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There are times when we are so lonely that we look to the past to those who cared for us most, hoping for that energy to protect us again. For some, the people we need the most – those we long to connect to when life feels especially difficult – have passed on. Enabling communication between those here on earth and those on the other side is the work which moves Medium, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Abrielle ext. 9894 the most, she admits.

“It’s so amazing to me to be able to do this,” Abrielle tells. “I find it fairly normal to predict dates and happenings… Being a Medium is so satisfying to me, because you can feel the energy and the love for the caller from those on the other side. These spirits want you to be able to give the caller just the right information to help them recognize their presence,” she says with conviction.

Her client, Sage (not her real name), called asking about her grandmother who had passed ten years ago. Sage had moved into the family summer home to be closer to her parents after her divorce, but missed her friends greatly and had not yet found a new social life. She had been living there for several months when she called Abrielle wondering if the presence she felt in the house was that of her grandmother. “I’m afraid to ask anyone in my family about it. If it is her energy in the house, it’s as loving and pleasant as she was in life. I’m hoping it’s her!”

Abrielle immediately got a strong sense of a name and a flower, “Violet,” she repeated. “I’m getting Violets.”

Sage gasped at the psychic’s words, saying she had tears running down her face. “My grandmother’s name was Violet. We even had the flower carved on her headstone, because she was so fond of them.”

“She’s giving me another symbol,” Abrielle continued. Violet wanted to confirm her presence in the house to her granddaughter. “There’s an area in the house where there are striped curtains…”

“Yes, in my bedroom… that’s where I’ve felt her!” Sage jumped in.

“She wants you to know that she’s with you.”

“Please tell her I love her. Thank you for being here with me,” Sage communicated through the Medium. Do you see my grandfather? Is he around, too. I was just wondering…”

Abrielle who uses no tools, told her client that she was looking at a man in a book of photographs. “This is like solving a bit of a mystery, because I don’t understand the symbol, only my client will connect with it.”

“A book of photographs?” Sage questioned.

“Yes, a photo album.”

There was hesitation, followed by a connection on the other end of the line. “Oh wow! Grandpa Henry… it is him. He died when I was little, and Grandma Violet would tell me stories about him and show me photos stuffed in an old album.”

“They are with you…. I am also getting an old convertible car and a young man with dog tags…”

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe it, my friend George! We were buddies since we were little. He died in a military accident. What a surprise,” Sage bubbled on.

“I can’t believe they’re here for me. How do they see me? Are they here all the time?”

Abrielle answered the question she often gets after callers find out they are connected spiritually to the other side. “When you’re in trouble, they’re around with a loving presence. They don’t see you in your everyday life, they see your energy. When you appear down, they amp up their presence.”

“That makes so much sense. I came here to be closer to family. I didn’t know that I would also be getting love from those who have passed on. It helps to know you’re loved and cared for after what I’ve been through,” Sage said with a deep sense of comfort.

“It’s astounding how much help and assistance we get from the other side,” tells Abrielle who makes a quick connection with her callers. “You know when I was in the corporate world with a degree in French, I thought this was all fruitcake stuff,” she laughs. “But since recognizing my abilities… and feeling the loving energy from the other side, I’m now a complete believer in heaven.”

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