Your March Karma Horoscope

Karma is Shifting Gears

The cosmic taskmaster remains in probing Scorpio, not only asking the deepest existential questions, but forcing you to find the answers. But how will this affect your karma? Read on to find out what the ringed one (Saturn) has in store for you this month!

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Whatever setups you have in place may fall short this month, causing you to revisit your plan of attack. This is particularly applicable in money matters, according to your Karma Horoscope. You may need to make unexpected adjustments including creating an entirely new budget.


If you feel like you’re falling short in relationships (personal, platonic, romantic or professional) it may be time to consider any prejudices or predisposed notions you’re bringing to the situation. Odds are good they’re outdated.


Cooperation is the order of the month, Twins. Whether you’re working for yourself and your dreams, or as part of a team attempting to bring someone else’s vision to fruition, you’ll make it happen with flying colors.

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It may be hard to take time out to relax this month, Cancer. However, if you can find it in yourself to nurture at least a little bit of your need for self-care, the benefits will be outstanding.


As Saturn slogs through Scorpio, you’re continually being asked to face the music in life, for better and worse. If you remember that you made the decisions that got you here (and that you can change your position anytime) everyone will benefit.


Your Saturn experience continues to be focused on your point of view. How do you see the world? Moreover, how do you define truth? By now, you may be realizing there’s no such thing as an absolute.

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Your ability to be committed and disciplined feels as if it’s being tested. And no wonder! Saturn is forcing you to take a look at where you place your energies in relation to achieving your goals. Refocus if necessary!


Distraction is the devil’s way of pulling you off course, Stinger, but these days, you’re learning the art of focus. No one person can do all things all the time. You’re going to have to choose… but once you do, you will see results.


You’re putting in more work than you’re getting credit for and the hardest part of it is that the work you’re doing isn’t actually for yourself. Worry not, Archer. What goes around comes around and believe it or not, you, too, are growing from this.


The ringed one is giving you the ability to distinguish between necessity and enjoyment when it comes to the people whose company you keep. Surround yourself with those you savor, rather than those who feel like hard work.


Your job right now is to make your outside reflect your inside—or at least the inside you want to have. You’re in the process of growth and change, Water Bearer, but worry not. You will find the new normal you seek.

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Consistency and patience are they keys to self-awareness. You’re in the process of fashioning a new you out of the old one. That doesn’t mean you’re letting go of everything that has formed you. Rather, you’re shaping yourself as you see fit.

6 thoughts on “Your March Karma Horoscope

  1. Missy

    This was very hands on to what I am dealing with at this time. I am on the cusp so I am two signs and if you knew me you would see both in me. But both Aquarius and Pisces hit exactly on target for me. Yet helps me to see what to do also. Thank you for the very insightful words.

  2. C.Wright.Thru.

    Divine Spiritual infinite blessings of gratitude/love/light/prosperity/wellness/perfection to you S.K.Smith and all California Psychics (and forgiveness to self).

  3. linda

    thank you my reading but a would love to no more on my astrogy and numeolory it is very inported for as this moment kip up the the great work linda

  4. Barbara Davis

    I’m sorry but…the wording for Leo doesn’t make sense. The decisions I got here…where is here and how did I get them? Do you mean the decisions that I MADE here on this planet or???? I’m just going to take it as the decision I made in my life in thus existence.


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