Your Greatest Fear – Exposed!

What scares you the most? What is your worst nightmare, the one that brings shivers to your soul? In a year when vampire tales are popular as bedtime stories and late night couch-potato television fare, is there anything left unexplored to frighten us this Halloween Week? The answer, hands down, our psychic team tells us, is to be alone!

The majority of callers report that their darkest hours are spent obsessing–losing sleep over, and worrying themselves sick about the idea of–spending their life without a partner, says Sula ext. 5197.

Is life really all that dangerous without a partner? It feels like it might be, our psychics tell us. Callers would much rather hang on to a love that’s full of anguish and discomfort versus letting go of someone they don’t truly love–or who doesn’t really love them.

When clients are afraid that they will never find a mate, Barbie ext. 9295 helps them to overcome their terrifying feelings by reading to see who might be coming into their lives. “Then I help them find ways to make it happen. It’s easier to let go–or to make space for someone by setting aside fear–when you have a sense of what’s to come.”

Tell us your worst nightmare! Is it the same–or different?

What are your greatest fears? Get a reading and find out how to move past them. Call 1.800.573.4830, or click here now.

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