A Day in the Life: Psychic Laverne

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We believe that gaining a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection when you call or text for a reading. In this continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day-to-day lives. In this installment of “A Day in the Life,” California Psychics interviews Psychic Laverne.

1. When you have a day off, what does that typically look like?

I have no days off, but I make sure to leave plenty of time in the day to enjoy the beach and ocean! I am a Pisces with a Scorpio Moon. There is nothing I enjoy more than the scent of the ocean and the feeling of the waves…. I live [on the East Coast] and can swim [from] May through October! I love looking at water and sky as far as the eye can see… I love [seeing] the movement of the water against the shore, staring at the pier, and basking in the glorious natural habitat of the beach at the state park. It’s filled with pines, evergreens, old oaks, sea grass, and wildflowers! Around 5 p.m., you can see the wild rabbits run through the reeds by the boardwalk. It is my personal slice of heaven…

When I am too lazy to go to the beach, I like to sit on my floating dock with a stadium chair and drink blackberry wine. It’s even more fun when friends come over! If it weren’t so windy, I would work from the beach and waterway every day, all day and watch the boats and waves go by in between calls.

If I am not by the water in my downtime, I’m shopping. I love to shop. It doesn’t matter where or how I shop, but sales are always the [most fun]! I love to treasure hunt at all kinds of stores, from grocery stores to department stores! Some of my favorites are lesser-known offbeat stores and thrift shops. For example, a few months ago I got the most gorgeous Antique Asian China Cabinet. I have wanted one all of my adult life and was getting ready to import one… I was combing through Goodwill…and I stumbled on an antique version of the cabinet I wanted…and it was only $90. I couldn’t believe it… I LOVE it when you can enlist the Universe to manifest what you want!

2. Tell us something interesting that your clients would love to know about you.

I collect oracle and divination systems and books on ancient methods of divination. I have been psychic all of my life… I was lucky I had parents who noticed, accepted, respected, and didn’t try to suppress it. My mother loved astrology and had astrology books all over the house. I never quite caught the astrology bug, but I fell in love with Tarot cards at age 18 after a friend gave me the most incredible reading and everything [came] true.

My first Tarot deck was the Mother Peace Tarot. My favorite Tarot deck and system is the Mythic Tarot, and I collect so many different…artistic decks. As many of you know, Tarot [is] my go-to oracle [system], but my second go-to [for phone readings is] the Lenormand. I can [also] scry and read playing cards, dice, beans, and palms…

I participate in psychic research [as well]. While I am shy to do medium work by phone, I have been a part of the famous VERITAS medium research (Dr. Gary Schwartz) at the University of Arizona, and I have been an active member of the SORRAT group held by parapsychologist/author James McClenon. I have been a weekly participant for the past two years. I am also a member/supporter of several other organizations that advance psychic research…

I am also an artist. My favorite thing is figure drawing. There isn’t an ailment in the world that figure drawing and chicken soup can’t cure! In my house, you will see art everywhere. Aside from my self-created art and sculptures, my mother collected Asian art, so I have a lot of her framed silk prints around…

[Finally, I] love gardening, flower arranging, propagating plants, baking, and cooking.

3. Do you have any go-to mantras?

“Be careful what you ask for, but don’t be shy” is one. Another is: “If you go looking for trouble, you’re going to find some!”

4. What advice would you give a first-time reader?

You earned your way here. Be assured, you have what it takes…

5. When and how did you discover your psychic abilities?

When I was a toddler, around age three, I could see a spirit guide in the form of a man. He would talk to me and teach me things about life and what to expect and be ready for in the future. My parents nicknamed him “the Invisible Man” based on a popular commercial at the time.

A year later, when I was four, Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist and parapsychology researcher, was watching me on my father’s ice cream truck. (He had to go to the bathroom and knew her well because Columbia University was part of his route and he brought me with him to work sometimes.) On this particular day, she explained to me that she had noticed that I was gifted, and [she] told me that she believed I would have a career based on my gifts.

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