Your Life’s Purpose

Why am I here on earth? What is my purpose in life? Am I following the right path? These are questions California Psychics get from callers who are checking in with them to confirm that their lives are moving along right on course. These questions also come from those who are looking for meaning, direction or fulfillment as they go about their days.

Living life “on purpose,” with an awareness of who you are and where you are headed, gives us the freedom to thrive more confidently and the discipline to guide us to our goals. When you’re not being true to yourself and your life’s purpose, you can be easily distracted by unfulfilling, meaningless, life-wasting choices, our psychics say.

So, what exactly is a “purpose?” It can be as simple as being an integral part of your family’s life and helping them grow, or as complicated as running for president. The basic answer to the question of life purpose is an easy one, suggests a psychic who also gives insight into past lives in her readings. “It’s really just a matter of living true to yourself, doing what you desire at this time in your life and not attempting to change yourself for others.”

When we are following our spirit-filled path there will be a sense of familiarity. When our lives get too uncomfortable and we find that we are not walking our path with sincerity, we need to make changes to correct our journey. After all, we do choose our own direction,” our psychics believe. If we find that the choices we make don’t take us where we feel we need to be going, we simply can make other choices to get there. Our personal path is a constantly changing expression of who we are. Nothing is carved in stone. We are the world’s co-creators of our own destiny and need to be ever mindful of the changes we want to see in our world.

Living “on purpose” requires continued maintenance on your part, as life, thought and emotions change daily… Integrate the changes for your highest good, TeriLynn ext. 9625 , a psychic who counts career questions among her specialties suggests.


But what if you don’t know just what your purpose is? Perhaps you feel as if you are meandering through life without direction, wondering if who you are and what you are doing is meaningful. How do you discover your purpose?

“Live it, feel it… then you become it,” states TeriLynn. “Your life purpose will be exposed to you during your every day living if you are mindful of it. When you have to compromise yourself for a situation check out how it makes you feel. If you sense any guilt or disappointment within you, see this as a warning.”

Many of us have a deep-down gut sense of our true spiritual nature, whether we are comfortable with revealing it to ourselves or not. Astrology can give you a clearer look at your path and what you might do to achieve it, as well as what your special gifts and lessons in this life might be.

But, it you are struggling to know your place in the world, Clairvoyant Donna ext. 9448 offers these tips for understanding your significance in the web of life:

“Imagine what would give you great joy if you could do something with purpose every day (without taking into consideration any worry about money). Pay close attention to your gut feelings when you do this exercise… and remember, the right decisions are not always the easiest, and not necessarily the most difficult either.”

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