The Lovers Card Explained

The Lovers card is the card to look out for in your readings! This unique symbol represents a time of choice and dilemma. It could impact your life significantly. So it’s really important to understand this card’s exact meaning.

The Lovers card is the sixth card of the Major Arcana. As most card readers realize, every deck, reader, and reading are not the same.

Let’s focus on the historical view of this card as it contrasts with other dimensions. Naturally, this card is primarily about lovers. In a basic deck you see two people reaching out to one another, possibly holding hands. The feminine of the two stares at an angel or cupid as if to suggest that with love, we see heaven. There’s a mountain behind them, and the big bright Sun and clouds in the distance to suggest the good times and bad times. Sometimes there are budding trees, and therefore an anticipation of prosperity. It seems pretty simple.

In my deck, however, the angel and cupid formulation has given way to three actual lovers – to suggest decisions. In some decks there are many people on the card, so it’s not just about boys and girls, sex, emotion and Valentine’s daydreams. With Gemini as its ruling sign, this card is all about self-identity. It’s a way to figure out the other aspects of you – beyond relationships with lovers. It can have a lot to do with such issues as how you relate to friends, siblings, a career – or even food.

Remember, in card readings, it’s not just about the individual card you throw, but the others that surround it. I have had the Lovers card appear in career spreads to briefly show options in a timeline. I have had it appear when determining the name or type of place where someone should seek employment. For any card, what is on the card may have to be interpreted for more vivid details, which makes your reading more valuable.

The 2 of Cups is a card that generally represents marriage based in love (two people sharing their cups or feelings), sharing, seeing eye-to-eye, partnerships, the ideal pairing and agreements. Inverted, this can have to do with draining relationships, separations and dissolution.

In career spreads, this card may appear as a great job opportunity, getting a job, starting work or an impending merger. Of course, upside-down the card could suggest departure or bad career moves.

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2 thoughts on “The Lovers Card Explained

  1. Mel

    I did a Celtic cross spread for a career move the lovers was the 6th card and the final outcome was 5 of pentacles. So, I will get the job and no extra money? 🙁

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