Your LOVECAST™: Love Hits a Speed Bump

Love hits a speed bump over the weekend, but romance turns hot by mid-week. Just watch out for jealousy and argumentativeness during Friday’s disruptive Full Moon.

Week of March 15 – 21, 2008


Pisces: Love stumbles over a speed bump on Saturday. Romance enflames your imagination on Sunday night! Words are hard to come by on Monday, so meditate for clarity. Feelings are dreamy on Tuesday. Set your imaginative side free to inspire romance on Wednesday. Love needs a greater vision on Thursday. Friday’s irritating Full Moon energizes (or derails) an intimate tryst.

Aries: Romance feels like wading through quicksand on Saturday. Sunday night is better for a sexy tryst. Your creativity makes love soar on Monday, but discussions at work are challenging. Office talk and feelings collide Wednesday; stay objective. Promote your innovative idea at work on Thursday. Friday’s chaotic Full Moon brings out your beast – but not in a good way – so chill!


Taurus: Express your serious intentions on Saturday. Entertaining at home energizes you on Sunday night or Monday, when your imagination takes over! Relationship discussions get lively (and challenging?) on Wednesday. Romance requires spontaneity and a view of the future on Thursday. Inner restlessness and work disruptions unhinge you during Friday’s Full Moon.


Gemini: Romance hits a roadblock on Saturday. Feelings flow easier on Sunday night. Emotions trump words on Monday, when talk is stilted. Your ideas bring you kudos on Tuesday. Family and work collide on Wednesday. Work is disruptive, but romance delights on Thursday. Romance throws you a curveball during the challenging Full Moon on Friday.


Cancer: Feelings are heightened on Saturday and Sunday, but words may feel blocked until Sunday night. Talk turns serious on Monday. Tuesday is dreamy and even impractical (watch spending). Express your feelings on Wednesday, but don’t go overboard. Flirting may bring a surprise on Thursday! A clash of words or intentions with your partner is likely during Friday’s Full Moon.


Leo: Hidden feelings can derail love on Saturday. Your creativity makes passion sizzle on Sunday night! Organize your finances on Monday. Fantasy heightens passion on Tuesday. A discussion about sexual needs brings insights on Wednesday. Look for a money opportunity on Thursday. Friday’s Full Moon challenges your patience at work, so speak carefully.


Virgo: A serious discussion with a friend or group of people can bring insights on Saturday and Sunday. Expressing your desires is challenging on Monday. Showing your appreciation revs up romance on Tuesday. Blend feelings with logic to deepen love on Wednesday. Romance blooms with optimism on Thursday! A collision with your partner over money is likely during the Full Moon on Friday.


Libra: Love feels like hard work on Sunday. Commitment issue involved? Socializing brings romance on Sunday night. Hidden agendas can derail work on Monday. Your artistry brings you attention on Tuesday. A secret may be revealed on Wednesday! Entertaining at home can bring delight on Thursday. The Full Moon challenges your relationship goals, if you’re unclear about what you want.


Scorpio: Your relationship dreams may seem out of reach until Sunday night, when passion begins to percolate. Relationship talk stalls on Monday. Confusion arises at work on Tuesday. Your vivid imagination makes for some interesting flirting on Wednesday! Share your ideas on Thursday. Watch jealousy or the desire to control your sweetie during Friday’s Full Moon.


Sagittarius: Romance restricts you on Saturday, but talking about the future inspires love on Sunday night. Others are critical of you on Monday. Your intuition guides you on Tuesday, so listen up! Relationship undercurrents baffle you on Wednesday. Envisioning the bigger picture at work brings you recognition on Thursday. Negative friends can bring trouble during Friday’s Full Moon.


Capricorn: Your relationship confidence may be low on Saturday. However, a sexy romp on Sunday sets you on fire! Watch travel on Monday. Sexy talk makes passion sizzle on Tuesday. Let your whimsical side out to play on Wednesday. Startling talk fires up romance on Thursday. A clash of wills is likely with your boss or family member during the Full Moon on Friday.


Aquarius: An argument over money is likely on Saturday, but a twosome tryst on Sunday night can take romance to the next level. It’s all in the details on Monday. Your whimsical side inspires love on Tuesday and Wednesday. Feelings are chaotic (and sexy?) on Thursday. Watch out for argumentativeness during Friday’s Full Moon. Be careful while driving, too.

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