Psychic Monique: The “Worrisome” Tarot Cards

Worrisome Tarot Cards

The Truth Behind 3 Tarot Cards

Some cards in the Tarot deck have a bad reputation. Do you ever get The Death Card, The Devil Card or the 8 of Swords and freak out? Well I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing to freak out about. Here’s a little insight into those Tarot cards and why getting them during a reading is actually quite beneficial.

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The Death Card

On this Tarot card, Death is often portrayed as a skeleton riding a white horse. The Death Card is perhaps the “scariest” card, because when people see it, they automatically think they or someone they love is going to die.  But the truth is, The Death Card is about change and transformation. If you get it, it means it’s time to free yourself from what no longer serves you. It’s telling you to begin the letting-go process and asking you to realize that there is something better and wonderful for you out there. Death is a metaphor for rebirth—out with the old and bad and in with the new and good. Have courage and be open to change.

The Death Card should get your excited. Know that the worst is over and now you can enjoy the release that comes with change and new experiences. If you have an issue that is truly bothering you, getting The Death Card is great because it means you can move on. Don’t fear this card. Embrace it! You can’t live in the past and be happy.

The Devil Card

On this card, The Devil or Pun is often centered between two souls or behaviors. It looks like he captured them and they are helpless to get away. The truth is that The Devil represents temptation and if you get this card during a Tarot reading, it means you need to address the temptation that is holding you back. Is it an addiction, certain people or behaviors? Are you codependent?

If you look at the card carefully, you’ll notice that the souls are held loosely. This suggests that you need to take notice of what is that holds you back and tempts you to stay put. Ask yourself: Where in my life am I suffering from an unhealthy, even additive behavior? Where is there negative thinking and behavior that’s causing the life force to seep out of my soul? Are the people and/or environment in my life giving me energy or are they draining it from me? If you get this card, it means that you have allowed someone else to have control of your life. But, you don’t have to let it continue this way. You have the ability to take the noose off from around your neck and walk away.

The 8 of Swords

This is one of my favorite cards! In it, a woman is often standing bound and blindfolded, surrounded by eight swords with her head hanging in worry and dismay. But her worries are mental; they aren’t real. Note that no one guards her. Her feet are not bound. She can move with just a little bit of faith in herself. This means that she is free to do what she wants and is in control of her own destiny!

If you get this card, it means that your own fears are trapping you. But if you face your fears, you can continue on your journey. Remove the blindfold of confusion and walk away between the swords, as the lady in the card can do. You have more control than you realize! Have faith in yourself. Just stop over-thinking and take back control of your life. You can do it!

I hope you have enjoyed my insight into these “worrisome” Tarot cards and I look forward to visiting with you soon!

Many blessings,

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23 thoughts on “Psychic Monique: The “Worrisome” Tarot Cards

  1. SHOSHANA 6497

    Loved your interpretation of the cards.After delving deeply, I realized how astutute you are. My feelings on the Devil was static, your insight, reminded me that it can be the influence, around the reading, not just the behaviour…. Or the addictions, something I did not get, after 50 yrs of readings.”knowledge is power” you brought out an optimistic slant on a card, I’ve not seen before. With deepest gratitude on your insight.

  2. Diana

    The 10 of Cups has been only described to me as the most painful and emotionally devastating card. That there is true and real anguish and pain to be suffered when this card is drawn. Comments, thoughts?

  3. s.abdul

    Fear is a major problem in my life,and this year started well ,everything look very smooth,
    but now you cant find me anywhere,pleeeease help,thanks for the comment,
    God bless

  4. Judy

    For me the scariest cards are the 10 of swords and the tower…every time they come up for me (not that often, but when they do) they predict the immediate future dead-on

  5. joanne

    Psychic Monique,”The Truth Behind3 Tarot Cards.A)The Death card.Change and transformation.(I get it)!FREE Myself from what no Longer serves Me!realize that there Is something,someOne,Wonderful,Better!for Me out there.The worst is over!B)The devil Card.
    Tarot reading:It means (I) need 2 address the temptation that is holding Me back!Addiction?
    Certain People?or Behaviors?am(I) co dependent?but(I) don’t have 2 stay this way! Change My{Karma}Change (My Way)of ‘THINKING.’ Walk A way!C)The 8 of Swords.Her head hanging in “worry/Sorrow.”Worries are Mental.God says: (Don’t fret nor worry)they are not real! Move with FAITH in Myself![i am]FREE!Stop over Thinking.I Can Do It!
    THANK YOU Monique.For Sharing the conferdience.LIVEIN PEACE;Not Pieces.

  6. loganathan.s

    excellent tarot reading this is the problem i have been facing now with double mind i dont know what to do pls help if u can thanks thanks thanks a lot.

  7. barbara

    Had a wonderful reading with Monique and so glad in reading the explanation of the three worrisome cards that I can be educated in the meaning of this cards, and hope they will guide me in my journey for a new beginning in my life. Thank you, Monique.

  8. LARRY

    There is some one that I work with that’s a pain everyday. I would love to know how to take care of this problem; I talk to him about things–no good. to do other things to make an corrective action-(-no good). ATTITUDE I will control you, but I know that’s a lie from him. thank for the information on worries to understand. I will call later in the week. thanks again.

  9. r.j.

    First time I have ever heard of anyone explaining the cards- f’n awesome and thank you for your 411. It’s a pleasure to get your emails! Thanks again!


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