DreamCast: Her Sewing Room

I have had this recurring dream for many years. I am moving into a house that has many rooms, all are furnished. I am very excited to have all the fun furniture and space, but more than anything, this dream focuses on which room will be my sewing room. Sometimes in the dream I begin to organize and get the room together. (I am just now beginning to sell some of my clothing and purse designs and am attempting to make this a viable business.)

I always enjoy this dream and wake up feeling happy. I also might add that I have inherited a home fully furnished in 2000, so in a way this “dream” has already happened. However, the home I inherited is a very modest townhome and does not have the rooms that always appear in my dream. But as I mentioned, I have been having this dream for maybe 10 years or more. I usually dream a similar dream every month or so. What do you make of this?

Loretta from Kansas City

Hello Loretta,

Your house dreams represent different aspects of your life that you’re exploring. For instance, a bedroom may represent your sexuality, while the kitchen represents your dietary habits. I think the sewing room symbolizes your creativity (and perhaps your career), especially since you create and sell clothing and purse designs. You indicated that you’re a Leo. The destiny of Leo is to explore creativity, so it’s obvious you’re on the right track!

Also, one of the main clues to the meaning of the dreams is the happy feeling you have when you awaken. This is very important. The dreams are encouraging your creative accomplishments (and the exploration of other aspects of your life as well). They’re telling you that you’re headed in the right direction – and having fun doing it! Keep your creative juices percolating and doors of opportunity and fulfillment will open up to you.

Sweet dreams,

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