Numerology: Why 2017 is a Year for New Beginnings

A New Year and a Clean Slate

In numerology, the Universe runs on a nine-year cycle, each known as a Universal year. Each year in a nine-year cycle has its own special meaning, but no year holds more positive energy or promise than a one Universal year. 2017 is a one Universal year and the start of a brand new cycle. How exciting! Who doesn’t love a fresh start or a new beginning? In a one Universal year, we set the tone for the entire nine-year cycle ahead. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why 2017 is a year for new beginnings.

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Amplified Energy

In numerology, we have a Personal year which is based on our birthdays, and a Universal years that applies to everyone which is based on the year itself. Both Personal and Universal years run on a nine-year cycle. The way we know that 2017 is a one Universal year is by adding 2+0+1+7 = 10; 1+0 = 1. And although we reduce both Personal and Universal years to a single digit in numerology, it’s important to note that the “one” in this case was derived from a 10 (2+0+1+7 = 10). In numerology, double-digit numbers have their own special quality and 10 is basically a one on steroids.

A 10/1 Vibration

Some power words with a 10/1 vibration are: Vitality, Spirit and Discipline. In the Tarot, the number 10 card in the major arcana is the Wheel of Fortune. This suggests good luck, karmic energy and a turning point. The Wheel of Fortune card has many symbols on it, including the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, expansion, opportunity and growth.

Also, if 2017 is a one Personal year for you, your energy will be amplified and supercharged. However, everyone can benefit from the amazing energy of a one Universal year.

New Beginnings in a Brand New Cycle

Both the Universal and Personal years in numerology follow the basic Gregorian calendar we all follow; the year starts in January and ends in December. However, in numerology, residual energy from the previous year can carry over into the year that follows, giving the new Universal year time to take hold. The year 2016 was a nine year and the last year in a nine-year cycle. It’s a time to get rid of clutter, junk, situations and even relationships that are no longer serving your higher good. This purge of unproductive energy allows you to make room for new beginnings and the fresh energy we all look forward to, especially in a one year.

Because one multiplied by any other number does not change that number, your Personal Year will be of utmost importance during a one Universal year. Your Personal year will take the lead in your life, but the undercurrent is that of fresh starts, innovation and doing things with more confidence than in other years.

A Source Year

In numerology, a one year is a source year. It’s the force that shapes the years that follow in a nine-year cycle. It’s a time for planting the seeds that grow and produce in the years to come. The one energy is somewhat masculine in nature. It is fair but also exacting. There will be times this year when all is not peachy keen; the number one year is about triumphs and victory but most of all fairness. The energy is one that is determined to meet its goals despite obstacles and interruptions. The creation energy of a one Universal year makes 2017 a year for new beginnings, and it gives us the very real opportunity to turn our dreams into real situations.

2 thoughts on “Numerology: Why 2017 is a Year for New Beginnings

  1. Amanda

    I’m a believer in the stars and wind. … if that makes sence I turn to the trees alOt for answers and watch for there branches or leaves to blow. I’m a single mom of 2 amazing children and work very hard for 19 years now at the same job as a dental assistant …. I just wish I knew my favorite number has always been 7 or 11 2017 has both.

  2. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Hi LJ,
    Thank you for your wisdom regarding the energy of the 1 year.
    It also gives us the ability to be free thinking.


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