DreamCast: A Cup of Coffee

I’m sitting on a ship’s deck, when a gentleman friend from 40 years ago, who passed away almost nine years ago, approaches me from my left side and offers me a cup a coffee. As he hands it to me, he tells me that someone will offer me a cup of coffee, and that that person will be him. What does it mean?

Nellie in North Carolina

Hello Nellie,

I find your dream strangely moving. Although your friend died many years ago, your friendship with him obviously continues. You indicated you’re in your mid-70s… have you been thinking about the afterlife? I think your friend is offering to be there for you when it comes time for you to pass over to the other side. A ship is an especially spiritual symbol that represents a passage from one place to another. Coffee is the beverage you drink when you first awaken, so it can be a symbol of a new beginning. The left side is the area of creativity and intuition. I hope you take comfort in the dream’s message that you’re not alone, in life or in death.

Sweet dreams,

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