Meaning of a Racoon Sighting

Meaning of a Racoon Sighting | California Psychics

A Raccoon Sighting

Raccoons have had a cultural shift in their reputation. From befriending Disney princesses to cuddling dogs in viral social media videos, these midnight prowlers have turned from foe to friend. While many animals roam in search of food, can spotting a raccoon have a deeper meaning? Whether you see a raccoon during the day, at night, or even in your dreams, raccoons can have strong spiritual symbolism.

What is a Raccoon?

The most common raccoon we see today is native to the Americas, from southern Canada down to Panama. Their cousins, the Crab-eating Raccoon and Cozumel Raccoon are found in parts of South America. Loosely related to bears, these nocturnal mammals have long ringed tails and thumbs that set them apart from other animals. They are shaded gray and ruddy brown and can grow to the size of large dogs. Because raccoons have thumbs, they are very dexterous with their hands, and are able to open closed doors and containers. They often dip their food in water if possible before eating. Catching a glimpse of a raccoon may mean that it is time to wash your hands of something, it can be time to let go- or it can mean that you should open your hands to the gifts that the Universe has in store for you.

The Spirit Behind the Mask

In addition to their tails, the most recognizable, physical trait of the raccoon is its facial markings that look like a mask. These mask markings represent dimension of the spirit, symbolizing things like transformation, adaptability, and shapeshifting. Masks have been used for centuries around the world in celebrations, rituals, and ceremonies. A mask can help us choose the path to who we want to be. The meaning of a racoon sighting may be a sign that you are ready to take a new path in life. The spiritual meaning of a raccoon sighting may go even deeper, revealing the need for you to either keep a secret or investigate deception. Seeing a raccoon in the wild may be an indication to trust your judgement about someone, especially if you are feeling suspicious

Dreaming of a Raccoon

Seeing a raccoon in your dream can signify some of the same themes as seeing them in waking life. You should proceed with caution against those who may have ulterior motives. If you dream of yourself as a raccoon or having a close encounter with one, it may be a sign that you should nurture the curious and knowledge-seeking side of yourself. This may be the time to start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Dreaming of a raccoon being a nuisance and digging through your trash can also signify that it is time to look inward and work through pieces of yourself. If the trash being tossed about makes you feel upset, it can hint that you have lingering guilt and may be feeling an urge to pick up some pieces and repair a relationship.

The Raccoon as a Totem and Spirit Animal

Because they are native to the Americas, raccoons appear in many indigenous stories. The word raccoon comes from the Algonquian word aroughcoune, ‘he who scratches with his hands’. In Spanish, raccoon is mapache, from mapachtli, the Nahuatl name meaning ‘that which has hands.’

Many indigenous tribes believed that the Universe consisted of three parts represented by a tree or a striped pole. The lower berth was inhabited by spirit snakes, the higher plane was inhabited by spirit birds, and the middle world contained spirits like the raccoon. Important symbols of daily life, raccoon motifs have been found in burial sites that contained war axes, knives, and other weapons as well as on pottery and tools.

While racoon sighting symbolism varied from one tribe to another, the raccoon was often portrayed as a trickster spirit, usually in lighthearted tales that were meant for children. While some stories focused on mischief, others focused on the cleverness and dexterity of the raccoon. The Abenaki and Penobscot tribes had a raccoon god named Azeban. Featured in some of those children’s tales, Azeban is mischievous but never dangerous or malevolent. Raccoons were also used as clan animals in many tribes, some performing Racoon Dances in their rituals.

Raccoons are the totems of the curious and the problem solvers. Those who identify with the raccoon take careful and calculated risks. Like racoons, you must take the time to survey situations from every angle.

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