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Crystals for a Fresh Start | California Psychics

Best Crystals for Wellness

There’s something especially beautiful, fresh, and hopeful about a new year. It promises new beginnings and is laid out before us like a clean, shiny slate. We all need another chance to heal old hurts, experience emotional and physical freedom from pain, and have renewed inspiration, joy, and happiness in our lives. When you set your intention into crystals for any purpose, such as renewal, they are considered to be tremendously helpful and healing.

In order to set your intention into a crystal, hold it, meditate upon it, tell it what you need, and trust it to bring your desires into your life. Do this with as many crystals that call to you for different purposes. As you meditate upon crystals to bring in new beginnings with the new year, or anytime you feel the need for them, consider inviting in these angels to assist you: Gazardial, Metatron, Barakiel, and Geniel. Then keep the gemstones nearby to fill you with inspiration as they uplift your spirit.

To help us renew our hearts, spirits, health, and attain even greater well-being, here are some powerful crystals for a fresh start.

Rainbow Moonstone

The Stone of new beginnings, Rainbow Moonstone glimmers and shimmers like sparkling moonlight in rainbow colors, and it’s long been a highly favored crystal to help you create glowing fresh starts and bright new beginnings.

This iridescent white and black stone aligns with the Crown chakra, and it is known to help heal heartache as well as provide guidance through the unknown.

This gemstone empowers the Divine Feminine Goddess energy. It is known to both calm anxiety and strengthen your protective energies. To better understand its strong healing and protection properties, picture a lioness fiercely protecting her cubs even as she lovingly nurtures them in gentle ways.

It is also known as the Lunar Crystal, for it draws down the power of the moon into your soul.

The power of the moon is as great as the power of the sun, in both woman and man. We all carry feminine and masculine energies and this crystal balances them. “What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.” ~ Susan Sontag

Brandberg Amethyst

Known as the Stone of Rebirth and Transition, this gemstone sparkles with tones of purple, smoky grayish brown, and clear crystal. It is aligned with the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart chakras.

If you want to leave behind old pain, hurt, and traumatic anguish and experience rebirth and build a bridge of transition into a new life, this is the perfect crystal for you to use. It packs a punch in empowering your psychic abilities. It is known to help relieve all trauma, be it of body or mind, create emotional freedom, and fill your soul with compassion and forgiveness.


The Stone of Spiritual Development, this crystal comes in clear, white, peach, green, and yellow. It is associated with the chakras of the Crown and Third Eye.

In addition to aiding your intuition and strengthening your ties with Spirit, it’s also thought to help increase your personal development and health by inspiring you to make healthier lifestyle choices, such as exercising in the manner and amount you personally require, as well as eating the right foods to fully energize and sustain you.


A Stone of Magic, this crystal comes in brilliant colors of purple, blue, and turquoise and is associated with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Heart chakras.

Its power is considered magical in its amazing ability to help you re-emerge from trauma. It assists you in restoring your trust in the Universe, even as it helps you to feel safe and calm while easing anxiety. It restores your joy in living, and helps you manifest every good thing you are hoping to bring into your life.


The Stone of Protection, Magic, and Psychic Ability, this iridescent gemstone shines with green, blue, yellow, gold, and glistening rainbow colors. Connected with the Third Eye chakra, it assists you in transforming all areas of your life into that which you most desire.

It is said to release stress, anxiety, insecurity, and fear of every description. It is known to offer strong protection from negative energies. Meditate on this crystal to create greater trust in yourself. Excellent for use in manifestation magic, this beautiful bijou is known to also strengthen your psychic abilities of ESP, telepathy, and intuition.

Blue Kyanite

The Stone of Attunement, this sparking blue and white crystal aligns with the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat chakras.

It helps inspire honesty in communicating your truth and assists you in deep introspection so you can see all of who you truly are. It is thought to assist in releasing negative beliefs, aid in clearing blockages, melting away anger, and releasing depression. It is relied upon to bring mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity.

It is trusted to facilitate continual healing of the body, mind, and soul. It is considered extremely effective in bringing you into attunement with your psychic, intuitive, and telepathic abilities, as well as grounding and replenishing your emotional energy.

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