Your Weekly Tarot Reading: August 5 – 11

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: August 5 - August 11

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This week is the “dark of the moon week” before another solar eclipse happening early Saturday morning. Uranus turns retrograde, joining Mercury, Saturn, and Mars. As a result, this is a very introspective time including internal shifts as well. Seven major arcana cards came up for this weekly tarot reading, meaning this is going to be an intense week. We’re returning to Magick Altman’s, “Magick Tarot for Guidance.” Let’s see what sage advice she’s got in store for us.

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Day (The Hierophant V; Taurus): The Hierophant asks you to consider your lifework. Are you doing what you “should” according to your parents and teachers, or are you listening to your soul’s yearnings and manifesting your unique work in the world? Here are some questions to ponder related to the Hierophant: Do you need more education or training to become who you truly are? Do you find educational institutions intimidating due to negative experiences in the past? Is there an imbalance of power between the masculine and feminine within yourself or your relationships? It’s a particularly good time to start a restaurant, work with animals or nurture your garden, according to your weekly tarot reading.

Evening (The Hermit/Crone IX; Virgo): This card indicates that tonight is a time to turn away from external pressures and internalized voices that aren’t your own. Instead, listen to your soul. Discovering your soul’s voice and trusting it is the work of a lifetime, but even in your first experiments with inner listening, you may find the integrity and courage to make choices you can live with. The tools to help you access your own truth are similar to Virgo traits. Virgo is the sign of purity, being alone, fasting, and is the sign of the healer, as well as writing or journaling.


Day (The Emperor/Visionary Activist IV; Aries): Today, you are being asked to examine your relationship to power—internally and externally. The Emperor asks you to examine your ability to exercise power in work and personal relationships. Father issues may also come to the front at this time. Fear and indolence coupled with an indulgent father can keep you from your true potential as an independent person too. The key is to still honor the father and mother without being dependent on them. You still need order, protection, and leadership from your internalized Emperor.

Evening (Lust/Strength XI; Leo): Tonight, you are full of passion and at the height of power. You relish the joy of just being alive, according to your weekly tarot reading. It’s time to be fully who you are, uninhibited by what others think of you. You should be willing to push the envelope and to test your strength in the world too. When Lust appears, it’s time to do what you love so you can find out who you are. Whatever it is, just do it and a light will shine through that takes you on your path to self-discovery. It’s a time to show leadership and express your ideas with passion and determination.


Day (The Aeon/Judgment XX; Fire): Magick’s suggested soundtrack for this card would be “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. Today is a great time to go inside and try to access that child who has been quiet for so long and just check in. You can reach out as an adult and parent this part of yourself with compassion while finding new ways to listen. Silence can truly help you find the guidance from your soul’s timeless knowing.

Evening (Two of Swords [Reversed]; Moon in Libra): The Two of Swords is called Peace in the Crowley deck, and shows two swords crossed through the Rose of Binah—the great mother who contains the womb of all life. Therefore, it’s a good night to explore your relationship to motherhood. All this card’s aspects are feminine in nature. For a man, this card is about making peace with your mother, wife, or your own ability to be a nurturer too.


Day (Queen of Cups; Gemini/Cancer): The Queen of Cups is the loving, compassionate aspect of the mother. She nurtures without judgment and offers reflection and a sounding board rather than advice too. This card can also mean a new stage in your life, and you need to be attentive to your physical needs. Water is your friend, so drink a lot, swim, shower, and bathe with your favorite oils and sachets of fresh herbs.

Evening (Three of Cups [Reversed]; Mercury in Cancer): It’s time to revitalize communication that celebrates the joys of home and hearth. When reversed, Three of Cups can indicate the potential for becoming too isolated and focused on primary relationships. Instead, there’s the expectation that they will fulfill all your emotional needs. That’s when jealousy, based on fear of loss, can arise. Love isn’t a possession and will move on or just dry up if it’s trapped, according to your weekly tarot reading. Therefore, this cards indicates it’s time to go with the flow and restrain the ego’s desires for answers and commitments.


Day (Nine of Swords; Mars in Gemini): The image of this card in the Rider-Waite deck is of a woman sitting in bed with her head in her hands and nine swords on the wall behind her. She may have some memories of disrespect or abuse. For you, this card could indicate that there is internal criticism and obsessive negative self-talk. It’s certainly a difficult pattern to break as it’s usually below the surface of conscious awareness. However, the key is to tune into the internal mind (the internal storyteller) which serves as a vehicle for healing and change. Try dreamwork, meditation, therapy, and visualization, according to your weekly tarot reading.

Evening (Nine of Cups; Jupiter in Pisces): Tonight, send your wishes out into the world and be ready to receive. That’s because Jupiter, the god of fortune, would love to bless you with the fulfillment of your heart’s desire if you let The Fool in and take a leap of faith and trust. See this card as a sign that you have learned what happiness feels like, and can offer gratitude, and be open to how love chooses to present itself now. Many people become workaholics or addicts when what they really want is love.


Day (Knight of Cups [Reversed]; Aquarius/Pisces): This Knight brings hope and promise of a new surge in spiritual awakening. He is a charmer, but you cannot see his face, so it’s hard to know if you can trust him. When reversed, this Knight’s charm is just a superficial act that he put on to get what he wants. He’s really insecure in his own self-hood and has manufactured a persona to charm his way into the lives of others. If the Knight wants you all to himself and says you are the only one who understands him, don’t be flattered. Run.

Evening (The Fool 0; Air): Tonight, as you begin to transition into the light of the solar eclipse, the Fool appears to be calling you to come out of your cave of worry and drink in the moment. He reminds you that life always offers the opportunity to start over, and some of his favorite ways to entice are travel and love. The Fool confirms that a change of environment will awaken your soul. It’s also time to clear the slate of old relationship expectations. The Fool also gives you the gift of experiencing your inner child, who is ready for fun, according to your weekly tarot reading.


Day (The Moon XVIII; Pisces): This is the perfect card for the solar eclipse! Today is the day to go through a profound initiation, and it’s a birth that must be fully experienced. Find your inner courage and give up any desires for specific results. You are on uncharted ground and the logical mind will serve you only to the extent it serves your intuition. Life is pulling you deeper into facing your shadow and your limitations. Just acknowledge them and keep breathing. Your weekly tarot reading encourages you to make mistakes, learn, and keep moving.

Evening (Knight of Wands; Scorpio/Sagittarius): The energy of this Knight is both cautionary and encouraging because he encourages you to take the leap and hope for the best. So, it’s a good night to step outside your comfort zone, and give yourself a good growth period. Yet, try not to let your enthusiasm blind you to the possibility that others may be jealous and want to undermine you, or that you are leaping into success too fast and may get tripped up by saboteurs or unseen pitfalls.

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