The Lone Wolf

The wolf in modern pop folklore seems almost exclusively connected with the dark, violent side of nature and humankind itself.

But on closer inspection, of course, the wolf is a loyal creature connected closely with her pack. And as the wolf is an extremely intelligent animal, there is a complex tribalism amongst wolves tied together by both body and vocal language. For Native Americans, the wolf is a teacher in both the physical and spiritual realms. With her endless stamina and strength, the wolf can travel vast distances, gather new healing medicines or information and bring it back to the clan.

If you’re lucky enough to witness one of these gorgeous animals (and they have been known to appear occasionally even in the streets of Los Angeles), it is perhaps a message from the ether to investigate whether or not you are a useful member of your own tribe. Have you been neglecting your friends? Are you a friend to your self? In recent decades the wolf has become a symbol of feminine freedom and authenticity, of devotion and passion. A woman who “runs with wolves” is her own person whose faced her darkest aspects, integrated them and moved on. The “big bad wolf” ain’t so bad at all.

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