How Do You Know When to Change?

Subtle Signs From the Universe

Making a change during the first part of the year seems exciting and scary. Are you thinking about changing your job, your relationship or any area of your life that your soul is not in alignment with? But is it the right time? We often look for big, flashing neon signs to indicate that it’s the right time to make a change, but the truth is the Universe doesn’t work that way.

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When it comes to signs from the Universe, think in terms of the smallest and most subtle, gentle nudges first. The Universe doesn’t resort to sledgehammer techniques to fully acquire your attention—unless it needs to.

Internal vs. External Validation

So how do you know when it’s time to make a change? The simple answer is, when you feel a gnawing emptiness within you—when you feel like something’s missing. These feelings are challenging to spot. As humans, we often look for external validation, or something that doesn’t lead back to us. For example, we may blame our work woes on coworkers, or relationship woes on our partners. However, we play a significant role in our own unhappiness.

An Unbalanced Feeling

If you feel like your situation is holding you back, isolating you, making you feel small and in fear of the world, you need to make a change. For instance, if you have a job, it may feel steady and secure because of a monthly or weekly paycheck. However, you work long hours and that keeps you away from your family. Perhaps you feel like you can’t be with them when they need you most. You also don’t have time to enjoy the money you earn. Sure, it pays your bills, but waking up and going to work feels harder than walking across a bed of needles. While this was once an ideal position, the signs are telling you it’s time to look for new pastures.

The “Tight Shoe” Syndrome

I often refer to this as the “tight shoe” syndrome. You go to the store, really like a shoe, try it on and it’s slightly tight. You bargain with yourself, buy it, and a month later your feet are in agony. Sadly, you have to let go of the shoes because they weren’t an ideal fit and it would have been wise if you realized that in the first place.

Questioning a  Relationship

If you’re in a relationship where you are questioning things, sometimes it’s just a lack of solid, transparent and honest communication. In this instance, have an authentic chat with your partner, tell them how you feel, ask them how they feel and look at what you can do to move forward. However if you have tried and it’s still not working out, there is no sense in flogging a dead horse, so to speak.

Have a Plan

Every transition should have a plan, and when it’s time to move on, make sure you have the necessary tools to do so. If it’s your job you wish to change, have a new one to go to before you quit. The same cannot be said for a relationship! In matters of the heart, allow yourself and your partner to have a full, rich say in what comes next. If it cannot be resolved, do the honorable thing and choose to end it with dignity. Don’t stretch it out. The more in touch you are with your intuition, the better you are able to hear messages that are personalized to you, and you only.

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Know When to Change?

  1. Kathy Faulstich

    Love the article How Do You Know When To Change! I am going through some big changes myself and could identify with many of the feelings and ideas in this article! Thank You so much for caring and sharing!✨

    1. Nesta

      Thank you Kathy! This is Nesta 🙂

      I am glad! Remember all the feelings you are going through, are valid and please do not feel like you need to rush through them! You are welcome. I will be sharing more gems as the months go by!

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