Psychic Charlotte: Stepping Into Power

Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350 is a compassionate Clairvoyant who knows that deeply felt desires may go unspoken, but never unheard. She has honed her skills during the last twenty years studying with many gifted teachers, and believes that the Tarot provides a perfect tool to unlock the mysteries of our energy and emotions. Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350 understands how modern life can obscure one’s inner voice. Her mindful approach will reveal the possibilities present to manifest your dreams. Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350 does not need tools, but can read Tarot upon request.

“I’ve been psychic as far back as I can remember,” Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350 says. “It runs in the family. I had various experiences throughout my life in which things happened. I was usually led to the next teacher based on the experience. I’m a huge believer in asking for what it is that we want, and what usually follows is what I need. It started with a 90-year-old woman who owned an astrology business and shop that sold tarot cards that I would hang out in when I was in college. Every person was another building block, and the experiences I had were usually wonderful. Some were a little crazy. I’ve had a lot of experiences where I get into a situation and see what’s going to happen before it happens. Experiences of avoiding automobile accidents, of choosing the right automobile. We can all use this. Imagine how boring life would be without taste or smell… psychic sense is like that. It enhances life.”

How does the psychic sense work for her?

“It’s like seeing a movie running behind my closed eyes. Colors, a quick view of circumstances, of objects… I try to create a quilt with those things so that I can piece it together, so that it makes sense to the caller. I have to work pretty fast. I think I’m pretty good at that. I try to give people what I like. I’ll tell them the colors I see, everything I get, package it for them in a way that they can see it, so that they can grasp the whole picture that I’m seeing. I take all info I get… I’m a huge conduit, it’s like I try to funnel it out to them in a way that the picture makes sense. As they interpret it, I can fill in the specifics. If they ask why he does this, I see it because he sees it this way, and we can get specifics.”

How are people’s own inner voices obscured?

“Technology interrupts people’s inner voice… the pace of life is so fast. We want more, want to accomplish more, and we don’t have enough time. We tend to push down our own inner feelings, thoughts, and just forge forward through our job, relationship… and what happens when I speak to people is that we slow it down, get comfortable, weed out stress and see to the center of the matter. It’s very helpful to do that with somebody to see where it might be going. It’s a different picture that a caller gets when they talk to a psychic. They can take in the info and devise a plan to go forward. It’s empowering, and my job is to empower people, so that they can see they’re in control, they’re in charge. We can’t change anybody else, we’re only able to affect change within ourselves.”

“In creating a plan that allows people to step into their power, step into it, stay strong, have their goal in mind and determine how it is that they want to go forward, and then do that. People say ‘This is as far as I’ve gotten, help me figure out where to go next.’ I have the best seat in the house. I see so much growth. I’m honored. 98% of the time I only see good things. If something really dark screams at me, I’ll get it into the reading, but I don’t scare people. I see a perfect universe. I say ‘you live in the same perfect world I live in’… all of my life has led me to that perspective. I’ve had my share of devastating experiences, and I couldn’t stop them, but I see that there is perfection in this.

“When I listen to people ask if they should hang around and wait, when I hear people talk about waiting, I say ‘We can get more of anything on this planet, but we can’t get more time.’ It’s important that we don’t waste our time. We’re here to be happy. Remembering those things is important, and not wasting any time.”

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Charlotte: Stepping Into Power

  1. runeman

    Charlotte –

    Thank You! What an incredible article!

    Runes pried open my third eye a few years ago, and dealing with the gift almost overwhelms me at times. Your article is very insightful and pertinent to my situation; your motive is palpable and so very appreciated by one learning how to use the gift to help others, as well as myself. “Choice brings consequence. Motive shapes spirit.”

    Your energy is bright and contagious! Thank you, again, for the article. It helps much! BE well –



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