How Not to Ruin Thanksgiving According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Celebrate Thanksgiving Peacefully

We’re blessed to have Thanksgiving Day each year to gather with loved ones we may not have been able to see for a long time, eat delicious food prepared especially for this day, and express gratitude for all the good in our lives.

But this holiday is sometimes met with dread. We do not always want to see some relatives or so-called friends. Because reasons. While everyone has the best intentions, sometimes arguments arise when diverse personalities get together.

We all have our limits. So, here’s how not to ruin Thanksgiving according to your zodiac sign. Please be sure to read the sun, moon, and rising signs of all those you are concerned about, including yours, for valuable clues to help keep Thanksgiving Day a time to look forward to with rejoicing.


Rams are ruled by the God of War, making them prone to pushing people’s buttons on controversial hot topics. This Thanksgiving, keep your hard-as-hooves fists in your pockets. Choose your words wisely and respect everyone’s opinions. Seriously. You don’t want to spend your holiday with sirens blaring and lights flashing on your doorstep, do you? Okay, it might be worth the risk considering some of the enraging family members you have to deal with, but focus instead on the fun you can make happen, because to paraphrase singer Kesha, the party don’t start ‘til you walk in!


Picture the Bull in stubborn mode, and it can be a little frightening: Arms crossed, teeth clenched, eyes staring straight ahead in deadly silence. Ugh. You’re sweet, peaceful, easy-going and can be a charmer, Bull. Present that version of yourself at dinner, and focus on enjoying your loved ones and the luscious meal at Thanksgiving time.


You love to get together with just about everybody to gab, gossip, and have great fun. You often turn any gathering into a group of delight with your gifts of intelligent conversation, hilarious repartees, and uplifting energy, Gemini. But some Mercury-ruled can get giddy with too much drinky-drink, and not everyone can imbibe with good results. Keep your wits about you, Twins, and remember that self-control is the friend of those who enjoy spirits.


You love to take care of people, Moon Child, and the kitchen is your natural domain in the home. You have your entire family at your beck and call thanks to your fantastic cuisine, which means that you could bring the whole day to a screeching halt if you felt so inclined. If you’re feeling a bit cranky or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to call in a favor or two to get everything done on time, sweet Crab. Everyone’s entitled to a bad day or two, but you know you love your family more than anything, and Thanksgiving only comes around once a year.


Here’s the thing, Leo. You know that when you get hangry, you can get snappy and mean, and Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that can’t be rushed. So rather than taking that fact out on your relatives, put yourself in charge of the h’orderves. Everyone knows that Leos have impeccable taste. And, who knows? More than just your own temper may be curbed this way.


You have a fabulous eye for detail, Virgo, but for goodness’ sake, keep that persnickety of yours under wraps. Rather than picking everything apart, get in touch with your family and find out who’s doing what, who has dietary restrictions that need to be taken care of, then start delegating. No one does plans and details like you, Virgin, everybody knows that. It could make all the difference between everyone in the family having something nice to say about the evening, and one too many snide comments that starts the real fighting off.


While you prefer peace, you have a hard time avoiding conflict Libra. There’s no beauty in a black eye, whether it’s given or received, yet you can’t seem to help arguing every dissenter into the ground with ferocious logic. You could make the world’s best lawyers lose self-confidence with your verbally violent propensity of going for the jugular, but Thanksgiving Day is hardly the time or place for that. Remember Libra, you’re the charmer of the zodiac, and can just as easily calm the waters of an argument as stir them up. Wear your charm like perfume on Thanksgiving, and the day will be wonderful.


We all understand Scorpion. Everyone has that one relative that they hate with a passion. But murder is messy and has terrible consequences for the perpetrator. Instead, indulge your lust for the sensual by nom-nomming on the yummy food, and take your revenge by diverting all of your family’s attention onto you. You have plenty of fascinating things that you love to share, your family will be truly entertained, and that one relative won’t get any attention at all. What better revenge could you ask for?


Let us be direct: Some Archers may need to rein in their blunt tongues. Physical bruises might heal, but words last forever. Please don’t announce how dumb, idiotic, or moronic you think your relative is, even if they, well, are. They’ll never forget it and might not be able to forgive you. Ever. Why cause a lifetime of distrust, animosity, and hurt feelings? Use your quiver of verbal arrows to shoot love and kindness to others, even if some of the characters at your table don’t deserve it. You deserve the peace and harmony you’ll help create.


You work hard. You love what money can do to help create a better life, especially your own, but please remember that not everyone has the capacity to earn as much money as you do. Try to resist the temptation to brag about that huge sum in your bank account, or that magnificent mattress you just spent five Gs on, or your fancy new car that cost a gazillion bucks. Those Goats who gleefully give in to such braggadocios behavior often find themselves the recipients of icy stares and sudden stand-offish behaviors. Everyone knows you’re amazing Capricorn. Why not try finding out how impressive other members of your family are? Or better yet, passing on some of your hard-earned tips?


Please do not discuss politics of any stripe, Water-Bearer. You might be able to remain friendly, dispassionate, and cool as a cucumber while accepting others’ differences with equanimity and calm, but others might not have your talent to do the same. In fact, some family and friends seem like they’re looking for a fight, as if almost deliberately misreading your friendly intentions, much to your shock and dismay. Instead, sprinkle some sugar in the sweet soul water you pour out by avoiding painful topics, and watch how people drink you in with delight.


Dealing with idiots, or, er, um, certain family members, can test the patience of a saint, but if…okay, let’s be serious, when you encounter them, please don’t dive into your inner underwater cave or hide in a darkened corner all night, sweet Fishies. The more caring folks at the gathering will notice and feel bad. You deserve to celebrate joy, happiness, and delightful fulfillment on Thanksgiving as much as everyone else does. So when the misery-makers float your way, use your lovely fins to swim off toward those who make you feel blissful.

How Not to Ruin Thanksgiving According to Your Zodiac Sign infographic | California Psychics

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