The Rewards of Taking a Leap of Faith

Life is an Adventure

It’s said that complacency is an opiate of the soul. That’s because it is very easy, and often somewhat seductive, to settle on what you have in order to avoid taking a risk. But, life becomes very sad when the ideal becomes the ordinary. This, my gentle readers, is written to offer you a way to embrace your courage and your greatest possibilities by taking a leap of faith!

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Far Off in the Future

As we go about our lives, it is easy to form routines that keep us merely existing. And before you can blink, your life fills up with obligations connected to others. And, you’re trying to make ends meet so you can save for that moment far off in the future that will surely make all your sacrifices worthwhile. Without you realizing the cost, you find yourself living so far into the future that you completely ignore your present.

Gauge Your Emotions

The best way to judge if you are living in a genuinely fearless manner is to gauge your emotions when you ask yourself, “What if…?” What if you decide to let that lovely person you like know that you find them attractive? Or, what if you pursued a lifelong dream of moving to a foreign land? When you think about taking that leap of faith, does the answer feel exciting or terrifying? If the answer if the latter, ask yourself, “What is the absolute worst that could happen if I take this leap of faith?” Take the answer all the way down to the preposterous. Keep asking “What if…?” Analyze the motive behind the fear.

Planting the Seeds

If you continue to do what you are doing, you will continue to receive what you have. However, this is the perfect time and the perfect year to plant the seeds of your future and take that leap of faith. In your present! Do you want to look great for summer? Start making the changes to embrace that dream. Do you want to be in a long-term relationship by the end of the year? Start considering (and acting upon) opportunities to make that a reality.

Hardwired to be Cautious

As humans we are certainly hardwired to be cautious of the unknown. Our earliest ancestors learned, early on, that wandering around in uncharted areas didn’t always work out to their best possible end. Eons of time and evolution happen and we are even more committed to that concept. It is understandable that making a leap of faith also takes us beyond our comfort zone.

Favoring the Fearless

However, life is best when adventures are at hand! Stop living vicariously through books, television or movies. Begin your real-life adventure! The fates favor the fearless and this is your time to take that leap. After all, 2017 is a blank canvas and the seeds we sow this year will continue to bloom and grow for the next decade.

They Naysayers

As a genuine gypsy, I have had many well-meaning friends suggest that I settle down and build a more traditional life. While I know their intentions are sincere, many people who suggest that your dream is impossible are the very ones who are most afraid of your success. After all, if you live your life in an authentic and courageous fashion and make your dreams and adventures a reality, these well-intentioned friends will have no choice but to reexamine their lives and discover the real reason behind the hesitations found in their own hearts.

Live Without Fear

Not everyone is meant to be a gypsy or an explorer. However, even the most traditional lives can be made into a grand adventure if lived without fear. Step out and speak to your neighbor. Smile at the clerk in the store who you have seen a dozen times but never felt “right” addressing. Lay down in your backyard and study the clouds. It only takes a moment to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith—no matter how small it may seem.

The greatest journey begins with the first step!

Psychic Jesse

7 thoughts on “The Rewards of Taking a Leap of Faith

  1. Michele

    That was beautiful and thoughtfully written. I could feel it feel me at a time in my life requiring a leap of faith!!!!

    1. Jesse 9027

      Thank you, Michelle! This is going to be a great adventure for you! Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Shirley

    I’m married to a jerk….do u see any real love for me in the near future? Or is he really deeply in love with me? Cause if he is…he’s got a sorry way of showing it!!! Will things get better soon??

    1. Shirley

      I hope the best for you… I wish I had my old life bk too….:-( pray for me and I will for you.

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