What Divides Relationships?

Sure our stressful political and economic times are throwing a less than romantic wrench into the love nests of America… causing marriages and relationships to break up, our psychic’s agree. But perhaps we’d all have better luck with committed relationships, even in an age of turmoil, if we were hooking up in the long run, for all the right reasons.

The trouble with relationships today, many of our intuitives see, is that serious commitments are made lightly and communication skills between partners are often bottom line at best. What would make our relationship choices better, stronger and longer lasting, according to our psychics, is to learn to communicate with each other early on. In doing so, you can find out who the person you’re having fun (sex!) with really is. Watch, listen and talk to them before you start envisioning anything in the neighborhood of “happily ever after.”

“I often see that couples break up because they got into the relationship not really knowing the person in a real everyday way,” one psychic strongly believes. “Sometimes couples fall in love without finding out whether or not they respect the person’s character, if they both want the same type of relationship or have similar life goals. This leads to having unrealistic expectations as a couple. It’s sad when the time comes that there’s a bump in the relationship and one of the partners doesn’t want to work it out, because the relationship is just a convenient for them, so things naturally fall apart.”

Perhaps if we communicated more, we would have a better understanding of the depth of commitment each person is willing to put forth in a relationship so as not to be so surprised when a partner wants to leave because things aren’t going smoothly, our psychics suggest.

Just because a couple has an emotional attachment, it doesn’t mean that they should be together for the long run.

The lack of substance and trust between a couple, which comes from a lack of communication, also makes infidelity easier. “These days it’s so easy to just jump on the Internet and meet someone new, rather than work through a relationship,” Aylan points out.

“Without a real sense of commitment it’s harder to trust one another – and couples do need to trust each other more than ever these days,” Julia ext. 9131 believes. She gives social networking Internet sites as one example saying, “It’s so much easier for couples to break up without really feeling anything about what they’re doing to the other person. People can just text or email their intentions to quit the relationship and then dive right back into a sea of potential dates, hoping for better luck next time.”

“I see that many couples have never had to struggle or work as a team for survival’s sake. So now that times are tough, their first thought is to jump ship, out of self-preservation, rather than to grow together,” Liam ext. 9290 observes. “They honestly didn’t have a clue that relationships are work… so issues which are brand new to a couple, like losing a job, a house, or a severe change in income can bring out the worst in a relationship, especially if their were cracks there already.”

Some of today’s “new” problems are difficult to face. Couples don’t know how to turn them around, or make them work within their relationship. These issues hit people in their confidence and self-esteem and can overwhelm a couple with difficult feelings that can break them apart – even people who really love each other,” Allison sees. “One person can stop talking or the other stops listening and trust begins to wane on both sides,” she says.

When financial crisis hits a couple, both partners need to continue to communicate, possibly take on even greater economic responsibility, work to encourage each other and take heart in the idea that “Money issues can’t keep a good love affair down!” Have some fun enjoying the free things in life… a walk in the park, a dance in the moonlight and cuddling while watching old movies on TV. These activities are fun and sexy and help keep you stay close.”

There’s no real magic way to fix love, but communication and trust can help make it last… when things like the economy or the stressors in the world are so difficult that they drive a wedge between couples, our psychics believe strongly.

“In a reading, I can see if there is hope in an otherwise strong relationship… where with a little work and knowledge things can be better,” Joseph points out, and it can help the person who is feeling insecure, or threatened most by change.

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