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Best Crystals for Manifestation | California Psychics

Manifest Good into Your Life

Manifesting good in every area of our lives is a continual quest for many of us, whether it’s for better finances, good health, love, knowledge, power, or just greater joy and happiness, so here are some of the best crystals for manifestation. If you’ve read California Psychic’s other articles on crystals used for manifesting, you’ll know that Clear Quartz is the master manifester and healer, and Rose Quartz is the master love attractor. In this article we focus a little more on other crystals that help with manifesting things like financial blessings, business success, and other material world prizes, but each crystal can be used to manifest any good thing into your life, be it physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional.

Tiger’s Eye

A lyric in the song “Eye of the Tiger” perfectly expresses the gold and black energy of this mystical gemstone: “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…” Tiger’s Eye is your “Go-Get-It” crystal. Use it when you have your eye on a prize you want to win.

Also known as the “All-Seeing, All-Knowing Eye,” Tiger’s Eye is believed to enhance courage, attract wealth, and bring good luck. It is aligned with the Root (or Base) first chakra for survival and grounding, the Sacral (or Navel) second chakra for desire and physical power, and the Solar Plexus (or Stomach) third chakra, which is the Seat of the Will. This lovely crystal is all about manifesting power.

Think of how the tiger goes on the hunt, his or her beautiful eyes glittering in the moonlight, gorgeous but deadly with the kind of intensity only the fiercest of beings possess. Meditate on this stone and become one with the tiger. Focus intently on your desired goal, then pounce. Now, go celebrate your victory.


It may commonly be called “Fool’s Gold,” but this crystal isn’t kidding around when it comes to drawing in financial blessings. This golden, glamorous, glittering stone is known to be a powerful money manifester. Keep it in your purse or pocket, or better yet, somewhere you can see it and continually reflect on the material good you wish to draw into your life like a magnate. It is aligned with your Third chakra, also known as your solar plexus, which as mentioned above, is the seat of your will.

Green Jade

Known as “the Lucky Charm,” Green Jade is used as a money stone in some cultures. It is said to bless whatever, or whomever, it touches. Aligned with the Heart, or fourth chakra, it is considered to be a great help in manifesting wealth, love, compassion, peace, wisdom, success, and physical healing, including calming nervous energy.


Called “the Success Stone” and “the Lucky Merchants’ Stone,” Citrine is aligned with the Root (Base), Sacral (Navel), and Solar Plexus (Stomach) chakras. This orange-yellow gemstone is used to increase happiness and joy, strengthen will power, create greater self-esteem, and help mental clarity. It is known to bring good fortune, and help manifest financial freedom, as well as increase abundance, prosperity, and success.

Black Obsidian

This shining, ebony-black crystal is referred to as “the Stone of Manifestation” and “the Warrior of Truth.” Linked with the Root chakra, it is formed from volcanic lava. This powerful stone works as a “mirror stone” to those brave enough to look into their inner being, their subconscious mind, to reveal their negative, self-destructive side that interferes with manifesting their good, so they can root it out and release it.

Acting as a psychic cleanser, nothing is hidden in this self-reflection. But the protection offered by Black Obsidian ensures safety and well-being as it reveals your deepest, darkest inner truths to help you clear pain away and open up paths for rich manifestation of wondrous good into your life.

Titanium Rainbow Quartz

Called “the Manifestation Crystal,” this stone bears all the colors of the rainbow. Also known as Rainbow Flame Aura, it is created by binding clear quartz crystal (the master manifester) with titanium, which gives it a gorgeous metallic glow. This shiny stone is said to help you manifest greater life force, increase your psychic powers, and help speed up manifesting what you want to bring into your life. It is aligned with all of your chakras and draws in your angels to lovingly guide you into your greatest and highest good.

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