How To Practice Spiritual Self-Care

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What Is Spiritual Self-Care?

In many systems of belief, your spirit is the core of your being, from which everything about you emanates — your thoughts, feelings, values, and more. Your relationship with or ability to be in touch with your spirit is thus a crucial part of living in alignment with your Highest Self. Spiritual self-care allows you to tend to this critical relationship. It requires uncovering and honing the skills to maintain a connection with your own intuition.

Spiritual self-care can help you find inner peace, act with certainty, trust yourself, and more. One of the main goals associated with regular spiritual self-care is building a strong foundation to put those benefits within reach, facilitating wellness and confidence. When the waters inside are calm, the stormy seas outside are less daunting.

Spiritual Self-Care Practices

The best spiritual self-care practices will be at least partially unique to each individual because spirituality is incredibly personal. However, some basic spiritual self-care practices are effective for most people. You can use these as needed and modify or branch out from them once you figure out what works for you.


In its simplest form, meditation is the practice of slowing down and tuning into your inner experience. Though meditation can be daunting for newcomers, it can take many forms. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to meditate. You can sit, stand, or lie down. However, you can also walk, run, stretch, dance, or use any other form of movement that calls to you.

To start, find a safe place. Then, either close your eyes or simply soften your gaze. Begin listening to your breathing. You can follow the feeling, count your breaths, or even say “in” and “out” to yourself as you breathe. Once you feel grounded and in touch with your breathing, try to observe what you feel happening in your body. 

If you’re doing an activity while meditating, try focusing on one body part at a time and paying close attention to the sensations you’re experiencing. Once you’ve finished, return to your breathing for a couple more minutes. Make note of any changes to your emotional state before you go back to other activities. You can also try free guided meditations online.


Despite the name, this ritual is about more than cleaning yourself off! Instead, this bathing practice is about embracing water’s unique yet gentle energy. Water is a life-giving element, making up much of the human body and the earth itself. The moon, the keeper of emotion, commands the tides. Humans use water for transportation, recreation, nourishment, energy generation, and so on. Living things are deeply connected to and reliant upon water, so submerging your body in this element is a powerful way to reset and connect with yourself.

Bathing is a profound, potent ritual that can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. At its core, the only requirement is to submerge most of your body. The water can be cold, tepid, or warm, depending on your preference. You can bathe in a naturally occurring body of water if there’s a safe one nearby, but a pool or tub is just as effective. 

If you’re using a tub, consider adding botanicals (like chamomile, roses, lavender, or rosemary), oils of your choosing, or other liquids (like milk, apple cider vinegar, or moon water) to your bath. You can also enhance your space with elements like crystals, candles, and music to tailor your bath to your specific needs. 

When you’re in the water, dedicate some time to connecting with your breathing. Try to quiet your thoughts and melt into the liquid around you. Once you’re finished, take your time drying yourself off. Tune into the feeling of the towel on your skin. Close the ritual by wrapping your arms and towel around yourself, letting your own embrace encourage you to practice self-love.

Outdoor Connection 

Spending time outside in the natural light, breathing fresh air, and taking in the vibrations of your surroundings is a simple and deep way to practice spiritual self-care. It allows you to disrupt any stuck energy, reconnect with yourself, and process your emotions.

Before you begin, make sure you’re wearing comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. Prepare yourself by gathering the tools you’ll need to relax — perhaps a water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and even a blanket or chair to sit on. Consider leaving your phone at home or turning it off if you feel safe doing so. 

Choose an outdoor location where you’ll be relatively undisturbed and are comfortable focusing on your thoughts. Feel free to do whatever occurs to you in that space — you could walk, eat a snack, dance, lie on the ground, cloud gaze, or journal. If you can, touch the earth with your hands or bare feet. If there isn’t any soil you feel comfortable touching, rest your hand or your head against a tree. See if you can sense the energy of the planet around you. Take in your surroundings. What can you see, smell, hear, touch, and taste? Remember how small you are compared to your environment, and revel in it. 

Before you go back inside, take a moment to appreciate the time you’ve just spent outdoors. Breathe deeply, then continue on your way.

The Importance of Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care is often overlooked as an important part of holistic wellness, leaving people out of touch with their intuition. Engaging in spiritual self-care can ground you and give you the tools you need to connect with your center. 

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