Meet Your Spirit Guides: You’re Not Crazy! You’re Psychic

meet your spirit guide

Denise from Port Richey asks:

If I see a cardinal red bird, will something good or bad happen? Is it my guide or my cousin, Brian, who passed away? Also, sometimes I see people who have passed away for a split second. Are they reaching out to me? I know I have some psychic abilities as I see it and feel it – but I want to make sure I’m not crazy.

Dear Denise,

Okay, first: you’re not crazy! You’re just psychic, with some real talent as a medium, a talent that you brought in from past lives, and which has been triggered very strongly in recent years.

Your sightings of bright, beautiful cardinals can mean many things, but most often when you see a cardinal it means “heads up! An important message/event/meeting/thought is about to happen.” Because you tend to notice them, your spirit guides (including your cousin Brian) like to flash cardinals past your vision to get your attention at important moments.

So, yes, it can mean that something good or bad is about to happen, but what it really means is that something important is about to happen. And it’s rare that you can safely categorize important experiences, thoughts, or meetings, especially ones that your guides bring to your attention, as simply “good” or “bad.” There are almost always layers of meaning, and often it takes a while for all the meanings to become clear.

For example, let’s say you saw a cardinal just before you went into a Starbucks, and the only available table had a book about past lives. Since you couldn’t find an owner, you decided to take the book home. So, the first message is “read the book”. But as your life rolls on you’ll probably have a number of encounters which remind you of what you read, and which help you understand the relationships better, and how past lives can impact the present.

When I tune in to your sightings of people who have passed away, most of them appear as though they’re simply greeting you in passing, saying something like, “Hi, Denise, we’re so glad you can see us, so when one of us needs help we can come to you.”

Two suggestions for your psychic development came through, by the way. First, your guides would appreciate it if you’d select a few more things to serve as “heads up!” messengers… other birds like hummingbirds, or other things which catch your attention. And they would like you to develop ways for your guides and the departed to communicate directly, such as clairaudience, clairsentience or using oracles.

And by the way, Denise, I notice from the astrological information you provided that you’ve probably been having a very interesting time of it in the past couple of years, with lots of change and transformation. You’ll be happy to know that as of late March or early April this year you’ll begin enjoying much smoother sailing for a while!

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16 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: You’re Not Crazy! You’re Psychic

  1. Lisa Anderson

    I’ve seen 3 Cardinals at one time this morning never in my life have I seen anything so beautiful . But what does it mean when they come in pairs like that ?

  2. Ms Redd

    I see an bright red cardinal & A northern cardinal everyday as I sit on the porch. The red one turns towards me and looks in that direction. I have even seen the other one do the same. I have had it fly and sit on top of my car to. I have seen a pigeon sit on the roof of my car to ( my last car) I feel some kind of connection with these animals. I feel calmness if that means anything. Can they see our aura to? I’m really new to the whole universe thing.

  3. Kyla

    When I was 15 I was going through a ruff time and I came across a psychic who told me that whenever I see a red bird make a wish. I never seen one until I was following my dreams of becoming an nurse. I seen them every day then but when I stopped I stopped seeing them but went back to school to continue my dream of being a nurse I have began seeing them everyday again and in different places. What does this mean

  4. Karen

    My mother had a stroke on 04/11/2015 and a second one on 04/21/2015 and now she is in the hospice house. I saw two red birds today just wanted to know what is the meaning of them. they wher on the outside of her room.

  5. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Wonderful Verbena!

    My Grandmother and I started going to Spiritulists when I was 12 years old! We had an agreement that when one or the other of us crossed over we would send a feather as a reminder that we were there. She crossed over thirty years ago and still to this day I find feathers in my clothing, on my doorstep, IN my car, and always at moments when I need to feel her near me.

    Thank you for the reminder to watch for her!


  6. chrissy

    I love reading things like this, I now feel like its not just me. For over one year I had this bird always in my job, every morning when I came in He was inside the store. I always got him out but the next day he was back or she I should say. I named it nora because my aunt just has passed away and zi felt like it was her. Makes you feel crazy but it can be so true. I just wish I new how to read them and understand if they are trying to tell me somehting.

  7. misskrystal

    My grandma is 101 years old. She had a wonderful 72 year marriage to my grandfather.
    Eversince he has passed, she has experienced many paranormal things (afterall, she is my grandmother)-
    One thing, this article makes me think of, are the two love birds that always sit on her balcony, where she sits for hours, in her special chair. The two love birds sit right next to her. They are a couple. I feel it is symbolic of the wonderful partnership she had with grandfather. My grandma was very lucky to have a wonderful marriage-My grandmother and I have also experienced amazing things when we are together-We have had communication, together, with my grandfather, on the other side. For example, he has helped us find things, fix things and we have turned on the radio, and, instantly heard old songs from the 1930’s that were their favorites….So much more, too. My grandparents also had their sun signs in Libra and Aquarius, in almost an exact trine-and their moons in almost exact opposition…Their love was even written in the stars.

    Ducks have been lucky signs for me, too, as my life has revolved around lakes-I even had a nickname, “Lady lake”-Ducks have showed up in the oddest places, in my life, but they have been signs to me that luck is on its way….When I was little, there was nothing to do in a town I lived in, but I lived on a lake, and spent an entire summer, at 10 years old, learning to talk with the ducks…I did not realize, then, what was really going on. But ducks show up in my life, at the most unique places and, not long, something good always happens.

    Wonderful article. Thanks, Verbena.
    Miss Krystal

  8. angela

    i’ve had meetings with loved ones who’ve passed away to give me messages for other relatives here. it comes just as natural to me as eating or sleeping. i’ve been this way since i was very little. i’m a devout Christian and completely sane. i’m also a spirit magnet, they follow me everywhere i go. even my kids see them. i feel protected and secure. i can also tell when an evil one is around and either the others will chase it away or i will banish them myself thru Christ who strengthens me.

  9. Marie Elaine Cook

    Intersting; I feel connections with hawks flying above me, and I fly with them. I am also very attuned to my dear pussycat; she has been with me for close to ten years.
    I send messages of love to others, especially through my guides, and to my lover. I know that these messages are being delivered; I know that in my heart.

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  11. Susan Axtell

    This explains a lot. It has seemed to me for a long time, that animals will appear in order to deliver some sort of message. I have relied on Native American beliefs to help me understand what the message might be. I always assumed it was the universe speaking to me but I never realized the departed could be using this method to contact me. This adds a whole new dimension. Thank you for this important information!


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