Your Winter Solstice Horoscope by Element

Winter Solstice Horoscope by Element

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21, 2015 marks the official first day of winter and the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. What affects one sign in your element can affect all signs in your element during the Winter Solstice. Be sure to read everyone’s horoscope, whether your element is fire, earth, air or water, to see what’s possible for you.

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Fire Signs: Warmth, closeness and comfort provide a solid home life.


The Winter Solstice won’t be chilly. In fact your world will be filled with warmth and maybe even a little romantic heat. Feel the pull of forward motion in your sign. It’s the beginning of a fast-moving winter. You’ll have little time to ponder, so if it feels right, just go for it.


December is an active month for you, Leo. So, when the shortest day of the year comes around, you may start to feel that staying in and cuddling up with loved ones is an inviting idea. However, if you choose to venture out, bring extra cash as you may also be in the mood to spend.


Thanks to the Full Moon in Cancer during the week of the Winter Solstice, money matters will be your focus. Fortunately, you seem to have more coming in than going out, or alternatively, you may be finding your fortune through recognition for your talents.

Earth Signs: Taking a lighter, brighter approach allows for creative expansion.


Travel could be in your Winter Solstice Horoscope, so make sure you leave early enough to avoid bothersome delays. As for what’s been weighing on you, maybe it’s time to let it go and get in the spirit of joy and acceptance instead.


The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of brighter days for you, both literally and figuratively. Saturn, Neptune and the Cancerian Full Moon will all help you see things in a new light with a hopeful, goal-oriented twist.


As the Sun enters your sign on the Winter Solstice, you can feel things picking up. It’s not that they’ve been slow, but now the major focus switches from career to social events or maybe a mix of both. These are the moments you live for.

Air Signs: Slow down and make time for love. The world won’t pass you by.


A semi-forced slowdown starts right at the Winter Solstice. You’re feeling the effects of your ruling planet’s retrograde in January. If you want to keep moving along, just make sure all things mechanical and technical are working properly. Still, home seems loving and inviting too, huh?


You ring in the Winter Solstice with your usual creative flair. You feel renewed and ready for what’s next, so don’t hold back. Neptune and the Full Moon’s influence will bring a wave of romance and inspiration. It’s a wonderful way to welcome in winter.


So much is happening in December you can hardly remember a crazier time. While the chance to travel may tempt you, you seem to want to usher in the Winter Solstice close to home. Life, work and romance all speed up. It’s about time.

Water Signs: Fluidity to life is achieved as waves of success and romance surround you.


The Winter Solstice marks the end of just pushing through. With the entrance of winter comes a wave of recognition, a dash of relaxation and a return to inspiration. The empowering Winter Solstice gets a bigger boost from the Cancer Full Moon.


As the Winter Solstice approaches, any tensions brought about by work or coworkers will quickly pass if you keep your cool. Besides, Venus is having fun in your first house and she’ll tempt you to join in the festivities. The Cancerian Full Moon adds to love and attraction.


Just as you’re thinking what a great career year it’s been, the Winter Solstice ushers in a new season and another year of success. Be proud. You’ll continue to work hard, but accolades make it sweet. Both romantic and family relationships take on new depths of endearing emotion.

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