What to Expect During the Full Moon on Halloween

What to Expect During the Full Moon on Halloween | California Psychics

An Exceptional Day for a Full Moon

We are coming up on one of the most amazing times of the year, and this year so much is happening on Halloween that both the day and the energy is supercharged thanks to a Blue Full Moon and the final Mercury retrograde of 2020! All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, All Saint’s Eve, Rite to Euryonomous, and Dziady are all different terms or celebrations that happen on or around October 31.

Originally, Halloween was part of a three-day long observance of Allhallowtide, which was dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, the faithful departed, and martyrs. Many of the more popular Halloween traditions seen and celebrated today are a combination of this three-day religious holiday and the Celtic celebration of Samhain.

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Is Halloween 2020 *Fraught*?

It is irrefutable that this Halloween will be celebrated in a year full of challenges and some amazing astrological occurrences, but does that make it fraught? Well, let’s look at what the term means. According to Merriam-Webster, fraught can have two commonly used meanings.

  1. Full of or accompanied by something specified – used with ‘with’ (The paper was fraught with errors.)
  2. Causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension: Uneasy.

Well it certainly will be full of a lot of energies and expectations, but I can’t say that these things will be the cause of emotional distress or tension, unless we allow them to be. So perhaps, instead of heading into the Halloween season with a feeling of dread and fear we should embrace it as a time of major transformation, self-exploration, and needed transitional time instead.

Mercury is in Retrograde – Again

This will be the third time this year that Mercury has graced us with its presence in reverse! This particular cycle begins October 13 and goes until November 13. This means that Halloween is falling right in the middle of this backwards looking dance that is famous for causing issues with communication and transportation.

With Mercury being in Libra this go round, we can definitely expect some disharmony in our communications and interactions with others. This will be a time when having a little more patience with people will be a huge boon to making this cycle an easier one.

As many people tend to use this time of year to communicate with the dead via various forms of necromancy, they may find that there is some weird energy on those lines. It might not be a bad idea to take the extra steps of making sure that everyone who will participate is aware of the communication process and codes of conduct necessary. Preparing the room ahead of time can also help make things go a bit more smoothly as well.

Halloween’s Full Moon is a Blue Moon Too!

Another way that this October and Halloween are special is that we get to start and end the month with Full Moons! We all know how electric the energy is when we have a Full Moon. The Full Harvest Moon takes place on October 1, and we close the month with the Full Hunter’s Moon on October 31! Having a Full Moon on Halloween is a pretty rare occurrence and only happens every 19 to 20 years, otherwise known as the Metonic cycle. The rare occurrences keep going though, as a Blue Moon on Halloween hasn’t been seen since 1944. To make it even better, this powerful and special astrological occurrence will be visible to the entire world rather than just parts of it (weather permitting of course.) How wonderful that in a year like we’ve been experiencing, the whole world can look up at the sky and experience this exciting event.

What can we do with that wonderful Full Moon energy? When you pair up a Full Moon with the thinner than usual Veil, it’s like a powerful psychic punch to the world. It is the perfect time to get out your favorite scrying tools for a particularly powerful divination session. If you are drawn towards forms of divination that utilize water or liquids, then this is going to be an especially powerful time for you. I have personally found that using my scrying bowl filled with water and ink has always been more accurate during Full Moons and will often plan major sessions around them if I feel that a topic is best suited to water based methods over terrestrial, fire, or air based ones. The Full Moon is also a great time to perform a Tarot spread that can offer a look at the successes you will have in the near future, as well as what you will need to achieve them.

The Veil is Always Thin

Although we usually consider the two weeks working up to Halloween and the two weeks after as the time when the Veil is thin, in truth it always is. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to connect with Spirit as we do. It is a strange quirk of this particular time of the year, however, that the Veil is much thinner, flooding our side with extra spiritual and psychic energy. It does offer the opportunity to more easily communicate with the other side, either on your own or through the help of a Medium or Deceased Loved Ones Psychic. There will also be more than enough energy to experiment with psychic tools and abilities, but take it slow and remember that things can go both ways between the Veil. This is where the legends surrounding Halloween originated from after all.

It’s Still a Time to Celebrate

Although we may not be able to celebrate it the same way as we have in years past due to safety reasons, Halloween can still be a fun and celebratory time. By holding tight to the connections we have and the ones we’ve made over the past few months, with a little bit of creativity, and by the light of the Hunter’s Full Moon, we can make some new Halloween traditions that will chase some of the shadows of this year away.

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