October Forecast

Love and lust are the focus now as multiple planets make their way through twosome-oriented Libra and sexy Scorpio. To start off, the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra favor cooperation, negotiation and resolving issues with your significant other. It also emphasizes finding a balanced perspective. Then Mars teams up with Venus when it transits into Scorpio on October 3, 2008. If you’ve been craving some passion that’s deep and complicated, you got it! Just watch out for the Scorpio challenges of jealousy, secrecy and control.

Flirting accelerates
Venus transiting into flirtatious, carefree Sagittarius on October 18 will lighten up love considerably. It may also bring out your wanderlust because Sag rules travel. Being the sign of prophesy means it’s time to clarify what you want in the future regarding your relationship. Look for love while traveling, taking a class or participating in a spiritual activity.

Mercury turns direct
After three weeks of creating chaos in communications, paperwork and travel, Mercury turns direct on October 15. Now you can initiate your plans without fear of having to backtrack over what you’ve already said or done.

Lunar magic
The Full Moon in Aries on October 14 illuminates the struggle between personal desires and partnership goals. Sun in Libra says, it’s all about balance. Then the New Moon in Scorpio on October 28 brings a new cycle of energy, especially for shared finances, intimate trysts and exploring all things mysterious (including love!). Scorpio can accelerate your ambition, so access your passion and go for your dreams.

Planetary highlights

October 3: Mars entering Scorpio energizes passion and accelerates the drive to succeed.

October 6: Sun conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter energizes communications and travel. Optimism is heightened but exaggerations abound as well.

October 9: Venus trine Uranus electrifies love-at-first-sight encounters and spontaneous trysts. It also brings artistic inspiration.

October 11: Venus square Neptune casts an aura of idealism over love, but can cause disillusionment because of overlooked relationship issues. Stay grounded!

October 14: The Full Moon in Aries energizes personal goals, which may be at odds with the needs of your significant other. Focus on cooperation and compromise.

October 14: Sun trine Neptune favors meditation, imagination, spiritual endeavors and getting in touch with your inner artist.

October 15: Mercury turning direct untangles communications and allows plans to move forward, without the backtracking that occurred over the past three weeks.

October 18: Venus entering Sagittarius heightens light-hearted encounters and favors travel for pleasure. It also favors meeting someone special during a trip, class or spiritual activity.

October 22: The Sun entering Scorpio can heighten your passion and desire for personal fulfillment. It favors investigations, financial partnerships and exploring your sexuality.

October 26: Mercury square Jupiter accelerates communications, but check for accuracy when discussing proposals and signing documents.

October 28: The New Moon in Scorpio brings a new cycle of focused energy to your activities. It can also bring up relationship issues that need to be resolved.

October 29: Mercury trine Neptune accelerates imaginative thinking, intuition and artistry. Just be sure to check the facts.

October 31: Mars trine Uranus favors unconventional plans, actions and solutions. Think (and act) outside the box.

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