Your Daily Focus: July 25 – 31

Your Daily Focus: July 25-31 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Anyone that knows me well knows of my love and fascination with gemstones and crystals. Even when I was a little girl, I would come home from outings with pockets filled with my rock finds and place them around my room. Of course, at that age, I had no idea which stones were which or that there might be more to them than their obvious beauty. I was just instinctively drawn to them and seemed to feel better with them around.

Now I understand that different stones can bring certain energies and vibrations to people’s lives, and many of us have them either scattered throughout our homes or in bowls so that we can benefit from their gifts.

This week’s Daily Focus takes inspiration from several of my favorite gems and crystals in hopes that they will help bring their energy into your week and lives.

July 25


“The best protection anyone can have… is courage.”

Courage is something that seems to find us when we least expect it and when we need it most. Having the confidence to do what is right when the time comes can be difficult, but with a burst of courage and the help of supportive people, we can truly make a difference. Today’s word is Fortitude.

July 26

Orange Calcite

“Come out and play in the sunshine” Algernon Blackwood

This stone is like a piece of the sun in its color and energy and brings such a sense of joy to everyone that holds it. Step outside today and allow the sun and its warmth to bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step. Today is a day for happiness. Today’s word is Joy.

July 27


“Angels are principally the guardians of our spirits.” Eileen Elias Freeman

Our Guardian Angels and Spirits are always around us, even when we may feel as if we have been left to our own devices. Never lose sight of the fact that just as we can’t see the air we breathe, we won’t always be aware of the powerful beings that lovingly keep an eye on us and guide us in the right direction. Today’s word is Guardian. 

July 28


“Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” Sally Koslow

It is so easy to miss the signs that we are in a lucky cycle because we have too specific an expectation of what ‘lucky’ should look like. In truth, each day is filled with lucky moments and if we aren’t paying attention, we will miss out on realizing how fortunate we really are. Today’s word is Fortune.

July 29


“Be willing to change because life won’t stay the same.” Anonymous

Just as Alexandrite changes color depending on the type of light it is in, we must be able and willing to change with the situations that we find ourselves in. Growing and being adaptable is not a sign of weakness but is an amazing strength that we should all try to cultivate. Today’s word is Changeable.

July 30


“When your intuition is roaring loud, follow it.” Riya Patel

Sometimes we need to be logical to work our way through a situation, but we shouldn’t discredit what our gut and intuition are telling us. When all else fails, trusting your heart and your instincts will oftentimes get you further than if you follow the logical approach. Today’s word is Intuition.

July 31


“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” Steve Goodier

Making sure that you are grounding yourself regularly is an important part of not only finding peace but being able to reach new heights in our personal growth. When we are out of balance even the smallest problems can seem tremendous and we may not be able to find our way through them easily. Take a walk barefoot, do a tree visualization, and see your energy sinking into the earth. Or simply stop and take some deep breaths and allow yourself to pull on the earth energy that is there for the taking. Today’s word is Grounded.

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