us and trustworthy. However, these are not the only elements that make a relationship great or help it move forward. Here is what else your relationship needs.


You wouldn’t know there were problems in your relationship unless your partner communicated them to you. And you wouldn’t be able to fix those problems if you and your partner didn’t communicate your feelings to each other. And if you make each other happy, you need to communicate that. Communication between you should be free and easy.


There is nothing worse than feeling unappreciated by your significant other. When something nice is done, it should be acknowledged. Don’t take each other for granted. There are many ways to show appreciation, from the minor to the grand.


Not everyone feels comfortable expressing their emotions, but expression is an important part of communication, so you both need to do it in order for your relationship to thrive. If one of you is closed off emotionally, it would feel like that person lacks emotion. Be sure to express yourselves, no matter how shy or awkward it makes you feel.


Accept each other, warts and all. After all, you both fell in love with the warts, didn’t you? Don’t try to fix what’s not really broken. We all have our foibles, so no one is perfect.


You’re both dealing with a person who has different ways of doing things. You aren’t always going to get everything right the first time and certainly not on a particular schedule, so have patience.


Everyone makes mistakes, and many of those mistakes are forgivable, so learn to forgive each other and don’t hold grudges. You both make mistakes.


If your partner is suffering, do you have compassion for them? Do you know when to show them a bit of tenderness? Are they compassionate with you?


You can’t be with someone you don’t respect. Your partner is your equal, so you have to be fine with the choices they make, the career they have—really who they are. If you don’t respect them, you can’t really love them. And if they don’t respect you they can’t really love your either.


Does your partner have your attention? Are they a priority? Do they make you a priority too? The little things often mean the most, whether it’s a hug that lasts more than a few seconds, or a lingering kiss goodnight.

Love is about two people who walked separate pathways for a while until they joined together as one. These keywords are meant to be a reference for you to hold up each of your romantic relationships to. If you don’t have these basics, you should be concerned. If you do have them (and more), you have the makings of a wonderful relationship.

Sharing love is the most precious thing you can give and receive, so enjoy every bit of it.

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8 thoughts on “What Are The Traits of a Great Relationship?

  1. Sandra Lee

    I am in a pretty new relationship, he offers most of the above, the hold back in attentiveness seems to be in just me. (Not sure about the true communication part yet, either )

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Sandra, give it time. It’s a new relationship and things will fall into place in due time. If you are concerned, one of our love psychics is available to tell you where this relationship is going. Thanks for reading!

  2. Anna

    You don’t need to not be around families and friends to not be single. Actually, my family were the ones that was always there for me when my ex left me end of 2009. He was cruel, totally a different guy once he broke up with me. I was so hurted for 5 while years. Within the five years, I seeked advice from psychics, they kept telling me to hold on to this person, he will come back that he still loves me but confused. I thought to myself, how could that be when he was treating me so cruel but I believed the readers. I was given hope for 5 whole years. I believed in them because I thought they had that special gift, to see the future. Despite all the cruel things that he did to me, pretending he never saw me when I walk passed him, I was still having hopes. They said that he will break up with the person that he has been dating and that him and I are meant for each other. There goes anther hope for me..Years passed, he’s still with her and they got married last year!!! I was so shattered and never will believe another psychic. Btw, the person that he married is one of the girls from the circle of frienda when he and I were dating. What an asshole, right? Yes, I was so naive, holding on to this guy for five years, hoping that he would come back soon according to the psychics. I’m so glad that I’m all over this asshole and over seeking help from the psychics. Moral of the story is the person that you are dating or your boyfriend comes and go but your family will never change and treat you like that. Don’t ever ditch your family for a guy or a girl and always believe in what you see. Don’t hold on to your ex when you notice that they don’t care about you or treating you the opposite from what the readers are telling you . This is from my past experience. Please be careful. Good luck.

  3. Jessie Magana

    I’ve been waiting for my guy to come home ,for bout 2 yes ,saids he loves me n to faith in him ,is he really coming back

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Jessie, our psychics don’t do reading in the comments section of our blog posts. Your relationship concerns are private and we’d like to keep it that way. You can call and get a reading if you’d like and have your questions answered. Thanks!

    1. Jill

      Secret relationships are fun, until they’re not. Why is your relationship a secret? Was it your idea to make it that way?

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