What Is Vedic Astrology?

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The Roots of Vedic Astrology

While many people use the word “astrology” as a blanket term, it’s actually a practice and field composed of many different systems, with Western astrology being the most common form in English-speaking countries. One other system that is used slightly less in Western countries, despite being equally prominent and influential, is Vedic astrology. Each of these two forms has its own insights and strengths, and both can be quite accurate. In fact, they can actually be used together to gather more useful information about your life than you’d get with one alone.

“Vedic” means sacred knowledge or insight. It has its roots in four Sanskrit religious texts written in ancient India, called the Vedas. The Vedas encompass subjects such as yoga, meditation, philosophy, healing, and astrology, and they are intended to support adherents in finding joy, peace, and fulfillment in life. The earliest writings are thought to be from more than 5,000 years ago. Bhrigu, considered the father of Vedic astrology, is believed to have written most of these scriptures.

The Difference Between Western and Vedic Astrology

There are several key differences between Western and Vedic astrology. For instance, Western astrology is a tropical system, which means that it’s focused on the sun and the seasons. However, Vedic astrology is sidereal, so it’s focused on the moon and stars — including fixed stars and constellations.

Likewise, Western astrology is focused on psychological understanding, including the ego, with the sun, moon, and rising signs being major players. In contrast, Vedic astrology is focused on your spiritual journey, which includes karma, dharma, and your life path. It can also be very helpful with timing events throughout your life.

Both Western and Vedic astrology contain the 12 zodiac signs and use the 12-house system, but the positions of the planets are measured differently within them. They stay fixed in Western astrology but are constantly moving in the Vedic system. Around 2,000 years ago, these two systems overlapped, but due to the precession of the equinoxes, which only the Vedic system takes into account, there is now about 23-24 degrees of difference between the two — nearly an entire zodiac sign’s worth. It will continue moving, but fortunately, this movement is very slow. Nearly a century must pass for a star to move just one degree. Still, these varying methods of course affect how astrology charts are read in each system.

Vedic Astrology Signs and Placements

Thanks to their different forms of measurement, someone who is an Aries in Western astrology could become a Pisces in Vedic astrology. In fact, all your placements can be in signs that differ from what they are in Western astrology. This difference does not invalidate what you know about your current sign, but it can add more depth to your understanding of who you are. Perhaps you are a Gemini, but you’ve always felt more like a pleasure-loving Taurus. Looking at the two systems (and any differences in sign) together is a great way to enrich your inner knowledge and reconcile these seeming inconsistencies.

Aries: Mesha (April 13–May 14)

Taurus: Vrishaba (May 15–June 14)

Gemini: Mithuna (June 15–July 14)

Cancer: Karkata (July 15–August 14)

Leo: Simha (August 15–September 15)

Virgo: Kanya (September 16–October 15)

Libra: Tula (October 16–November 14)

Scorpio: Vrishchika (November 15–December 14)

Sagittarius: Dhanus (December 15–January 13)

Capricorn: Makara (January 14–February 11)

Aquarius: Kumbha (February 12–March 12)

Pisces: Meena (March 13–April 12)

Deepen Your Self-Understanding With Vedic Astrology

Your Vedic placements provide particular insight into the laws of karma in relation to you, why you do what you do, and the effects of your actions on others. It will include the other people in your life and your connection to them. It will explore what causes certain struggles in your life and how you can surmount it through your spiritual development. Additionally, Vedic astrology will help you understand what you’ve been conditioned to do, how you can become more aware of those patterns, and how you can free yourself from them if desired.

Thanks to their differences, the two astrological systems complement each other. If you want a greater inner understanding of yourself and your loved ones, Western astrology is especially accurate and helpful. If you want to understand your karma, dharma, and reason for being here, Vedic astrology is particularly useful. It can also provide hints as to the timing of future events and even give perspective that might help you live a more karmically blessed life.

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  1. Shelley

    I would like to see what my horoscope is using this meathod to determine it. My DOB is Aug 14, 1955 I was born on a Sunday at 9:30 amPlease send me my free chart.

  2. Shelley

    I would like to see what my horoscope is using this meathod to determine it. My DOB is Aug 14, 1955, I was born on a Sunday at 9:30 am , Please send me my free chart.

  3. Robynn

    I would also like to know what Vedic Astrology has to say about my Birthdate. It’s December 7, 1964
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    My Time of Birth was 10:10 am., and I was born premature at 26 weeks Gestation.

    Could you Please help me by telling me what it means for me. I think I should be an Ophiucus. Nothing in Western Astrology seems to fit me. Please Help.

    Thank You Kindly,


  4. Robynn

    I would also like to know what Vedic Astrology has to say about my Birthdate. It’s December 7, 1964
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Could you Please help me by telling me what it means for me. I think I should be an Ophiucus.

    Thank You Kindly,


  5. Trisha

    I would like to see what my horoscope is using this meathod to determine it. My DOB is May 1, 1964 I was born on a Friday at 12:46 pm Please send me my free chart.


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