Communicating With Your Pets

Dogs and cats are psychic – they communicate with us through a look or a sound. They’re amazing in that way. And it’s up to us to recognize their attempts at telling us what they need.

Often, cats will sit and stare at us… a soundless stare with no meows. You know he wants something – but what? They’re attempting to connect to our intuition. They have something to tell us, so they sit and stare… and stare… and stare. Pay attention! Humans have an incredible connection with their pets, a connection that we are often not aware of. We assume that our communication with our “babies” is only us talking to them. Not so! The little guys have their own way of communicating. My cat knows now that I respond to his stares, so whenever he needs something, whether it be for me to clean the box, to feed him or change his water or give him some lovin’, he stares. I attempt to figure out what he’s trying to tell me, and I usually get it.

Now dogs have a different way to communicate: Woof! Woof! Owoooh!!! That could be a cry to go bye-bye. Bye-bye and feed me are their biggest concerns, in addition to: “I need some lovies. Please scratch my belly.”

All of our pets need affection, cuddling and conversation. Dogs particularly love it when we talk to them in a sweet and loving voice, the way that we talk to babies. Dogs respond well to the human voice.

Dogs and cats also love music… soft, soothing music. Classical music, like Vivaldi, works whenever they’re out of sorts and agitated. They respond physiologically to music. Remember, they have very sensitive ears, so it’s best not to play loud music. The sounds reverberate throughout their bodies. When a pet is ill, it’s very effective to play love sounds that are smooth and soothing. Sounds help the body and psyche to heal.

Good luck with your pet communication skills!

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2 thoughts on “Communicating With Your Pets

  1. misskrystal

    wonderful and I so enjoyed this. I just got a puppy-a little foxy looking one lol she is so special.
    perfect timing for me to read this. I am so used to reading everyone elses pets I forgot what it was like to have one of my own. Pets are natural therapy for me.
    miss krystal

  2. Tena Dunne

    My cat often sits at my feet an stares up at me. i catch him doing this occasionally and it sometimes would creep me out. I knew that there had to be something to this, but usually when he wants something, he just lets me know by meowing rapidly and continuously also following me closely under foot until I stop to let him know i’m aware he wants something. Be it fresh water or whatever it is. He jumps up on my lap when he wants to be petted or leans his head on my hand rubbing his ear on me to pet him. He is very human like and loves to be picked up and held like a baby. I have had him 7 years now and we understand each other pretty well. He even comes when I call him, which amazes my friends and family. They never saw a cat do that before, not even their own. I don’t know how I would live without him. He’s my little shadow and weve become very attached to each other. He’s my child in a way, cause I have no kids.


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