Why Bad Boys Excite You

Do you know why they use sex in commercials? Because it grabs our attention! We human beings have a very animal reaction to sex. It is a drive that allows us to propagate and survive as a race. We are attracted to that which promises the quickest and surest route to sex by the tiny bit of brain in charge of species survival.

So when that hottie walks by, the mind takes a vacation and the endorphins start to boil and bubble, and before you know it, you’re raising an eyebrow with a “come hither” look in your eyes! You’re physically affected by just the nearness of this person, without knowing a single thing about them! This affects the choices we make in what to wear and how to wear it. We want to be attractive to potential lovers; however, this doesn’t always attract the type of person that will stay and build a “nest.” We do control our behaviors with our minds (though I know it seems hard to believe), and most of that reason is that we seldom see much change in others around us.

The truth is that human beings are afraid of change, and some will continue in their rut until it kills them… but you don’t have to! I have seen many thinking people overcome their fear of change and create new and happier lives for themselves through the practice of hypnotherapy. This is a basic rebuilding of “old tapes” to “new tapes.”

Think of the marketing images used to attract you. Those are all aimed at your base emotional responses. See them for what they are – shallow images concocted by an advertising team, meant to control and manipulate you!

Cut out some of your favorite magazine ads, put a label over the middle of them and write “LIES” across them in RED. Now go through magazines and find images of people holding hands, healthy couples (not Hollywood versions!) and other positive images, and begin to create a dream board. This is a poster board with images that you select and place on it, images which support your healthy change. Look at the board just before you go to sleep.

In addition, let go of the “sudden impulse” of attraction, and give yourself some rules to govern how you proceed. These are some that were most successful with my clients:

1.Don’t attribute personality traits to someone based on your physical attraction to them, wait to get to know them.

2.The Six Week Rule: Wait six weeks of knowing, dating, seeing this person to decide if you even want to pursue the relationship further.

3.Six Month Rule: After six months, the “real” person will be visible. The false front or act, if there is one, usually can’t be maintained that long! Think before you give your heart to a marketing lie.

What are your favorite methods for developing healthier sexual attitudes?

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4 thoughts on “Why Bad Boys Excite You

  1. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Gina Rose, we seem to be on the same frequency! Love your comments, thanks for reading my Blogs!

    Jessica, girlfriend I feel what your saying, and like where your head is at! Keep in mind you need a partner who can keep up with you intellectually! Rememeber you deserve the whole package! Enjoy yourself!

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  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Best article I’ve red in a long time…..5 stars! Those last three tips, towards the end of this article, are excellent.

    And remember, they are called ” bad boys ” for a reason……..if they treat others poorly , than there is a very good chance they eventually will treat you the samw way…..all in due time.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. jessica

    Oh, Yemaya! Nice job! I know what you’re talking about. Since my last relationship ended several months ago, and I’ve been back in the “dating scene,” I’ve been able to just enjoy attraction, and even when a man really seems attracted to me, I just enjoy it for what it is, and, unlike in the past, I don’t read anything into it at all. If he decides he wants to get to know me, we can take it from there…slowly. What a difference this makes, Yemaya! Not only do I avoid trouble, but I get to enjoy the attractions and flirtations far more that I would if I took them for anything more than what they are.


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