This Week in Mantras: August 5 – 11

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers contemplation, inner truth, unity and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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August 5 (Breath):Each breath that I take in brings peace and balance into my center.”

When we open ourselves up to the feelings of grounding and centering, we open ourselves up to sacred breath. Each breath that we inhale through our nose and slowly release by breathing out through the mouth is special. It brings in energy that we are able to use to bring about peace in our thoughts and actions. So inhale as deeply as you can. Feel it filling up your lungs and expanding your energy as you take in the oxygen your body needs. This energy fills your chakras, your aura, and sends energy racing along all your meridians. It’s there for you to use and it will bring you peace and balance.

August 6 (Inner Truth):With compassion, I can fearlessly speak my inner truth.”

If you approach a problem with compassion and you own your feelings, the person you are speaking with is more open to listening to your inner truth. You are stating your feelings with confidence and with compassion. When you own your feelings, speaking them allows you to also state how to resolve the issue while coming from a place of love. Therefore, you should speak your inner truth knowing that the Divine holds you and supports your feelings as being true for you.

August 7 (Contemplation):Go within yourself. Really look within. The Divine will reveal your true feelings.”

When you are starting out with meditation/contemplation it is hard to quiet the mind. Sometimes it’s because contemplation isn’t meant to be quiet. However, mindful walking is a great alternative because it allows you to focus on your steps. You will find your mind wandering to a place of inner peace. You could also try using a method called the “5-rhythms method.” It’s a way to go into inner contemplation. And yes, the voice you will often hear sounds exactly like you. Who better to answer your inner questions than your higher self? After all, they know you better than you know you.

August 8 (Inner Witness):My higher self will guide me to a place of equanimity.”

Your higher self or divine self is your true source of inner peace. And when you are able to take the time to quiet your mind, you will find true calmness during any situation. Think of the first responders—they are able to harness that power of inner calmness while others are standing there trying to think of what the next step should be. But with practice, you too can also find that kind of inner calmness, that inner stability that allows you to move with purpose in even the most trying of times.

August 9 (Consciousness):Freedom comes from being truly awake to my life’s path.”

To be truly awake or truly conscious means to listen to your inner voice. But it also means to be in control of the actions you take. You need to take responsibility for your actions and the consequences they bring. When you are looking at the bigger picture of your life, you are truly conscious and are able to direct your energy in a way that brings you freedom and happiness. You are fully in control and know that you control only yourself. You can see what steps you can take to reach your goals and know that these goals are meant for you.

August 10 (Unity):I am fully united with my human self, spiritual self, and higher self, and we work in harmony to manifest a happy life.”

Yes, there is more than just the physical you. According to some ancient teachings, there are actually seven layers of the human body. When all seven layers are in harmony, then you can move mountains. When all seven layers are working in harmony, there is true unity with your higher self. You will be able to manifest your soul’s purpose and it will come with ease. Happiness and laughter will also come easier to your life. Your dreams will show you how to work with all the energy that the seven layers contain. You will feel complete and whole as a spiritual being.

August 11 (Higher Knowledge):Through inner contemplation and being fully conscious, I am able to gain access to my higher knowledge.”

We all have Akashic records, and they are the memories of the soul. They include the memories of this life too, and they are all part of the higher knowledge we all have access to. However, we need to quiet the mind and listen to our own inner voice to be able to start to gain access to this knowledge. It is certainly there for everyone to have access to, and nothing in the Universe is off limits to anyone. The Universe was built for all of us, and it supports all of us. Higher knowledge is just one of the many tools we have available to us in building our abundant life.

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