What Is the Significance of the Pink Moon?

A full pink moon in the night sky, tinted pink.

What Is the Pink Moon?

Full Moons occur roughly once every 29 days when the earth is directly between the sun and the moon. This can vary slightly from month to month due to the moon’s elliptical orbit.

Because the moon is opposite the sun during this lunar phase, it fully reflects the sun’s light and thus appears in its brightest and loveliest state. Its radiance brings powerful emotional energy, release, completion, and opportunities for manifestation.

The Full Moon perpetually captivates humanity’s attention, and its extraordinary beauty has inspired several myths and legends. Indeed, many cultures have given special names to the different Full Moons based on the seasons, customs, and transitions that typically occur at that time. 

The fourth month of the year, April, is home to the Pink Moon. Its influence is unique and stretches across the entire month.

The Meaning of the Pink Moon

April’s Full Moon is called the Pink Moon due to the abundance of delicate blossoms that begin opening and blooming during this time. (It is followed by May’s Full Moon, aptly named the Flower Moon.) The Full Pink Moon also has some other names, sometimes called the Fish Moon, the Seed Moon, or the Sprouting Grass Moon. The common denominator? All these names are meant to invoke the image of the earth springing back to life!

The Pink Moon occurs as spring is truly beginning to unfold. Budding flowers are just about everywhere, filling the air with their fragrance and bringing color back to the world after winter. While the Worm Moon signals the very beginning of spring, the Pink Moon represents its full arrival.

The Effects and Spiritual Meaning of the Pink Moon

The Pink Moon signals a time of “opening up.”  As such, try to act in harmony with the earth. Doing so can help you bloom. Venturing out of a rut and into unexplored territory is a great way to celebrate the Pink Moon’s energies. These ruts can be mental, emotional, relational, professional, or physical — either way, look for your patterns and try to break them.

Consider expanding your horizons in any area of your life where you’d like to see change. Buying new clothes, meeting new people, starting new projects, or doing old things in new ways are all great methods of accessing the spiritual energy of the Full Pink Moon.

Ultimately, the Pink Moon asks people to embrace and nurture themselves parallel to nature’s growth, bringing powerful spiritual energy to support that endeavor! 

How To Use the Pink Moon

The best way to tap into the Full Pink Moon will depend on what you’d like to accomplish. However, visualization is often extra powerful during this time. Try meditating and imagining changes in your relationships, career, and other areas of your life. Then, close the practice by thinking about what your life might look like once those changes have been made!

Another way to work with the spiritual energy of the Pink Moon is to simply focus on enjoying the outdoors. Spend time in green spaces. Go on a walk or enjoy a meal outside!

You can take it further and honor the earth by participating in a clean-up day at a park or other natural location. After all, Earth Day is commemorated very close to this Full Moon. Whatever you choose to do, stay in the present and pay attention to spring’s beauty.

The Full Pink Moon in 2024

In 2024, the Pink Moon will take place on April 23 in the emotional water sign of Scorpio. In contrast, the sun will be in Venus-ruled Taurus. This also coincides with Jupiter and Uranus’s rare and fortunate alignment opposite the moon, making the 2024 Pink Moon especially significant.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, while Uranus signifies change and innovation. The individual effects of this planetary grouping will vary, but it is expected to be one of the most significant conjunctions of the year, bringing change for the better. Likewise, everybody will experience the April 2024 Full Moon differently depending on their birth chart, but it, too, is considered a positive event.

Regardless, the Pink Moon, in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus, asks people to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of life while also being aware of its fragility, expressed by the delicate blossoms that bloom and wilt as spring unfolds.

Learning How the Pink Moon Affects Your Chart

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