A Month Of Planetary Action

By the middle of June, it’s going to be quite a significant time for most people, as it’s the completion of the Saturn-Neptune opposition. We’ve already experienced the same aspect in February and March of 2007 and August of 2006. During this time relationships can get cloudy and confused and life in general can be rather upsetting.

It’s a good month to avoid major decisions and wait out the conflicts these two planets bring out, with the help of meditation, patience and perhaps some spiritual cleansing. Just knowing that the energies creating havoc in your household may not be in your control can help you get through the month.

The Saturn-Neptune forces
Saturn is the planet of Karma, responsibility, challenges, restrictions, and rewards for hard work. It is currently in the sign of Leo, which rules celebrity, entertainment, children and gambling. Neptune can be spiritual and artistic and romantic, but on the other hand the planet’s dark side can be deceptive, escapist and addictive.

Saturn is the planet that forces an individual to face things they may not want to see and to take responsibility for their actions. But when Saturn is in a difficult aspect to Neptune, as it is right now, it can make us want to escape our troubled relationships. Under this influence it’s an important time to beware of excess.

Cues from the past
Think about the last time we had this aspect – in February and March of this year. Anna Nicole Smith’s drug overdose, as well as frequent celebrity DUIs, Britney Spears’ mental breakdown and Lindsay Lohan’s rehab were all in the news. As we began this Saturn-Uranus opposition, Paris Hilton and Lewis “Scooter” Libby made headlines as they went off to begin serving time.

Keep your eye on your finances too, as the stock market took a tumble back in February, but fortunately it has since recovered. Saturn can represent institutions like the stock market and Neptune in opposition is not a good placement.

Mercury retrograde joins in
Mercury retrograde from June 15th through July 9th will complicate the month’s planetary energies by further fogging our vision and communications. You might find that unfinished business, relationship upsets or other issues which date back to the previous Mercury retrograde (Feb 13th- March 8th) get resolved at this time. But the technical problems with cars, phones and computers that can cause breakdowns in communication that are so prevalent during this period, combined with the full effect of Neptune could make all of us a bit directionless, if not tired and confused.

The good news? This, too, shall pass.

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