Psychics Get Personal Readings Too: A California Psychics Advisor Tells All

Psychics Get Personal Readings Too: A California Psychics Advisor Tells All | California Psychics

An Interview With Psychic Suki

Psychics are regular people too. They have families, hobbies, and their own concerns and questions that need attending to. Our California Psychics editor sat down with Psychic Suki to get her POV on why she turns to her fellow advisors at California Psychics for answers.

Q. Do you go to other psychics to get readings for yourself?

A. Actually, I do a lot of readings for myself, even on a daily basis. During my personal readings, I ask my guides many questions such as, “When will my hubby get home?” Usually, my guides will give me the answer to the exact minute, and they’re spot on! I ask for their advice for everything, from my online shopping purchases, to who best to book appointments with, to which teachers will work best with my children. I even consult them when it comes to creating my schedules! So, I am always communicating with my guides.

However, I love talking to California Psychics advisors because I have always been fascinated by psychic readings and everything metaphysical since I was 12 years old. For me, it’s always exciting to get a psychic reading. It’s like being a 5-star chef where you know how to make delicious meals but occasionally would like to be treated, pampered, and go to a fine dining restaurant to enjoy delicious meals created by other talented chefs. It’s fun to get other psychics’ perspectives and validations and experience something new.

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Q. How is the experience of doing a self-reading different from getting a reading with California Psychics?

A. In many ways, a self-reading is very convenient, accurate, and quick for me. But I find it fun and exciting to read with California Psychics advisors because they may give you new information that you weren’t even aware of. Similar to if you’re a massage therapist, you know how to perform the massage, but you would still like to receive one from another massage therapist.

Q. What are some of the topics that you turn to psychics for?

A. Everything! In the past, before I became a California Psychics advisor, I would call mostly about love, career, and my own spiritual growth. Now I will ask my guides everything from the most ridiculous questions (such as, “Will my 11-year-old notice I ate his chocolates?”) to more serious questions.

Q. Who are your favorite psychics with California Psychics to read with?

A. This is easy! There are plenty who I love to read with, and even more amazing psychics on the line. The following are my personal favorites to read with because they’re all very accurate and, like myself, don’t use tools in their readings. Starting from the highest tier would be:

  • Aliza – she’s amazing at reading people like a book. You have to try a reading for yourself.
  • Rika – she’s great at connecting to your deceased loved ones in very accurate detail.
  • May – she’s a great Empath that can read people and situations using her Spirit Guide.
  • Brice – he’s awesome with reading people and situations using the energy you put off.
  • Martina – she’s great with specific situations with family and relationships.

Q. Does getting readings with other psychics help you with your intuition and abilities?

A. In some ways, yes! I remember before I became a California Psychics advisor, I had many readings with Aliza and I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it was that she could pick up on people’s thoughts and emotions by just their first name. I wanted to start doing it myself. The Universe heard me, and five years later, after I decided to practice daily meditation, and started working on my intuition, my abilities manifested.

Prior to reading with Aliza at California Psychics, I’d only read with Tarot Card readers and initially thought they were the only way to get a reading, so reading with Aliza helped me realize that you can psychically read with no tools. In fact, it was Aliza who predicted many years ago when I was still happily working in my corporate job that I would end up working with California Psychics, but I thought nothing of it then. And here I am now, glad to be a part of the California Psychics family. I’ve read with other amazing, accurate California Psychics psychics who are incredible with numbers, timelines, and details that allowed me to manifest the same skills/experiences in my own readings. The exchange of energy with other psychics is also beneficial because it reminds me that we’re all connected and came from the same Divine Source of energy.

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