Attract Your Destiny

What’s the best way to manifest – to ask the universe for what you need? We asked our psychics for their opinion, and got some excellent replies:

Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 offers practical experiments to try: “I write a ‘want ad’ with details of what I want, whether it is a home, a vehicle, or a boyfriend. I will write it up on a beautiful piece of paper, and put a nice ribbon and bow on it after I roll it up. Then I place it somewhere I will see it often, and every time I see it, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and ask the universe to ‘hear my prayer.’ I then focus on the ribboned scroll, sending my energies ‘through’ it, up and out into the universe. This really works for me. I used this to find my apartment, my truck, and my job… next I’ll be working on my love life!”

“Literally paint a picture, either physically or mentally,” adds Psychic Ariel ext. 9775. “Next, it’s important to put an action to it. (Is he walking towards me? Is that gentleman smiling at my paintings?) The next step is the best – to surround the scene you’ve created with pink light, the heart light. I then send this little picture up in a bubble, or a balloon, up, up into the sky. I believe that in this way we are telling the universe that we have faith. This can actually be a really fun exercise, if we can take the time to be in the moment as we create our ideal relationship, career, or whatever we want.

“Another way I’ve used is to draw a favorite scene. I’ve done this several times with great success. It’s also great to include a spiritual symbol or picture within the scene. I feel that is quite essential to the manifestation. Lastly, put a spiritual disclaimer such as ‘for the good of all, to harm none…’”

What’s your favorite way to manifest?

4 thoughts on “Attract Your Destiny

  1. Alberto

    Yaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! well versed with these maitrmony portals. It was hard work when my friend n I got started to look for a prospective bride for him. But, haan we didn’t think on the lines up there but believe me it’s painful process however, results are delightful..he successfully found a like-minded girl n ho gayi shaadi

  2. shal8

    Great article! what has worked best for me is just spending some quiet time to really think about and listen to myself about what it is I really want. And then I write it all down visualizing it feeling the feeling of joy and happiness as I am describing what I want. I thank God/dess and my Angels for giving to me what I have asked for and then I put the piece of paper on a plate and light little candles on the piece of paper usually green candle for money and financial stability, red or pink for love etc and let the candle burn all the way down it usually burns a hole on the paper too and then once the candle is burned all the way down I burn the paper and scatter the ashes in my garden or sometimes just let the wind carry it away, whichever way feels right to you. Also, I have come to realize that no matter what dont doubt that your desires wont come true believe it truly, have faith and most of all trust in God/dess and our Angels. One example of this trust and belief is when I was looking for an apartment 2 years ago, I wrote down that I wanted a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, washer/dryer included nice safe neighborhood apartment and I was only willing to pay $1200 for it. All the listings showed what I was looking for was going for $1450 minimum. I was so tempted at times to change my requirements just because of reality but my inner voice kept telling me not to change it and to trust. And I did I trusted and a few months before I was due to move I called an apartment building that I really liked and lo and behold they were having a special for new tenants, $1095 a month with the first month free! the apartment had 2 big bedrooms with 2 baths, washer/dryer in the apartment, great neighborhood close to my sons school! they even had a garage for me to store my things for $70! So for $1165 I got everything I wanted and have lived happily at my place for the past 2 years! So my Angels came thru for me and saved me some money!! Thus is the power of believe and trust. You just have to be true to yourself and Ask!!!

    Love, Shal

  3. balancedesires

    I learned to make dream books which is a great thing to do with kids too! Get a bunch of magazines, paper, a cheap paper binder, glue sticks, scissors, glitter, markers, crayons, etc. Sit on the floor & thumb through the magazines & cut out pictures, phrases, words that seem to jump at you making a pile as you do this. Once you have completed this, sometimes it takes about a couple hours, your cut outs will seem to come together for you! Glue them onto your paper & if you are with people when you do it, share your book with others. When you speak about everything within it, you are saying out loud to your mind & the universe, this is what you desire. Look at your book everyday! I swear at least 1 to 3 things come within a few months of doing these! Have fun! 🙂 Balance & Fuzzies

  4. velvetoversteel

    Great advice and tips, everyone! That is so true about the saying you want something and then complaining about those that have it or having preconceived notions. Like wanting to be a manager at work, but complaining that ‘all’ the manager are bad, or believing they all did something unethical to get their positions. I see that one quite often.

    I write out and think about what I want to manifest already. However you all made some great points in the post. Going to try the ‘want ad’ idea for sure! Thank you all for the contributions to a very helpful post!



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