The Fifth Chakra

Known as both the throat chakra and the fifth chakra, the vital energy center located halfway between the heart and the tongue is linked to creativity and self-expression. Associated with the color blue, the wellness of this chakra depends on how authentically we express our thoughts and emotions. Serve yourself and your highest good by searching for and speaking your truth and energy will flow freely here, probably bringing with it feelings of inspiration, creativity and spiritual wellbeing. Be dishonest or stifle your feelings however (choosing instead not to express yourself at all), and you’ll find this chakra blocked, a condition which may manifest as a “lump in your throat,” or even laryngitis.

Fifth Chakra work encourages us to take responsibility for our lives via our words and actions. It’s our job to make sure our own needs are fulfilled and doing so requires being honest… with ourselves and with the world at large.

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