What Is Numerology & How Does It Work?

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What Is Numerology?

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, believed reality was made up of mathematical processes and that everything could be explained by numbers, each of which carries its own vibration. He ultimately created the Pythagorean system, which is also known as Western Numerology.

Think of numerology as part of the Universe’s mathematical code. It allows us to understand these numerical vibrations, capturing the truth of our essence and translating it into numbers.

When you tap into numerology and unlock these vibrations, you can gain insight into your personality, struggles, highest work, and life’s purpose. It can help you discover the foundational truths of who you are and why you’re here.

The Pythagorean system is the most popular form of numerology used today. In the Pythagorean system, each letter in the alphabet has a numerical value from one to nine, and these can be used for any name or set of numbers.

Two other prominent systems are Chaldean Numerology and Kabbalah Numerology. The Chaldean system originated in Ancient Babylon, and it calculates only your current name (not your birth name) based on alphabetical order, including no numbers under nine. The Kabbalah system has its origins in Hebrew culture, but it only translates names and not dates, making it less popular.

Why Get a Numerology Reading?

You are one of a kind, and while a numerology book may give you the basics, a psychic intuits the energy of the numbers that describe you, with your Life Path Number being the most important. This opens a portal for the psychic to see further into your soul and translate your unique energies through these numbers. Psychics can also help you understand why certain numbers jump out at you, allowing you to discern what Spirit is trying to tell you.

Each number has a baseline meaning, but it takes intuition to discern how it affects you personally. One person’s “5” Life Path may have very different energy than someone else’s. As such, while a quick search online can give you all of your core numbers as described below, you may want to look for a psychic to help you understand exactly what they mean for you.

Important Numbers in Numerology

Though your Life Path Number is the most important overall, it’s not the only thing that you should keep an eye out for.

Angel/Repeating Numbers

For instance, if you repeatedly see a pattern of numbers, such as 77, 999, 1111, among many other possibilities, then you are seeing an Angel Number. These occur when your angels and guides are trying to communicate with you. The Universe may be sending you comfort, validation, or even a warning. Here are some examples of what these number patterns might mean:

Pattern of 1s: New beginnings are at hand. Manifest!

Pattern of 2s: You will find healing by balancing your life.

Pattern of 3s: You are having fun, but it’s time to focus on your life’s purpose and make important decisions.

Pattern of 4s: Believe in yourself. The foundation you’re building is worthwhile.

Pattern of 5s: Big changes are coming, and they are for your highest good.

Pattern of 6s: Practice more love and kindness. Stop being so hard on yourself and others.

Pattern of 7s: Fear not, for you are being spiritually guided and looked after.

Pattern of 8s: The Universe sees how hard you work and will reward your mighty efforts.

Pattern of 9s: Step into your best and highest self. Be ready for something new in your life.

Master Numbers in Numerology

According to author Alice Kelly, the “numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered the only Master Numbers in numerology since these numbers are made up of 1, 2, and 3, respectively. These numbers make up the Triangle of Enlightenment.”

Master Numbers come with great strength and power, but they also come with larger challenges. If you have these numbers in your chart, here’s what they might mean:

11 is Intuition. You are the Master Intuitive, and you came here to use your intuitive psychic powers to inspire others. You are sensitive to Spirit and to psychic vibrations. Trust what you sense. You are a creative visionary. Avoid overthinking and don’t allow yourself to lose faith.

22 is Manifestation. You are the Master Builder, and you are meant to live in your power to build up people, places, and things. You can make your dreams real. It is important for you to remember that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Avoid being too hard on yourself and pushing yourself or others too far.

33 is Guidance. You are the Master Teacher, and you are a powerful guide and healer. You have spiritually evolved energy. Your power is Love, and you are here to use your loving kindness for the greater good of all. You need to avoid being too judgmental and critical of yourself and others.

The Numerology Core Numbers

To find your Numerology Core Numbers, choose a numerology chart (such as the Pythagorean chart) that links numbers to the different letters of the alphabet, then follow the instructions below.

Life Path Number: Finding your Life Path Number is easy. Just add up the numbers in your birthday, including the month, day, and year. It’s important that you treat your birth date as a bunch of single digit numbers. So, for instance, someone born on November 13 would do “1+1+1+3” and so on, including the year. If you get a double-digit number as your total, add the two numerals together to get a single digit. This is your path number. (Never reduce or combine the Master Numbers 11, 22, or 33.) Your Life Path Number reveals your identity and core self.

Birthday Number: Finding this number is simple. Just use the day you were born! These numbers can range from 1 to 31. (Reduce double digits by adding them together to get a single digit, again with the exception of Master Numbers.) For example, if you were born on the fifth day of the month, you will just use five as your Birthday Number. If you were born on June 28, you would add 2+8 to get 10. Then, if you add 1+0 together, you get 1, making your Birthday Number 1. In addition to showing you who you are as a person, your Birthday Number tells you about your unique characteristics as a child and the traits that you’re comfortable having within yourself.

Destiny/Expression Number: Derived from all the letters in your full birth name, this number reflects your true inner self. To find it, write your full birth name out, then use your chosen numerology chart to give each letter a number. Finally, start adding them together: add your first name up to its numerical total, then your middle name (if you have one), and then your last name. Now add the three totals together, reduce it to a single digit if necessary, and voilà! You have your Destiny/Expression number. This number reveals who you want to be, along with your abilities and personal goals. It will also show you your shortcomings so you can overcome them.

Soul’s Urge/Heart’s Desire: This number reveals your inner desires and what your soul longs for. You can find it by writing out your full name like you would when finding your Destiny/Expression Number above. However, this time, just add up the vowels in each of your names. Total up the resulting numbers and reduce that total to a single digit if necessary. The numeral you’re left with will be your Soul’s Urge/Heart’s Desire Number. This number can help you understand your deepest wants, needs, and motivations, as well as your inner cravings, your likes and dislikes, and even your own actions.

Personality Number: This number helps you see the aspects of your character that you show to others — the parts that you want the world to see. It can also help you understand how others view you and learn which types of people you allow to approach you. To find this number, follow the instructions in the Destiny/Expression Number section above. However, once you write out your full birth name, this time you should only add up the consonants of your first, middle, and last names. From there, add the totals together, then combine and reduce as necessary. That’s your Personality Number!

Power Number: Also known as the Goal/Reality Number, this number helps you discover the strength, potency, and energy of your character and life. To find your Power Number, simply add up your Life Path Number and your Destiny/Expression number. If your Power Number adds up to either 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99, be aware that these numbers carry extra potency. Though not technically Master Numbers, these double-digit numbers are very powerful indeed. You can reduce them to a single digit, but be aware that it will have a higher octave than other single digits. As you get older, you will feel the resonance of your Power Number grow within you. When it reaches its full energy, your outlook on life will change for the positive. It will give you the firepower and drive you need to reach the goals you desire and create the reality you want.

Attitude Number: Your Attitude Number is also called your Sun Number. This is the number that describes the energy you give off and the way others perceive you, especially at first glance. You can find your Attitude Number by adding your birth day and birth month together. As always, reduce it to a single digit if necessary. Be warned that others’ perceptions of you may be nothing like who you truly are on the inside. Luckily, knowing your Attitude Number can help you make adjustments if you want to change how you’re perceived.

Numerology Offers Insight

By learning about your soul’s essence and life’s purpose through numerology, you are giving yourself an invaluable and life-changing gift. There are many elements of numerology that you can learn and calculate on your own. However, if there are any details that you’re uncertain of, or if you want a more tailored analysis of how your numbers apply to you specifically, a Numerology Psychic can provide insight.

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