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Zodiac Signs as Movie Monsters

Zodiac Signs as Movie Monsters | California Psychics

Zodiacs on the Silver Screen

We all have a dark side, just ask Darth Vader. He’ll confirm this, right before he Force chokes you. While most of us do our best to be good and decent people, what if we decided to be bad? And I mean wicked. Well, grab your popcorn, curl up on your couch with a blanket to hide under, because you’re about to be terrified. For a real scare, read both your sun and rising signs to see who each zodiac sign would be in a horror film.

Aries: Devil

Who better to create and move through the fires of Hell than the fiery Ram? All they want is your soul. They won’t bargain over it, either. In fact, they can be impulsive and headstrong about getting it, even if they have to batter you with their horns until you give them what they want.

Taurus: Zombie

The Bull loves to eat and will be steadfast about getting their food. Even if the food is you. Tough and terrifyingly persistent, they will shamble after you and wear you down until they catch you. They’ll ignore your screams while they devour your flesh, chunk after bloody chunk.

Gemini: Werewolf  

Gentle by day, they rip people’s throats out by night. Yep, those are the Twins in evil action. They are keenly aware that during each Full Moon they will transform into a howling, growling wolf-like beast, their sparkling charm replaced with wildly murderous intent. They feel helpless and horrified that they cannot stop their malevolent side from taking over.

Cancer: Jack O’ Lantern

They may appear to be hardcore with their carved-out Crab faces eerily lit from within, but they are mushy on the inside. They can even be nurturing if their innards are scooped out and their tender flesh eaten. But beware, any Jack O’ Lantern you grab could be the lost head of the Headless Horseman. He’s still looking for it. Don’t let him find you or his next head might be yours.

Leo: Wicked Witch

Every witch from Maleficent to the Wicked Witch of the West knows how to command your full attention as they fill you with paralyzing terror. The Lion Witch will cast their black magic spell on you as they roar and cackle with maniacal glee, turning you into their living scratching post.

Virgo: Mummy

Only the fastidious Virgin would enjoy having his full body wrapped in protective bandages. His powers enable him to control you to do his carefully planned evil bidding. If he wishes for your death, you will die. Worse yet, if he loves you, he will turn you into a mummy too.

Libra: Ghost

Librans want to balance their scales with companionship, even after they’re dead. They will come visiting you whenever, and wherever, they like. If you hurt their feelings by running into the night screaming, they might get so mad they’ll turn into a poltergeist and throw things to maim or kill you. They can hold a grudge, so moving won’t help you. They will follow you.

Scorpio: Black Cat

The Scorpion Black Cat is misunderstood and deeply feared, but they can be a loving and loyal familiar, unless they deem you to be some kind of rodent. Then they will lock onto you with their mesmerizing eyes as they glide into position to pounce on you. You can be sure that they will always catch you and ruthlessly tear you into bloody shreds with their needle-sharp claws and powerful fangs.

Sagittarius: Frankenstein’s Monster

This monster really gets around. He wanders everywhere on foot like a Centaur and has a penchant for graveyards. He wants to make friends, but he is hideously blunt about getting them. He will kill you without a care if you get in his way, or if you reject him. Then he will bring down the house and crush you to death.

Capricorn: Alien

The Goat Alien knows what they want, and they will get it, no matter what. If they view you as their enemy, this sneaky and oh-so-smart creature will stalk you until they corner you and brutally kill you. They are scarily clever and even use their acid blood as a defense mechanism. They are practical and thorough and have many ways to destroy you, one of them by plunging their inner jaws into your skull and ripping out your brain.

Aquarius: Dracula

All he wants is your love. And to fill his former Water-Bearer body with your blood. This vamping vampire knows how to magnetize you with his eyes and draw you to him. You’ll be so enchanted you might not even notice when he sinks his razor-sharp fangs into your neck. To him, this is just his love bite.

Pisces: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Disturb the Fish’s dream state at your peril. Seemingly peaceful as they float in their deep pool, they’re ready to defend their watery bed by bloody murder if necessary. If they decide they want you, they will snatch you up and dive underwater holding you tight as they swim to their secret dark cavern. Do your best to hold your breath, because you might not make it back.

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