Sex Tips for the Solstice

Boy, is it cold outside – and dark. But if you’re in the mood for love (or sex), the Winter Solstice is a great opportunity. The shortest day of the year is also the longest night! Use nature’s gift of extended darkness as an opportunity to engage your other senses and you can ensure that it will be the steamiest, too.

Let there be… dark!
Let’s face it, we’re all visual creatures, and eyesight is a key component of sex. However, we don’t need to see the person we’re with in order to experience them, truly… In fact, there are plenty of non-visual ways to get by in bed. In fact, one of the quickest ways to enhance your pleasure is to add an element of mystery. What better way for that than the cover that darkness provides? Let your secret sexual fantasies unravel under the blanket of night. Leave off all electric light this evening in favor of candles. Just be careful – it’s going to be an extended evening. As such, tea lights or the glass encased variety that go out on their own are probably the best if you plan to fan the flames of ecstasy.

Sounds of sex
Aural pleasure is rarely overlooked in conceptualizing seduction – but it’s not always used to its fullest either. Whether your tastes lean toward the classics of seduction (in this case Al Green, Marvin Gaye), the dramatic (say a resounding opera or the popular pounding pulse of Nine Inch Nails), or the sultry (be it jazz or hip swinging Afro-Cuban beats or house music). In addition to a carefully chosen song selection, a night like this is prime for raising the bar. Consider that you may want different soundtracks for different rooms (particularly effective if you light a path to yourself – direct or more maze-like – for your lover to travel). Remember that the music you choose will dictate the mood – even more so than usual in this heightened atmosphere.

Smell is the sense that attracts… likewise, scent can do a lot to set a scene for seduction. On that note, you’ll want to consider the aroma you choose for this evening’s activities. Studies say men find vanilla (and other sweet scents reminiscent of baking) seductive. Women are thought to find rose appealing. Whatever you choose, find the appropriate incense or aromatherapy oils to set the scene. Or if you do go the candle route, why not choose the scented variety?

Tastes of pleasure
Sexual encounters often begin with a kiss. Our mouths connect us – in more ways than one – and as such it’s no wonder that the power of food as a tool of seduction cannot be understated. Whether it’s warm, melted chocolate poured on body parts or luscious strawberries hand-fed to our lover’s lips, the culinary arts have long been incorporated into steamy sex. Plus, a little aphrodisiac (whether due to actual chemical properties or the power of suggestion), goes a long way. So be carnally creative!

Make you the final course
Dust powders in a flavor your lover will love (for someone with a sweet tooth you can even try a thin layer of powdered sugar)! Some massage oils also specify being edible (you may be surprised at just how delicious some of the floral ones can taste), and even a shared sip of wine (though not too much or your night may be cut short), can help you make the most of your mouths as a pleasure center.

Feel your way…
Lastly, the sense of touch – how you experience whatever comes into contact with your skin – is the true basis of pleasure. Sadly, it’s also the most often overlooked in our hurried, result-oriented lives. But The Winter Solstice is no night for rushing (read: no quickies allowed!). Every inch of both of your bodies should get their due… and with the proper attention to detail, they will.

Especially provocative (in light of the darkness) are luxe fabrics – particularly those which will feel good on the skin. If the bedroom is your playground du jour, mix up the standard cotton bedding textures to include silky fabrics, faux suede, fur or possibly flannel. Velvet, feathers, latex, you name it – give it a go (on your bed or on your body)! Also consider heat (a sip of hot tea) and cold (an ice cube) and where one (or both) might cause a stir… Imagine the possibilities.

However you slice it, if daring is your raison d’Ítre, tonight’s your night to shine.

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