Intro to Medicine Cards

Intro to Medicine Cards Ever wonder what your power animal is? Native American themed Medicine cards can offer you insight to help you find your personal strength.

The landmark deck designed by David Carson and Jamie Sams features 52 cards with animals ranging from bear to butterfly. How does it help you? Each card describes an animal’s nature — a dog is loyal, a raven is magic — and depending on what cards you pull, offers a meditation about how to use these attributes.

3 thoughts on “Intro to Medicine Cards

  1. patricia

    i bought these cards years ago. they always speak to me, and have been truly helpful. each creature has a message for you, and there are a few blank ones to fill in with animals from your life/area that have meaning for you. it is one i turn to often

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  3. Heidi Kentwood

    Are these cards similar to a totem? Can you find out how they relate to your animal spirit guide or who that is?


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