Is 7/7/07 Lucky or Not?

Will 7/7/07 be your lucky day? That’s what tens of thousands of brides and grooms are banking on. In Las Vegas alone, wedding bookings are up six fold from last year on the same Saturday. Drive-thru chapels that would ordinarily perform 20 weddings a day have 300 booked. Overall, wedding industry experts indicate that there will be roughly 20,000 more weddings on this date than last year. But is it such a good idea?

Beyond banking on charmed wedded bliss, what does this day really mean in numerology? Actually, for relationships, it’s not such a good number. Just because brides and grooms have chosen this as a special date years in advance (and are paying a fine premium for it!) doesn’t mean it’s the thing to do.

Triple seven decoded
Why is this? Well, in large part because in numerology 777 indicates the completion of an important life lesson. Since it’s the beginning of married life, these are likely incompatible directions. Also July 7, 2007 really isn’t 777. In numerology, it really equals 7727 which results in 9, the number of radical changes and endings. Other numerologists aver saying that 7, despite its many other fine qualities, is not a particularly good number for relationships, and three sevens is just pure bad luck for your love life.

Expert advice
But what of other numerologists, what do they read into this important, once in a lifetime date? Noted numerologist Daniel Hardt told the New York Times that, “For most couples, this is not the most desirable wedding date for long-term bliss. The triple seven can lead to miscommunication. Interactions between the partners are likely to be strained.”

The true meaning of seven
Never mind that seven is a lonely analytical number that is spiritual and wants solitude, according to The Complete Idiots Guide to Numerology. “No other number likes so much time alone.” It is withdrawn and concealing opting for a spiritual world over a social one. Hmmm, it doesn’t sound like the best formula for a marriage. Only time will tell how this glut of newlyweds will fare, but one thing can be predicted with ease, they will pay a much higher price for their wedding day on this date – maybe even seven digits!

Bad day for a white wedding
Beyond it being an unfortunate wedding date for thousands of couples, 07/07/07, as it is usually written, can be a winning jackpot number in slot machines, and 7+7+7 is the winner in Black Jack. Perhaps some of the engaged couples in Vegas might want to opt for the slot machines over the wedding chapel. As one groom admitted, he wasn’t particularly superstitious, he simply wanted an easy date to remember as his anniversary.

The good news
In other schools of thought, some Christians profess that seven is the perfect, Godly number, the number of spiritual perfection – the number of Christ. They believe that to be married on this day is to be married under the hand of God (isn’t marriage itself thought to be a sacred act under God’s dominion on any day?). Those with pagan or Kabbalistic inclinations find 777 to be a perfect number indicating the Divine or God himself.

Whatever your beliefs, may you have a blessed day on 7/7/07 and beyond. And if you’re getting married, why not wait to do your vows until midnight and make it 7/8/07 just to be safe!

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