This Week in Mantras: July 22 – 28

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers nourishment, transformation, commitment, radiant light and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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July 22 (Nourishment): “My life breath brings in calm and nourishing waves of energy.”

Take a few moments each day to be fully aware of each breath that you breathe in. As you draw in a breath, focus on the fact that the very air you breathe helps to nourish your body and spirit. By being conscious of each breath, you will find that your mind starts to calm down and tension falls away. You will also feel your spiritual energy renewed. Therefore, you should just focus on the motion of your body during your breathing. It is a reward in and of itself.

July 23 (Opening): “The Divine within me is open and awake to the world around me.”

Sometimes you’ll find that during a busy day, you suddenly hear someone else’s conversation. You may not hear the whole conversation, but you will suddenly hear them say something. Think about the words you just heard. Do they apply to you? Were you mean to hear them?

July 24 (Transformation): “My path is being guided by my own illuminations.”

There is a popular song that says everyone is able to light up the world. And yes, you are able to light up the world and glow. But now is the time for you to really pay attention to your inner glow. When you see that your spirit glows from within, you start to follow the path that this glow highlights. Then you will be able to see an easier way to the abundant and happy life you want. You will see that it is your path, and you will find happiness on your path.

July 25 (Commitment): “I focus and become fully aware of the commitment I must make to my own happiness.”

You often look to others for commitment, and rightfully so. But in that process, you also need to be fully aware and focused on the commitment you are making to your own happiness. You need to be fully committed to being happy—with yourself, your career, and the path you are on. When you make that commitment to yourself, you find that you are more awake and aware of your commitment to others.

July 26 (Radiant Light): “I see the vibration of my own inner radiance, and know it is alive and strong.”

Picture yourself surrounded by warmth, and there is a golden light shining down on you. That golden light fills your soul with warmth, courage, self-esteem, and clarity. Let it also encourage you, and feel it lift your troubles, and lighten your heart. Feel it not only surround you but fill your spirit, body, and mind. Know that it is there for you, and it is meant to give you a glow that only you can feel. It will certainly always shine for you and within you.

July 27 (Determination): “My determination wells up from within.”

Fix your mind on something you are working on, and that you want to accomplish. Now picture yourself setting fire to everything that you feel blocks you from accomplishing what you want. Let the fire consume all the blocks on the spiritual level. Now as the fire burns away all your blocks, feel the fire feed your soul, and also use this heat as fuel to move forward with determination. Your goals are certainly within your reach.

July 28 (Unconditional Love): “I give myself unconditional love and send this same energy to those that I am grateful for.”

Take some time today and think of the things about yourself that you are grateful for. These are the things you love about yourself. Let this feeling blossom. It will start to feel like a luxurious blanket wrapped around you. It will feel safe and warm, but very comfortable. Now call to mind someone that you are grateful for and think of them as you did the blanket of comfort and safety. Just be open to this feeling; this is known as unconditional love. Send this feeling out from your heart to those who you are grateful for. They will feel that same unconditional love from you.

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