Do Timelines Work?

Understanding Psychic Timelines with Star Trek

Remember those old Star Trek episodes where Kirk and his landing party go back to Earth throughout different times in history? One in particular that comes to mind is when Kirk goes back to Earth during the 1930s Depression era to find Dr. McCoy who had accidentally beamed himself down to the planet. The landing party comes in contact with the “Guardian of Forever,” which is a doorway you can go through to any time or place you desire. However, by going through this doorway, you could change the outcome of events in the future.

As a Trekkie and control freak, I so badly wanted to have the opportunity to go through a door like this and jump into my future. Who doesn’t want to know how their life is going to look years from now? It’s better than being patient and waiting for things to happen naturally, right? Actually, no.

Psychics give timelines. However, our timelines are based on current impressions—what’s going on at that exact moment. I always tell my callers to take timelines with a grain of salt and keep moving forward with their lives. Remember, you are not the only energy involved in the situation at hand. You can’t have control over everyone involved. So my advice is don’t let the timelines rule you! Find things that keep you in a high vibration daily rather than trying to speed things up or just sitting, waiting and checking in constantly. It will drive you nuts.

In the same Star Trek episode, Mr. Spock discovers that Edith was supposed to die in a traffic accident a few days earlier, but had been saved by Dr. McCoy. As a result, Edith goes on to start a pacifist movement which influences the United States to delay its entrance into WWII, thus allowing Nazi Germany time to develop an atomic bomb and win the war. Kirk realizes that Edith must die so that history reverts to its original story. One evening Edith accidentally walks out into traffic and while Kirk tries to control his instinct to run out and save her, she is killed. History has been restored. Nazi Germany will not win the war. Things happen as they’re supposed to.

I hope this helps illuminate how important it is to trust in universal timing and to do our best to control our natural inclination to “help it along.” Even if the calendar date keeps shifting, as long as you hold the feeling in place, and don’t fall into the anxiety place, the situation will come to you as the universe means it to. Remember, the universe loves you unconditionally and will take care of you. You just need to give it time.

6 thoughts on “Do Timelines Work?

  1. Lake Girl

    Timeslines seem to be the most difficult thing for psychics to predict, however, I have found if I check in with three of my go-to psychics, they usually will be within a week of so of each other. I have an issue now……Venus saw within 7-9 days, Yvonnes guides say a week, and the other psychic, said within 4 days. We will see. Very true when you are asking about another person, you cannot control their free will. They may plan to call you within the week, when you speak with the psychic, but something may deter them, or they change their mind………..the psychic is telling you what she sees at the moment you ask.

  2. ET

    This was helpful as I always have anxiety of the unknown. Wanting things to remain well and get better in my life I constantly want to know what’s going on. I know I have to practice patience and have trust that the universe wants me to be happy and is leading me in the right direction.

  3. kammy

    Great article!! It brought me back in time: A time, we knew and could freely say, “God is our Universe and He Loves us unconditionaly. He will take care of us (If we allow it-Free will). God Speed to us All here on planet earth:)
    Thanks for the article.

  4. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Thank you for your nicely done article, Stevie. You explain well how timing works, and the best mindset folks can have while awaiting predicted events to unfold.

    Kallista, ext. 9623


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