Signs From The Universe

Throughout our lives we often experience signs from the universe. They come to us in different ways and for different reasons, but they’re always something that we need to hear to compel change. Learn how to watch for signs and what you can do with them.

Have you ever mulled over an important choice, such as ending a relationship, only to have a strange “coincidence” or two appear that seemed to point you in the right direction? Perhaps you got into your car, turned on the ignition, and the song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was playing on the radio. Or an ad for a matchmaking service unexpectedly arrived in your inbox. Maybe you ran into an old friend who informed you they were relieved to have ended a relationship that was going nowhere. Sound familiar? These are examples of sacred signs.

Divine messages
Signs are messages from the universe that often come when we least expect them. However, they generally appear when we need them the most! You’ll attract a sacred sign when you’re focused on a choice, when you have a question that’s been on your mind, or when you need clarity about something. The very act of focusing sets up an energetic “broadcast” that will evoke a response from the universe.

Fortunately, consciously asking for a sign will get the attention of the divine as well. And it doesn’t take a special talent to ask for and receive a sign. You just need a concise and sincere question, the openness to receiving an answer, the awareness to perceive the sign and the willingness to act upon the message.

An immediate reply
Here’s a striking example of how a sign can provide guidance. Recently, after the last stock market tumble, I was in a quandary over whether to liquidate my mother’s stock portfolio. Feeling like I needed a sign, I asked, “Is it in my mother’s best interests to leave her money in stocks?” Feeling restless, I decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. As I walked across the porch and down the stairs outside my condo, I saw, to my surprise, a note slipped under the outer door. This immediately got my attention. The president of the homeowner’s association had written to ask me to remove the lavender bush I’d planted because it was blocking a sprinkler. I could plant it somewhere else, she said. This request would have annoyed me except that it was obviously the sign I had asked for. I was to “uproot” my mother’s stock portfolio and put her money elsewhere.

Guide to seeing signs
To become adept at manifesting sacred signs of your own, follow these 6 simple steps.

1. Ask for it
Forming a concise statement that includes one inquiry at a time is crucial. The clearer you are in what you ask, the clearer the answer will be. To simplify things, a question that requires a yes or no answer is best, at least until you become skilled at reading signs. For instance, you might say, “Send me a sign that moving to Los Angeles fulfills the highest good for all concerned.” Another example would be, “Send me a sign that staying in my relationship fulfills the highest good for all concerned.” Conversely, you can phrase the request as, “Send me a sign that leaving my relationship…” You get it!

It’s essential to remain neutral about the question – no fair trying to influence the powers that be toward the answer you want! Plus, you’ll need to accept the answer you get, which will be aligned with your true destiny. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

2. Timing
Also, it’s appropriate to set a timeframe for the sign to appear. For instance, you might ask, “Send me a sign within the next 24 hours . . .” And if you have a favorite symbol, you can ask for that symbol to be the sign. You might say, “Send me rose as a sign that I should…” Just remember, it may not be an actual rose that comes your way, but instead a representation of a rose in a photo, postage stamp or lyrics.

3. Watch for it
Spotting a sign takes a high level of awareness. You need to keep your eyes open. Signs can take just about any form. As mentioned above, they can be a song on the radio or an email message. They can come through a person, a show, a dream, or just via something that suddenly catches your attention. Actually, the latter is a common way that signs present themselves. So be on the alert for anything out of the ordinary, especially if you intuitively link the incident or object with your question. Look for synchronistic events as well, like running into your kid’s art teacher at the market, just when you were thinking of taking art classes yourself.

Also, when the Sign appears, note your feelings about it, which tell you if the Sign is a green light to “go for it” or a stop sign to “halt and desist” what you’re doing or planning. It’s also perfectly fine to ask for clarity. If you receive a sign, and you’re not sure what it means, ask for another sign to clarify the answer. But what if you don’t receive a sign? Actually, not receiving a sign is a sign. If you ask if Ben is the right guy for you, and no sign appears, then the answer is no.

4. Believe it
For those unused to being guided in this way, it’s common to wonder if the sign that appears is truly a sign. You may also wonder if you have the skill to interpret it. Rest assured that the universe will send you signs that are easily recognizable for you. Just try not to rationalize away the sign and its message. Logic, however, can help you analyze and interpret what the sign is telling you. If you mix your intuition with clear-headed analysis, you’ll get the message.

5. Act on it
Perhaps the biggest leap of faith is actually acting upon the message. What is the good of asking for a sign if you don’t heed its message? Just don’t do anything drastic unless you’re very sure you’re interpreting the message correctly. That takes practice and keen inner awareness. Also, if you get a negative reply, it may be that what you’re wanting is appropriate for you, but the timing is off. The future may present another opportunity to go for it.

6. Be thankful for it
One more thing: Be sure to thank the divine for the guidance. Gratitude opens your heart to attracting positive events, circumstances and people into your life. It will also open the door to more sacred signs from the universe.

So be clear about what you need to know and ask for a sign. Then watch your world for any signs that come through – and be thankful for the guidance. With a little practice, signs will become a natural way for you to communicate with the universe.

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6 thoughts on “Signs From The Universe

  1. pmk

    I believe I am getting signs that things are starting to change and work in the favor I have been trying to manifest in my life by healing my twin flame to bring us together. I have know him for life times, we met in the present world when we were young.We needed to overcome a lot of barriers, and finally these barriers are releasing.And we are getting closer to reuniting and creating love for god and ourselves. Today I saw a “police box” on my drive to a store, he loves dr.who, I intantly thought of him, thinking it wasn’t a coincidence, and earlier months ago I was seeing the same motorcycle he used to ride, left and right,then today when I left the store I was at. I am continually healing our energy to manifest things and aid him for us to bring love. but I then saw a wedding literally right there next to my car while I was in traffic. It was unbelieveable. I am just glowing. Now I think that this is saying I will be achieving my hearts desire soon. I only think if its confirmed that when I get in my car on my way home that I hear the proclaimers 500 miles, that would basically tell me I am correct in my intuition.

  2. Jennifer

    I have to share my story! I had a specific question about my love relationship, and while driving I asked the universe for a sign that I’m on the right track. I started looking at street signs, and nothing jumped out. Finally I relaxed and knew I’d recognize it when I saw it. Within 10 minutes, I passed a church that had one of those signs out front that read, “If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it!” Wow. It doesn’t get much clearer than that! I already knew I was on the right track, obviously, but my human ego needed that reassurance. Thank you, universe!!

  3. Vishva

    Hi i also thought i would share a small story about signs and the law of attraction. i had just been sent to rehab without my will by my parents in their effort to rid me off my bad marijuana habit.

    It happened so suddenly, i had just returned home to sri lanka from the USA and my father had come to pick me up. His story was that we would go pick my mother up from an ashram where she had gone (she is highly religious) and would go back home. We got to the ashram and there she was, a monk stood there and invited me in to tie a sacred string which is a normal practice in buddhism, and after a a few prayers my father spoke to me. The words he said put me in a state of shock. “Now son, you have to stay here.”

    On my way to the ashram i had called my beloved girlfriend of 2 years and was overjoyed to hear her voice, even more to see her after an year of missing her company. So from the time i got onto my flight from the US all i had in my mind was the sight of being with my love, until this was shattered when my father said that i had to stay here. I would never forget that horrible feeling of a puffer fish exploding in my stomach. Anyways after a confrontation with my father i was forced into the rehabilitation centre. A large hall full of around 70 bunk beds. The rehab centres in this part of the world are not very welcoming, and believe me when i say this. This place was supposed to be the best one in sri lanka, and it housed just 3 lavatories and 4 showers for around 80 people. Most of these people who were heavy uses of heroine, whereas i was just a stoner. i was just nemo in the middle of a shark pond.

    Trust me i do not blame my parents for their actions but myself. I do agree i went a little overboard with my smoking habbit and it ruined alot of things for me in my life. So on my first day there i was all alone and all i had with me was a readers digest, everything was taken away from me, including my phone and sadly my parents. It was a sort of treatment, i was not to have contact with my parents or anyone else, wake up at 5 in the morning and obey a set of strong rules, such as not talking to others and wearing a certain dress code and also attending prayers. The treatment was meant to be for an year. The first contact you get with your parents if you are lucky is in 3 months and this is if you behave properly and follow the rules. ( I was not told this till i got out for some reason, i guess because many have escaped from this place before the treatment ended) Oh yea sorry if i forgot to mention that there was no way out of this place. It was on top of a mountain in a very rural area. Anyways i was not ready to stay here for more than a day.

    On those first few day i had written on the back of my readers digest book that i will leave this place in a month, and no matter what happens i will do it even if i had to break out of the place. And i also set myself a date, it was the 20th of may i remember. All happened this year btw ( 2012)

    Anyways i cried alot in my time there cus i was suffering from a horrible depression like state of mind and everyday i would hurt me so much to think of not being able to talk to her. I think it was the longest i have ever gone without talking to her. But everyday i would think to myself that i would get out of here. ANd my will was so strong to be out unlike lots of other people there, i guess because they really needed the treatment to get out of their habbit.

    So somewhere along the way, during one of the rehab programs that taught us why not to take drugs (these programs happened 3 timess a day and were pretty much the same thing all the time giving the same msg) My attention was diverted in finding a way to escape from there. During the first week there, 4 others had escaped, most of them run away at night after they had gained the trust of the monk and being allowed to do work outside of the ashram. Newcomers were not allowed out.

    We were also not allowed visitors, but strangely enough inly 2 weeks into the treatment while i was at one of those useless programs i was called downstairs as someone had come to meet me. It was a psychologist whom my parents have sent knowing that the place does not allow communication or even visitors to the ashram. I was probably the happiest man alive that day as waking up at 5 in the morning and being stuck inside a toilet with just 3 lavatories and only 4 showers with another 50 people was not a fun experience. I cried alot and made it very clear that i had to get out of there and they understood. But they couldnt take me out t once, it had to be done smoothly and a bunch of lies must be said to the monk who as in charge, for my release.

    This happened over the course of the month, when the psychologist made a visit every week to talk to me about the situation, he had slowly convinced my parents that the place was unsuitable for me and they have understood. By the end of the month, my father had called the priest and told him that he had decided to take me abroad to live with my uncle with was complete bullshit, and that the fee that he had paid the centre was good in their hands.

    I was put in that place on the 19 of April 2012 and was taken out on the 23rd of May. (on my book i had written 20th of may :)) Since then upto this day i have been clean from smoking pot and i do not plan on smoking again. Not just because of this incident but i have been given many signs telling me to stop smoking it, that i was heading in the wrong direction. Signs such as getting caught to a cop and having to spend a night in a cell, getting kicked out of college for smoking pot and many others. I remember the first few signs were when my mom unexpectedly found my stash of weed in a metal box which she managed to break open with her hands (i dont know how). The signs kept getting bigger later on and i did not heed them at all, even my girlfriend used to get uspet over me smoking pot. SO now i have decided i need a change in my ilfe and here i am trying to live it. I am still sort of in a depression, this too from smoking pot and mainly dropping acid which i wouldnt have done if i saw the first sign as a sign telling me to stop. I know my life would have been much better.

    Smiles! 🙂 🙂

  4. newmummy

    Ok I’ll have a go, I’ve been getting signs all over the place, one just recently this afternoon. The number 22 has been popping up and there was plumbers outside of my house with the company name being the last name of this guy I like and his birthday is the 22nd? Is this a sign or am I just imagining it all.

    I’m sure we like each other and the signs can’t be wrong right?

  5. Cheryl

    This is long winded!! But you may enjoy it. 100 % true!!! Get a coffee, maybe some dinner & dessert!
    I have been getting signs since I was in my late teens. I do not why I am more aware than others. My signs are different than you describe, as I know we are all different. I will have occurrences that are far from normal daily happenings! Like ” How the heck did that happen” or ” I have NEVER seen that before” type of theme. They each occur in 3’s, or I get them in 3’s because I just don’t get it until the 3rd one 🙂 .They all 3 tie in to have the same meaning. When this occurs, I know there will be a big event in my life, around my life that will effect me. For example, one spate of 3 occurrences was when I was depressed, and on the road to nowhere. The first sign was butterflies….everywhere I went. I even asked friends “have you ever seen so many butterflies” the reply was always to the effect of “NO”. I had seen them every time I was outside, not just one either, also in pictures/tv or wherever. Being the first sign, I dismissed the sign and said to myself if this is a message, it will happen 2 more times. So I’m driving with a friend , we stop for lunch at a small pull off the highway for trucks. Right there is an eagle on a fence post. Just staring at me. The eagle stayed while we ate lunch, I commented, have you ever seen an eagle that close just friend answered”no, never but it’s pretty cool”, . The eagle flew off before we got back into the car. I knew that was the second sign, but what it meant, I still didn’t know. Then at home, I am outside and a species of bird which did not belong in my region, just appeared on a branch across from my porch. I remember saying something out loud, How did you get here? But cannot remember what type of bird it was after I found out what species it was and how far from home it was. AFter the 3 signs, I was STILL seeing butterflies everywhere!!
    So, After playing the 3 in my head over and over and not getting anywhere, I decided to search online the meaning of butterflies, which took me to a native american website, butterflies mean transformation/change. OK…so where do I start? All these thoughts, and I was getting more lost. Again I focus on all 3 signs…. the common theme is fly! Ok… where am I going, how am I going to fly without much money??? I had completely put it all aside. I was now focusing on committing suicide. CHANGE? I thought…. my grandmother dying, I lost my job , my family had nothing to do with me, I was an alcoholic, just enough money to pay rent, some of the bills, buy little food and alcohol.I was on the road to nowhere. Extremely depressed. I thought, why would I be given these signs for change/fly…when everything is crashing around me??? So I plan my suicide, I pack up my apartment , got all the utilities paid, rent paid up, boxed up everything, so no one had to get my place packed up after I was gone. Of course I didn’t tell anyone, I WANTED to die.
    So, I have the boxes lined up I had just collected my mail, had my bus ticket ready, keys, and a long winded note for whoever did care for me.
    So I am checking all my ducks are in order, I go online to finalize things. Instant message…… “STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW” Of course I am thinking WTF?????? It’s from a chat room friend who is a psychic and an excellent one. So I am thinking, there is NO WAY she can know, so I type back, what exactly am I doing? Her reply ” you are going to end it” SO my blood pressure raises, I am off my computer chair now looking for cameras LOL…. every room. I come back to the computer, what am I going to type….i’ll act dumb….. so I say ” end what”? Her reply “YOUR LIFE!!!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! ” You need to understand, we had chatted online, typing only. She has never heard my voice, didn’t know what I looked like. But we knew each other online. I am in Australia, her in the US.
    Ok so now I am in complete shock, how does she know, this CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!
    She told me she was doing her dishes, and a movie played in her head of me committing suicide. She then said she went to her computer, and it was like my IM name was red on the list, then the names are always black..she said my name was just SCREAMING at her. Oh this cannot be happening. I know she’s good but….. WHAT?????? OMG…. this is ruining everything…wait a minute, she doesn’t know where I live, what I look like etc etc etc. I hear the PM noise going crazy. GET BACK here she says. Give me your phone number now! I said NO, you can easily find where I live if I do.
    So long story short…or a long story still long but making it less longer LOL.
    I actually ended up opening up to her….hours later. She told me to fly over……
    My reply….there’s no way I can do that…why she asks…can’t afford it even if I sold everything I had (was kicked out of home at 16). She said for me to be online same time tomorrow……she said if I did end it before then, she would haunt me, and she wasn’t kidding!!!!
    So next day comes, it’s all a blurr to me. My life is out of my hands.
    I check my email, and she says be at this chat room at this time your time. So I do, there’s all our usual buds in the room. We only know each other online.
    I get pms from 3 people…all who i just adore, and had known for at least 3 years online…telling me that they will pay for my trip over to the US. The 3 split for cost for the ticket, I arrive, get to my psychic friends place in with her family, where I ended up LIVING, and working. So one day I realize when my head is clearer…. butterflies =change…all WOWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! I still talk to those 2 of the 3 awesome people and thank them every time. One of them passed away 🙁
    Another experience… I was having coffee with my housemate, the stack of paper plates fall off the fridge, we both look then look at each other “how the heck did that happen”? We both said and knew none of us had been anywhere near the fridge for at least 15 mins.
    THen one day i come home, goto unlock the door, the key falls down a 3/8`s or so gap between the house and the deck. Oh did that just HAPPEN????? Now there’s NO WAY anyone could drop a key or anything down there. It’s so narrow, but the key did.
    So I’m locked outside, no spare outside, so I hang out for while. Got the key later with a lot of effort.
    So, I’m thinking another sign event? plates fell explainably, key fell in an explainable circumstance . I help out the elderly people in their homes so they don’t end up in a nursing home. I’m living in one house sharing with an elderly man who was very capable at doing his chores etc, he lived in the community I worked so the accommodation was perfect , So i’m going through every ones names in my head, who”s going to fall. I had been living at this home for over 2 years. The man was like a father figure, was very nice to me as I him, I got attached to him, just like family. His family were glad I was there with him.
    So who’s going to fall??? Wouldn’t you know it, I did not get a 3rd “fall” related sign. Why?because I am pretty sure I got the message right on the second one lol. I come home one day and the man I shared with had fallen, blood everywhere. He goes to hospital… I KNEW…as soon as I saw him… he was the message. Could I have prevented it? Yes…I tried.. then NO. Thinking that it may be him…before I left the house, I asked if he was going to watch the baseball…YEP… OK good… i’ll be back in about 20 mins, whatever you do, can you please stay seated until I get home, so you can rest your hip. Sure he says with a smile.I had noticed he wasn’t walking normal. His reasoning was his hip. So, he’s in hospital, getting fixed up… has a blood test…leukemia. Nooooooooooo!!!! Comes out of hospital…. 3 days later, coughing up blood. Back in hospital. Diagnosis lung cancer. Not detected before in xrays. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! He had COPD also. I was his carer until he passed. Is his passing why I only got 2 signs instead of 3? Who knows.
    But these are the types of signs I receive. Out of the ordinary, explainable.

  6. nicp

    Wow this was amazing to read, and I would like to share my story and recieve a response if possible. Im currently studying, and have been for a looooooong time, this arts degree as hard as it has been to obtain is nearing the end, I know it! So anyway, Ive just completed two units, and I have two more to go and thats it!!! My dream career is a high school teacher, I get so excited when I think about it!! anyway back to my studying, I was doing great, but a few things have popped up and I got behind in my assessments, so I emailed my lecturer and explained that a few things had happened that resulted in my being behind, normally I would panic and give up, but I said to myself, no I am passing these units. So on Thursday, I was listening to the radio, not paying attention, and out of no where, there was a segment on memorable teachers, I just laughed and went, thats a yes from the universe, later that night whilst on the net, an article came up about Britney Spears becoming a Teacher, again I laughed and went oooh a sign, I was happy with that, the bizarre ‘sign’ came on Friday night, I had a dream that I was at my friends school, and out of nowhere, and older man, who was bold and had freckles, was the deputy principal, came up to me and asked me to take over and be the principal of that school for a week, In my dream, even though it was a primary school, I did it. The next day my friend posted up photos of a staff dinner that she attended, and in most of the pics there was a photo of a bald man, I had intended to ask my friend if such a guy worked at her school, as I went through the pics, I recognised him as my old high school teacher, who happened to be married to the Deputy principal of my friends school!!! How interesting!!! So I was pretty excited by this line up, and yesterday I went and did my exam, I said to myself that the universe will always support me and lead me to the path I’ m supposed to be on, as I was on the train home, I was reading the paper, and they had an article on Post Graduate study, which is what I need to do next year to realise my dream!!! And again today, on the radio the word ‘teacher’ was mentioned!!! I believe that all of these signs add up to one thing, I am on the path I am meant to be and my dream of becoming a teacher is a very near reality…………….and I’m very excited!!!! <3


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